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How to create a flyer.

The poet Browning might not have known that his 1855 poem, “Andrea del Sarto” contained a phrase that would come to personify all that is best about life, art, creativity, design and business. That phrase is the simple but enigmatic, “Less is More”. How to create a flyer could not have better advice than this ode to simplicity.

Simplicity is the key to everything, and it applies as much to cooking as it does to creating top notch flyers. Whether you subscribe to Feng Shui principles or not, life cleared of clutter is easier, more relaxing, de-stressing and generally beneficial. It gives us clarity and with that comes understanding. When we create flyers, this is exactly what we need to bear in mind.

Simplicity runs through the best buildings, indoor furnishings and engineered creations. “In cooking as in all the arts,” Curnonsky, the Prince of Gastronomy, mused, “simplicity is the sign of perfection.” In your search for inspiration and the key to creating the best flyer you can, embracing simplicity is the no # 1 key. Everything you do from here will come back to this point. Never forget it, and whenever you are lost or struggling, confused or unsure, come back to it.

Hats off to Browning. Less is, undoubtedly, unequivocally, deliciously more.

Get to the point. WANTED ( Dead or Alive )... Reward.

When considering direct communication, it’s hard to beat the WANTED ( dead or alive) posters, used to round up various nefarious villains. That message is as direct as it comes. You understand exactly what is going on, and your eye might wander over the picture of the outlaw in question ( your graphic) and settle very quickly on the point. Reward $500.00.

Granted the average wanted poster would not make the most luxurious of flyers, but its makes its point perfectly, simply. It gets your attention, and crucially you understand what is on offer. Vitally, it is simple and effective.

Whatever you are selling, promoting or announcing, get your headline to be half as snappy, direct and to the point as this and you will be on your way.

Make your headline SIMPLE, make it BIG. Centre it on one line across the page and make it CLEAR. Use a Sans Serif font and make sure it can be read 10 feet away.

Picture this.

Hopefully you have a slightly more endearing image or graphic to use rather than a surly old photograph of Billy the Kid. Again, one clear simple image is worth its weight in gold. You have the world’s attention with your snappy headline. They are looking! - so give them something to look at. It’s IMPACT you want - and one large image will do it every time. Get attention, create a mood and begin to tell your story

What’s the Reward?

The final element of your big three is the REWARD. Here is your chance to add real information that is of value. Again, keep it simple, work with bullet points, tell them what they need to know and tell them what they have to do.

Too much information will clutter up your message. GIve it room to breathe, don’t suffocate it. Be as concise as you can and throw out anything you don’t need. All of these elements, Headline, Graphic and message come together as a seamless whole, where fonts blending with the color scheme enhancing your simple and direct message.

All of these elements work together to create a unified, dynamic flyer for you.


At MyCreativeShop we value simplicity. Take a look around and see how we have brought together stunning flyer templates that have successfully proven themselves. We invite you to see how you can use them to increase your own business, and making it easy not just for your customers, but for yourself as well.

Above all we have drawn industry professional graphic designers together with an unrivalled bank of images to allow you to create one spot on, vivid and dynamic flyer. Everything you see can be changed to suit your needs, exactly, simply and perfectly. The rewards in this case will be all yours. Happy browsing

The team at MyCreativeShop.