Featured Product Bakery Posters

Advertise your bakery’s featured product with a deliciously custom-designed poster. Your yummy signature triple fudge cake will fly out of your display case. A beautiful photo of your latest creation will practically sell itself – but include a mouth-watering description, just in case. Offer the best of your bakery at an exceptional price, and you’ll cultivate lifelong loyal customers. Use our online editor to completely customize your featured product poster – you can upload your logo and photos and tweak every aspect of the design to complete your recipe. Whip yours up, throw it in the oven, and get it printed today!

Seasonal Sale Bakery Posters

Each changing season brings with it a different spate of beloved baked goods. Promote your bakery’s seasonal offerings with an enticing seasonal sale poster that puts your baking prowess on full display. Whether you make a mouth-watering fall pecan pie or an award-winning summer fruit tart, seasonal sales are where it’s at. Your customers will be lining up to stock up on your best-baked creations when you offer them at just the right time for a great price. Complete their holiday table and be the star of the show – they won’t stop talking about you. Design and print your poster today!

Design Bakery Posters 

With MyCreativeShop’s Editor

Bring curb appeal to your storefront or bake shop interior with enticing bakery posters showcasing your best-selling bakery products. The right bakery poster can turn foot traffic on the street to paying customers in your bakery. Use MyCreativeShop’s online editor to customize any of our beautiful, professionally designed templates into posters that encourage would-be patrons to step inside, check out your freshly baked bread and muffins, and make a purchase.

What Can You Do With Your Bakery Poster?


To today’s consumer, image is everything, which is why effective bakery posters are so important to your marketing efforts. Customized posters make even the smallest mom-and-pop shop look like it’s running with the big dogs and using a professional design team – which positions you as an authority in your niche. Upload photos of yummy products, add your own text and make other customizations to work up passersby’s hunger when you hang your posters in your storefront’s main windows. Don’t forget posters for inside your shop; they help customers with the decision-making process once they’re confronted with oodles of items in your bakery cases.

Making Your Bakery Posters Work For You

There’s no limit to what you can do with our bakery poster templates, and the ideas for using your posters in your bakery are nearly as limitless. We suggest you use them to:

Advertise your weekly special

Create a buzz for a special each week – and use a new poster with fresh artwork every week – to attract traffic to your shop.

Promote your services

Customers may already know you for the mountains of cupcakes and pies you sell, but do they know you offer catering services or that you bake custom birthday cakes? Educate them about all your mad skills with posters that detail any special services you offer.

Create artwork for your shop

Show off that show-stopping wedding cake you made or draw attention to a freshly carved French loaf with fabulous photos uploaded to your custom bakery posters. Frame your creations to create instant (and personalized) art for your store. Two birds, one stone.

Make people hungry

Whether it’s pictures of your salted caramel cookies or your fresh yeast doughnuts, high-res photos tempt people on the street to come in and indulge.

Show off “all the rage” products.

Do you offer something that’s part of a larger trend, such as products that are low-carb, low-fat, no-sugar-added, or diabetic friendly? Appeal to consumers seeking the same with customized posters to pique their interests.

Why Make a Bakery Poster With Us?


Marketing materials are essential to your business’ growth, but if you’re like most small operations, you don’t have a big budget for creating professional posters and other printables. No worry. Our world-class design team has your recipe for success with easy-to-use templates and a customer-centric online editor that makes the design process as easy as clicking your mouse. With just a few photos and your custom text, your posters look like they came from a big design house – only you will know that you went the smart and affordable route with MyCreativeShop.

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