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Deliver your marketing message on customized cup sleeves alongside your customer’s morning cuppa. Our attention-commanding cup sleeve templates help you customize cup sleeves to promote and advertise your business and build your brand’s recognition. Select the perfect template for your design, and then make it truly yours by choosing your desired colors, fonts, images, and more. Our online editor supports uploads of your images, logos, and graphics, or you can find industry-specific images in our stock photo gallery. Printing your cup sleeves is simple; print from any location, or trust our printing pros to do the printing for you.

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Design A Kpop Cup Sleeve preview
Birthday Bash Cup Sleeve Template preview
Newlywed Wedding Cup Sleeve Template preview
Starry Night Beer Cup Sleeve Template preview
Beer Tasting Cup Sleeve Template preview
XRS Business Conference Cup Sleeve Template preview
Springfield Hotel Cup Sleeve Template preview
New Years Party Cup Sleeve Template preview
Wedding Thank You Cup Sleeve Template preview
10k Sponsor Race Cup Sleeve Template preview
Mr. & Mrs. Wedding Cup Sleeve Template preview
Golden Ridge Beer Cup Sleeve Template preview
Birch Creek Whiskey Cup Sleeve Template preview
Funny Quote Cup Sleeve Template preview
Napa Valley Wine Cup Sleeve Template preview
Richards Pour Beer Cup Sleeve Template preview
Rivers Bend Coffee Cup Sleeve Template preview
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Generic Cup Sleeve Template 16356 preview
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Generic Cup Sleeve Template 16351 preview
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Generic Cup Sleeve Template 16346 preview
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Generic Cup Sleeve Template 16344 preview
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Blank Canvas Cup Sleeve Template preview
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Making a cup sleeve may seem intimidating, but utilizing our templates makes the process simple and not at all scary. Begin with a clear idea of what you want your cup sleeve to look like and do. Then, keeping your branding strategy close at hand, browse our catalog of professionally-designed cup sleeve templates and choose your favorite. Apply your color scheme, replace the template’s existing images, graphics, logo, and text with your own using just a few clicks, and tweak the font style, size, and color by selecting from the options in our online editor. Insert shapes, icons, arrows, and patterns as needed and then do a final review for typos and glaring errors. When you’re satisfied with your finished project, hit print!

Making your own Kpop cup sleeves requires only your own creativity and passion for your favorite Kpop star. Begin by opening up a blank cup sleeve template. Next, select a background color or image from our library of stock photos or by uploading your own. Then, upload an image of the Kpop star you’re celebrating. Finally, use our text box editor to add in the content you need to show the love and support you have for Kpop! When you’re ready to print, just click the “Print/Download” option within our online editor and high-quality prints will be delivered right to your door (for US-based customers only). If you’re looking for more detail, check out our How to Make a Kpop Sleeve & Print It blog post.

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Now that your cup sleeve design is complete, you can get it printed quickly by selecting the “Print/Download” option within our online editor or by heading straight to the cup sleeve printing page. Select your print quantity and delivery options, then submit your order. Top-notch cup sleeves will arrive at your door quickly, and we even guarantee your satisfaction. If you’d rather do it yourself, simply choose the “Download” option to receive a high-quality PDF of your project.