Power to the Poster

Posters serve many purposes. Decoration. Education. Attention. But above all else, custom posters work as a brilliant and effective approach for marketing and advertising a brand or message, both inside and out. Posters provide amazing stopping power to foot traffic by ultimately turning potential customers into future buyers. Even in today’s technologically savvy world where screens are everything, posters continue to produce some of the best possible results. Whatever product, brand or message you wish to creatively and prominently display, posters are a tried-and-true way to get people to take notice. So, stand out to the crowd with our creative and customizable poster maker templates.

When to Use a Poster?

(Is a Poster Right for You?)


Posters are unique in the fact that they aren’t for individual use like a brochure or flyer. Due to their large size, posters appeal to groups of people at a time. Their large, condensed content acts as the perfect eye-arresting visual for your brand, product or message. You want your posters to provide essential and quick takeaways, not in-depth information. There’s a reason posters are still so widely used by businesses and individuals around the world. It’s simple, they work.

To break it down for you even further, here are 5 popular ideas (just to name a few) of when to use a poster.

5 Popular Poster Ideas

In-store signage

Posters act as great in-store billboards for businesses of all shapes and sizes.


Placing posters inside public transit is a perfect time to appeal to people because you’ve got a captive audience.

Store windows

If your business is in a dense foot traffic area, placing posters that face the sidewalk is a great way to generate interest in those passing by.

HR purposes

Sometimes employees need education and a poster is a perfect way to display policies, training, notices and more to your entire workforce.

Message boards

Don’t get lost in the sea of flyers. A poster on a message board will take prominence and resonate over the cluster of smaller flyers.

Why Make a Poster with Us?

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