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If you’re looking for a time-tested way to generate some quick buzz around your business or brand, our flyer maker is the perfect way to get your message to the masses. Stand out from the clutter with a contemporary twist on a classic (and effective) method of promoting your business, brand or message. Let MyCreativeShop’s flyer creator help give your flyers that stylish and professional look, while making the design process a cinch.

When to Use a Flyer?

(Is a Flyer Right for You?)


Often used as blanket advertising, flyers aren’t necessarily meant to be audience specific, rather more to address a large portion of the public. But make sure the quality matches the quantity. If this is an introduction of your brand or company to people, greet them with a good first impression and leave them wanting more. And if more is what they want, then check out our brochurespostcards, and other creative templates.

Flyers are so much more than just bulletin board material. And to prove it, here are 5 popular ideas (from a long list) of when to use a flyer.

5 Popular Flyer Ideas


Spread the word for an upcoming party or gathering an a fun way.  Party flyers are a great way to make sure people know about your upcoming party or event.  

Local newspapers and publications

Try leveraging your local existing distribution systems to reach a large audience at a relatively low rate.

Around town

There’s nothing complicated about it. The more areas and places (community boards, light polls, business windows, car windshields, etc.) you can place your flyer, the greater your chance of conversion.

Schools and businesses

Permission pending, of course. These venues offer great distribution to a targeted audience. A flyer here could lead to word of mouth, which in turn, could help increase exposure to your company or brand.

Shopping stuffers

Including a flyer in a customer’s shopping bag is a good way to promote a new product, business location or sale to your customers.

Captive audiences

Think of places where people have to stay for a while, such as bus stops and laundromats. Places like these are brimming with captive audiences with nothing to do but read your flyer over and over again.

Why Make a Flyer with Us?

The numbers don’t lie. We’ve successfully helped millions of people promote their product, business or brand – and we’d love to help you next. Our creatives are professional designers with a knack for marketing savvy. Not to mention, customizing a flyer with us requires no design skill on your part. Plus, we can help you print them – making us a one stop shop for everything you need and more. When it comes to your brand. Your business. Your message. There’s only one shop that’s tops: MyCreativeShop.


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