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Whatever your business or brand, our personalized door hangers can help freshen up your marketing tactics to get your message out into the world. Door hangers can target your audience in whole different way. Their unique use provides an easy, affordable, and unavoidable way to capture customer attention. After all, the only way in is through the door. Open the door to new and repeated business with our customized door hanger templates. Your logo, your colors, your images – our awesome design.

When to Use a Door Hanger?

(Is a Door Hanger Right for You?)


It doesn’t matter what you’re marketing, selling, or branding. Door hangers are an effective and an inevitable way to target a specific or general audience. Unlike a postcard that can get lost in the mail, a door hanger is impossible to ignore. Your audience can’t miss it dangling from the front door handle as they move to get into their houses.

Check out these other reasons (just to name a few) of why/when to use a door hanger.

4 Reasons To Use a Door Hanger

Make it official

A lot of times, official notices like missed deliveries or utility notices are placed on doors. This strategy makes customers more likely to read your hanger.

Personalize it

Door hangers feel personal. They hang alone to directly address your audience. Customers have to physically remove them (forcing interaction) making it more likely they’ll flip it over and read the back.

Make it stand out

Don’t let your message get lost in the clutter and cluster of direct mail! Stand out from the piles of junk mail in the doorway and make an impression that dangles from a doorknob.

Incentivize them

A door hanger can also be a great conversation piece for customers to bring into your store for a discount, promotion, or other incentive.

Why Make a Door Hanger with Us?

To hang, or not to hang with us? Creating your own door hanger is a great standalone marketing strategy or a showpiece used in combination with other materials. Making a door hanger with us will guarantee that you receive a top-notch designed product that’s print-ready. We’ve already helped tons of customers reach their marketing potential, and we’d love for you to be next. Take it from the experts. When it comes to your brand. Your business. Your message. There’s only one shop that’s top, MyCreativeShop.