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Restaurant Flyer Templates

Promote your restaurant’s next event, find your newest server, or try out a new one-page menu format by utilizing custom-designed flyers to meet your marketing needs. MyCreativeShop’s design team has already been in the kitchen preparing a wide variety of customizable restaurant flyer templates for you to taste test. Choose the one that best pleases your palate, then employ the tools in our online editor to make it your own. Share your finished flyer on all social media platforms and print up a box or two absolutely anywhere (or let us provide you with a top-quality print job that makes you proud)!

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Delivery Service Restaurant Flyer

What could possibly be better than enjoying your favorite meal at your favorite restaurant? How about eating that same amazing meal without having to drive, dress up, do your hair, or put on makeup? Make your patrons’ dreams come true – promote your restaurant’s delivery service with a smartly-designed flyer that you distribute to your dine-in customers and to nearby hotels. Include your menu offerings, delivery hours, phone number, and any delivery charges. Cook up delivery-only specials to set your service apart and get it off the ground. Our online editor makes designing your flyer a piece of cake, so make sure to save us a slice!

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Restaurant Grand Opening Flyers

The grand opening of your new “up and coming” restaurant is a big event and one that deserves some anticipation with it! A brightly, colored grand opening flyer filled with pictures of the food you offer beautifully plated will entice potential customers. Give them a glimpse into the feel and atmosphere of the dining experience they can expect by the look of your flyer. Invite them to join in the excitement of your grand opening night with specials, featured menu items and even music! Create a buzz that will make your restaurant stand out and bring customers through your door!

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Drink List Restaurant Flyers

Boost your restaurant’s bar revenue by creating a compelling drink list flyer. Pass it out to your regular attenders and encourage them to invite their friends to join them. Send it out to local hotels, business networking groups, grown-up clubs (like Toastmasters), and other locations around your community. Drink specials and unique offerings must be included on your flyer. Did you create a unique and historical cocktail for NPR’s Dinner Party Download®, like “The Flying Jules?” Don’t leave that out! Come up with a list of local favorites and credit your best customers for their creative input on any specialty drinks. Design your drink list flyer now and watch newbies pour on in!

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Now Hiring Restaurant Flyers

Not everyone is looking for a 9 to 5 job – not even Dolly Parton! The restaurant business appeals to a unique set of jobseekers – college students, single parents, and breadwinners looking to supplement their income, as well as career-minded individuals who don’t mind the unusual hours. Whether you’re looking to hire servers, cooks, bartenders, or management staff, an intentionally-designed “Now Hiring” flyer needs to specifically reach your target population(s) and respond to their key requirements. Excellent benefits will be attractive to some, flexible hours to others, and great pay is always a selling point. Post your flyer on college campuses, job service offices, and leave copies at your host stand. Don’t let your openings go cold in the window; design your flyer today!

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Happy Hour Restaurant Flyers

Whether you have an established happy hour crowd or are just getting started, a custom-designed (by you!) flyer can up your business and reach even more potential patrons. Promote your drink AND food specials, like 2 for 1 teas, half-price taps or well drinks, a nacho/taco bar, or half-price appetizers. Make sure to highlight any special happy hour events, like live music or trivia. Your flyer should be given to your regular customers and distributed to offices and hotels in your stomping grounds. Our online editor makes it easy to design your very own personalized happy hour flyer at any time. After all, it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere, right?

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Restaurant Specials - Flyers

Is your restaurant’s chef the inventive type? Does he or she like to come up with new dishes regularly? Give your chef creative license by featuring a weekly chef’s special alongside an established list of favorite local specials. Our online editor makes it simple to design a flyer of specials and then update the chef’s special and reprint each week. Your flyer can be distributed to local businesses and used as a menu insert for your dine-in customers. Keep your offerings fresh without messing with your regulars’ faves. Start renovating your lunch and dinner specials -and offer some great deals – before the opportunity passes you by.

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