Remix /API

Plug our editor into your app.

Remix is an API that allows you to build our editor into your applications. You have full control over all files created and can monetize the output by integating with your existing infrastructure.

Remix API gives you unlimited possibilities

Remix helps you enable customization of printed products better than anyone. And you can inject it anywhere.
Developers love the speed & simplicity of Remix. Most integrations require just a handful of API calls to us.
Enable customization of your products with world class design software. Then monetize what your customers create however you want.
Our team is with you every step of the way making sure our tools are empowering you to build great solutions.

How It Works

Quickly connect into any workflow

You simply embed an editor Url anywhere in your application. When your user is done designing Remix gets out of the way and let's you take control.

Step 1

Get an editor Url

Use your API key to get an access token that you can then use to request a URL to your personalized editor.

Super simple JWT authentication
Fully document API to get you up and running quickly
Easy to work with JS client side API for handling real-time editor interactions
Getting editor Url code

Step 2

Embed Anywhere

Use the editor Url and render it in an iFrame anywhere in your application.

Show it as a full screen app
Load it in an overlay
Render underneath a custom header or beside a sidebar
Embed the editor anywhere

Step 3

Configure your action button

Customize the button your customer clicks on when they are done editing. When clicked we'll pass you all relevant design information.

Fully customizable text & colors
One simple action for your customer to take when they done designing
On click we'll send you simple JSON data (via client side JS) so you can get preview images, high res PDF's & more
Configure your action button

Step 4

Finish your workflow

Now that you have all of the details about what your customer has designed you can do anything imaginable with it

Save it to a colleciton of user projects for later editing
Add it to your shopping cart so the user can order a physical product
Monitize the output in whatever way works for your business model
Workflow completion

Core Features Powering Your Studio

Everything you need to build, create & manage customizable templates

Online Editor

Custom Templates

Premium Templates

White labeled studio

Online editor

Powerful Simplicity

Our intuitive editor gives the perfect amount of control. It's simple enough for non techincal users & powerful enough for professionals.

Shapes, icons & more
Customize any asset you insert into your design
QR Code Generator
Create custom QR codes to drive people to act
Upload images
Upload and organize your own logos & images
Repeatable patterns
Our repeatable patterns make it easy to add some personality across your design
+3.5 Million Photos
Our Pexels integration gives you access to +3.5 million free stock photos
Align with ease
Easily align the elements on your design to create a clean professional look
Custom Colors
Pull colors from logos, images or add your own custom hex codes
Multi select
Design faster by selecting and editing multiple elements at the same time


Affordable & Transparent Pricing

Our plans are designed for you to build revenue generating solutions around. Start simple and grow into the features & usage you need.

API Standard

$49 /month

The perfect plan if you're just getting started with our product.

  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited API Calls
  • Online Editor
  • Image Management
  • 5 GB Storage *
  • 25 High-Res Downloads *
  • Integration Support
  • 10,000+ Pre-built Templates
  • White Label
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API Plus

$199 /month

Dedicated support and infrastructure for your company.

  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited API Calls
  • Online Editor
  • Image Management
  • 5 GB Storage *
  • 100 High-Res Downloads *
  • Integration Support
  • 10,000+ Pre-built Templates
  • White Label
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* Overage fees apply: High-res download: $0.99/ea.   Storage overage: $5/GB

A note about High-Res downloads. High-Res downloads should only be used when you absolutely need them - most commonly when you have received an order for a printed product. We provide high-res watermark & other proofing options that cost nothing.

If you have a unique business model and need increased usage flexibility please get in touch with us.

Frequently asked questions

Have a different question and can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our support team by sending us an email and we’ll get back to you right away.

Can you help me with the integration?
Sure! We've helped many customers with little pieces or the entire project. Please reach out and let us know what you need.
Do you have plugins for eCommerce platforms?
We are currently working on plugins for Wordpress & WooCommerce. If there is a specific platform you want a plugin for please let us know.
Will I be able to fulfill my customers orders?
Definitely. You have total control over what happens after your customer is done creating their artwork. Anything you can dream up can be done.
How many users can I have in the system?
You can have an unlimited number of administrators in the Studio, but a single API key per account. You can service an unlimited number of your customers with the api.
Can you add a feature that I need?
Let us know, if it makes sense we'll consider adding it to the product. If it's very specific to your use case we can advise you how to build it (or possibly even help).