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MyCreativeShop gives you the option to create your own flyer online for free and only pay when you want to share or download a pdf. Not just a flyer, but a high quality flyer, produced in less than half the time it typically takes.

Note: Don't be intimidated by graphic design. A majority of our users have little to no graphic design experience and they're producing high quality flyers in less time than it would take a seasoned graphic designer. In fact we've even found that graphic designers love working with our editor!

The traditional way of contacting a graphic designer and trying to explain what you need is broken and time consuming. When everything is said and done you've probably done a majority of the following things.

  1. Prepared a detailed email outlining the vision for the flyer
  2. Researched graphic designers (if you didn’t already have a go to option)
  3. Sketched out a visual concept for the designer to follow
  4. Exchanged multiple emails with the designer
  5. Reviewed multiple revisions of the design
  6. Emailed others for their insight
  7. Prepared the assets to send to the designers (ie logos, brand colors, etc)
  8. Managed multiple files along with each revision (organizational nightmare)
  9. Been frustrated with the challenges of trying to explain your vision
  10. Wished you could just do it all yourself

You're not alone if you’ve experience any of these design hurdles. We've experienced them ourselves as graphic designers, marketing managers and programmers. Things needed to change and although graphic designers are still a necessary option for certain projects, we believe that you should be given the option to choose what you'd like to do. That's why we created our flyer maker.


Design was getting complicated, so we made it easy

Competition for consumers attention is at an all time high. Not only are these potential customers being swarmed with brand noise, but they're also more distracted than ever. However, this doesn't mean you have to spend all your time coming up with the most creative idea to capture their attention. This mindset will drive you crazy and lead to missed opportunities to get in front of your audience. What you should be focused on instead is being fresh and relevant. Our flyer creator will allow you to do just that. The best example of our value add is to provide you with two competing advertising strategies.

Strategy 1 - Shoot for the viral marketing idea
This strategy is very attractive at face value. It’s a high risk high reward investment and the upside is sometimes too much to turn down. However, the reality is that it's extremely difficult to uncover the next water bucket challenge and if you do the rewards are great, but if you don't you've wasted a lot of time, energy and resources.

Strategy 2 - Fresh and relevant marketing ideas
We believe that keeping a consistent and relevant message in front of your audience is the best bang for your buck. Assuming you know your product and customers, this strategy removes the high risk of creating the next best viral marketing idea and instead allows you to simply be in front of your audience. Partner that with the ability to stay fresh and relevant and you not only guarantee your chances of at least getting in front of your customers, but you also run the chance of your ad going viral. For example... What if you created a flyer announcing your new business, Far From Scrambled, and each month you modified that flyer to be relevant to events going on in your community. A potential customer had just been talking to their friend about attending a concert in your area and noticed a flyer for your business mentioning something about that concert. BOOM, you have their attention for a split second and that’s all it can take.

Our editor empowers you with this flexibility by not only getting you into the right flyer template quickly, but also offering you these unique features.

Color Themes. It's amazing what changing the color of a template can do. It can truly make the difference between someone looking at your flyer and not looking at. It's so crucial to the design that we created a way for our user to quickly change the colors of every shape and text box on their flyer. It's one of the best things about our editor.

Duplicate projects. With the click of a button you can take last months flyer, duplicate it and modify it to fit this months needs. This allows you to be consistent with your brand and not recreate the wheel when it comes to the core look of your flyers. A good analogy for this is that you don’t throw away all the clothes in your closet at once, but you do mix and match and improve it overtime.

Print Ready. Don't get held up with the printer when you need your flyer ASAP. Our flyers are built to make your life easy when it comes to printing your flyers. Whether you choose to print with us or at your preferred printer, you'll find that your file will always be built ready to print.


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  • Can I try it?
    Create your free account and give it a try today. We let you try as many templates as you want for free and only pay if you create something you love.
  • What size flyers & leaflets do you offer?
    We offer a 3 different sizes of flyer templates, in both letter and metric sizes.
    Letter sizes are: 8.5" x 11", 8.5" x 5.5", & 4" x 9".
    Metric sizes are: A4, A5, & DL.
  • How much freedom do I have to customize
    We strive to allow as much customization as possible while still ensuring the integrity of the design. We allow color changes, image changes, font changes, and movement of many objects. Unique shapes that make up the core of the layout are often locked to help ensure a perfect design is produced. The best way to see how flexible our templates are is to give it a try for yourself!