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Restaurant Menu Templates

When you need a simple way to makeover your restaurant’s existing carte du jour, promote a special holiday or happy hour menu, or just want a wine list format that can be easily updated and reprinted, custom-designing your own menu is the way to go. Our professionally-crafted slate of restaurant menu templates and user-friendly online editor make it easy for you to act as your own (much less expensive!) graphic designer. Share your new menu on your website and social media platforms and print them anywhere you like - you know your restaurant best!

Fresh Lunch Menu Template preview
Bistro Menu Template preview
Grey Lunch Menu Template preview
Purple Restaurant Menu Template preview
Ocean Restaurant Menu Template preview
Cool Takeout Menu Template preview
Dessert & Entree Menu Template preview
Brunch Signature Menu Template preview
Simple Restaurant Menu Template preview
Salad Menu Template preview
Restaurant Classic Menu Template preview
Teal Lunch Menu Template preview
Restaurant Breakfast Menu Template preview
Italian Dinner Menu Template preview
Fresh Restaurant Menu Template preview
Doughnut Menu Template preview
Stylish Restaurant Menu Template preview
Restaurant Style Menu Template preview
Leaf Restaurant Menu Template preview
Fire Restaurant Menu Template preview
Rustic Restaurant Menu Template preview
Blue Lunch Menu Template preview
Restaurant Italian Menu Template preview
Classic Hotel Menu Template preview
Lunch Restaurant Menu Template preview
Tasty Restaurant Menu Template preview
Restaurant Mexican Menu Template preview
Restaurant Lunch Menu Template preview
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Thanksgiving Menus

Make it your mission to ensure that no one eats alone (or chokes down the charred remnants of dear Aunt Agatha’s “everything-but-the-kitchen-sink” casserole) by producing a mouth-watering Thanksgiving menu that provides an escape from the incessant beeping of those pesky smoke alarms or a catered, already-prepared alternative to the battle for oven space. Our turkey-loving design team has whipped up a fully-stuffed catalog of Thanksgiving menu templates. Find the one that makes your heart leap, then use our online design editor to make it your own. Add logos, photos, and graphics, tweak the color scheme, and throw in some yummy descriptions of each and every course. Order a stack of printed menus, then start thawing turkeys and mashing potatoes for the big day!

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Cocktail Menus

Turn every hour into Happy Hour with a brand-new cocktail menu that promises something for everyone!  MyCreativeShop’s online design editor gives you creative control – choose shaken, stirred, or “Bond, James Bond.”  Lay out your drink offerings, starting with your original signature creations and followed by your biggest-selling local favorites.  Include a section that lists well drink base prices and sizes (single, double).  Highlight your happy hour times and features, and, if you have the available space, upload professional photos of your yummiest cocktails.  Before you know it, you’ll be the place to go for first dates, after dinner drinks, end of the workday wind-downs, and even the occasional mid-week Margaritaville®-esque escape!

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Wine Menus

Whether you operate an “everybody knows your name” neighborhood bar or an upscale, full-service restaurant, your wine cellar will be in demand.  Help your patrons make the perfect selection by customizing an expertly designed and aged wine menu that guides them to their right choice.  Begin by introducing your wine program with colorful, fragrant language.  Group your wine list by reds, whites, rosés, and a final champagnes/sparkling/other section. Include mouth-watering descriptions of each offering, along with the price per glass and per bottle.  If your venue includes a full kitchen, make sure to highlight the best wine pairings by protein.  Our online editor makes it easy to offer your customers a little wine with their cheese – or is it the other way around?

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Saint Patrick's Day Menus

One of the key signposts of every major holiday is a signature dish. This spring, set your restaurant or pub apart from the rest of the crowd by producing a custom-designed St. Paddy’s Day menu that knocks the socks off of even native Irishmen and women! Choose one of our always lucky St. Patrick’s Day menu templates, then use our online design editor to fill it up with corned beef and cabbage, Irish soda bread, champ, and beef and Guinness pie. Be sure to include a hearty drink menu, too – it’s not really St. Patrick’s Day without green beer or a frothy mug of Guinness!

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Thanksgiving Menus

Home cooks and professional chefs alike can design the perfect turkey day menu for their family or restaurant holiday gathering.  MyCreativeShop’s online editor makes it easy as pie for anyone to whip up a pumpkin pie-worthy Thanksgiving Day menu, no experience required.  Begin your recipe for success by describing your starters/appetizers (shrimp cocktail, relish tray, stretch pants), and follow those up with a smorgasbord of sides (mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, stuffing, green bean casserole).  Craft a mouth-watering description of your main course (turkey, ham, tofurkey, turducken).  Put your baking skills on display with a Duff Goldman-approved array of festive dessert options.  Finally, lay out your cozy beverage offerings (mulled cider, spicy hot chocolate, 7-Up® punch).  Print them yourself, or let us do the work for you and check one more item off your holiday to-do list!

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