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Postcard Templates

Give your message a personal touch and create your own postcard. Our postcard templates are easy to use and fully customizable. Whether you’re drumming up business for your retail outlet or announcing that a real estate listing just sold, you can always add your own special twist to drive home the message. Add photos, artwork, and other elements of your choice to create your own unique postcard. When you're done, we can print your finished cards for you, or you can print them anywhere else you prefer.

Smiling Teeth Postcard Template preview
Happy Healthy Teeth Postcard Template preview
Healthy Teeth & Gums Postcard Template preview
Pediatric Dentistry Postcard Template preview
Awesome Teeth Whitening Postcard Template preview
Brighten Your Teeth Postcard Template preview
Healthy Teeth Postcard Template preview
Your Smile Dental Postcard Template preview
Saint Patrick's Day Festival Postcard Template preview
Election Campaign Postcard Template preview
Summer Music Event Postcard Template preview
Event Services Postcard Template preview
Music Concert Event Postcard Template preview
Elegant Event Postcard Template preview
Fast Home Inspection Postcard Template preview
Quality Home Inspection Postcard Template preview
Dog Walking Promo Postcard Template  preview
Pro Dog Grooming Postcard Template preview
Dog Walk Postcard Template preview
Professional Dog Walking Service Postcard Template preview
Simple Pet Sitting Postcard Template preview
Reliable Pet Sitting Postcard Template preview
Interior Design Welcome Postcard Template preview
Interior Design Promo Postcard Template preview
Cool Pressure Washing Postcard Template preview
Home Pressure Washing Postcard Template preview
Handyman Professional Postcard Template preview
Pro Handyman Postcard Template preview
Spa Product Special Postcard Template preview
Calm Spa Postcard Template preview
Summer Lawn Care Postcard Template preview
Spring Lawn Care Postcard Template preview
Custom Landscape Design Postcard Template preview
Dream Landscaping Postcard Template preview
Good Health Pharmacy Postcard Template preview
Your Health Pharmacy Postcard Template preview
Chiropractic Care Postcard Template preview
Chiropractic Wellness Postcard Template preview
Yoga Wellness Postcard Template preview
Yoga Class Promo Postcard Template preview
Dare To Be Great Gym Postcard Template preview
Healthy Gym Postcard Template preview
Clean Fitness Postcard Template preview
Sports Fitness Postcard Template preview
Clean Financial Advisor Postcard Template preview
Financial Advisor Service Postcard Template preview
Mortgage Outreach Postcard Template preview
Mortgage Services Postcard Template preview
Carpet Cleaning Ad Postcard Template preview
Carpet Cleaning Pricing Postcard Template preview

When designed well and targeted to the right people, postcards are a very effective means of marketing any local business. In a world where many businesses have gone almost completely online, physical direct mail is a fantastic way to stand out in the minds—and hands!—of your local customers.

Compared to longer-form direct mailings like a brochure, postcards capture your customers’ attention in a matter of seconds. They’re small, unobtrusive, and easy for recipients to quickly scan and evaluate. By adding bold text, beautiful imagery, and a clear offer, you can inspire your postcard recipients to take action—whether that’s calling to claim a special sales price, stopping by your store for 20% off, or setting up a free consultation with your company.

Creating a successful postcard doesn’t require a huge marketing budget, either. With MyCreativeShop’s online postcard maker, you can design your own custom postcards and print them anywhere. We have 2000+ professionally designed postcard templates, so all you have to do is choose the one you like and start customizing it online! Even with no graphic design experience, you can have a print-ready postcard in minutes.

Easily Customizable Postcard Templates

Our postcard templates are geared toward diverse industries: carpet cleaners, dental clinics, lawn care professionals, churches, political campaigns, and more. No matter your organization or business, we’re sure to have an awesome design for you. Every postcard template has been made by a professional graphic designer and includes all the ready-to-customize content areas you’ll need:

  • Attention-grabbing headline text
  • Paragraphs to explain your features, benefits, and services
  • Beautiful imagery and background shapes
  • Eye-catching call-out boxes to highlight your main offer or call-to-action
  • Placeholders for your business name, logo, and contact information

If you’re in a rush to print, you can make only the essential edits to these areas: upload your logo, change your headline, and add your company contact information. By keeping things simple, you can finish very quickly while still getting a uniquely personalized design.

On the other hand, if you’d like to spend more time customizing your postcard, you can do that, too! Choose any template as a starting point or even select a blank postcard template. Then use our simple drag-and-drop editor to make as many design tweaks as you want:

  • Change the background color or patter
  • Upload your own photos or choose a free stock photo from our built-in image library
  • Crop photos into interesting shapes
  • Try out new fonts and colors on your headline or paragraph text
  • Move elements around for a creative postcard layout

Every postcard template we offer comes with fully customizable areas for both the front and the back. Yes, that means even the postcard back template area is there to give you a complete postcard design experience.

Versatile Postcard Sizing and Orientation Options

Our standard postcard templates are available in easy-to-mail sizes:

  • 4.25" x 6" Postcards
  • 8.5" x 5.5" Postcards
  • A5 Postcards
  • A6 Postcards

Depending on whether you prefer a landscape or portrait orientation—which is often driven by your choice of imagery and headline—you can use each size in either a horizontal or vertical postcard design by rotating the elements in the editor. Both of these standard sizes are designed for bulk printing and delivery to a single address (like your home or office). From there you can choose how you’d like to distribute your postcards to your mailing list.

Don’t have a mailing list, but want to get the word out quickly to a specific group of people? Then you should check out our EDDM postcard templates instead. EDDM, or Every Day Direct Mail®, allows you to send postcards to different locations within a designated ZIP code. It’s a really simple way to share your postcard with a target area. The EDDM postcard format is only available in the United States.

Affordable Postcard Printing with Guaranteed Delivery

Whether you choose standard or EDDM postcard designs, you can order your postcard prints as soon as you’ve finished customizing them. Our postcards are printed on firm, durable cardstock with high-gloss UV finish on one or both sides. This premium paper stands up well to shipping so that your recipients will get a high-quality mailing that reflects well on your brand.

You can order as few as 50 postcards at a time, or as many as 50,000. Every order comes with a guaranteed delivery date and our satisfaction guarantee!

Download a Print-Ready File for Local Printing

If you don’t want to order prints from us, no problem! You can just as easily download a print-ready PDF and send it to your local print shop or another online printing site. You can even download a full-bleed file that prints great on any professional printing equipment.

Postcard Design to Direct Mail—It’s All Easy!

With MyCreativeShop, your postcard design process is all about you and what your business needs. You’re free to make as many creative customizations as you want before you print, free to try out new templates and save them, and we give you the freedom to print your postcards anywhere.

From design to print, we make direct mail easy so that you’re free to focus on more important things. Browse our 1,800+ postcard templates and get started today.