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Inside a Brochure Maker

This wonderful metaphor goes back to the 12th century, though it was Sir Isaac Newton who quoted it in his letters, referring to his considerable achievements, “If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” What then, does that mean for the brochure maker?

It means something to us because now it is your turn to step up and build on all the achievements that have gone before you. No one else will see the future like you. No one has had the advantages you have today at your fingertips. This is the moment to build on the best brochure maker there has ever been.

MyCreativeShop began in the same way. Our vision was to take all of the amazing possibilities, in terms of design, templates, software and combine them with our passion for making the best brochures in the business.

Your brochure wish list.

If you had a wish list for your desire to make a brochure, would it include professionally designed industry specific templates? That is exactly what we provide, in fact we have hundreds of them, and if your “ideal” is not there, we’ll create it. Just for you!

We simply went to the best professional designers and asked them to provide us with samples of their best brochure work. We were fussy too. If it wasn’t the best, we didn’t accept it. We are extremely proud of the result. We humbly offer them to you.

100% interactive

Your wishlist probably wouldn’t include an uninspiring blank canvas. There’s many a creative floundered just staring into space! We understand that and therefore you’ll start your project with a proven template that is 100% interactive. That means you can change every line, every color, every shape and object. Every single thing you can see, can be changed and altered to suit your ideal brochure.

Professional service.

Everyone’s wish list surely would include quality design, limitless opportunities and the ability to play with, and change whatever you like, whenever you like. That even applies to custom designs that we create especially for you. You can edit them to your heart’s content. Never again will a business be stuck with a pile of outdated brochures or flyers! Our system and service is fast, accurate and responsive to your businesses needs.

Lean, keen and hungry for business.

When people find that we offer an unrivalled package for $19.95 that offers a 100% guarantee on prints, they might be excused for being a little sceptical!

We happily explain about our highly efficient, lean and keen business model, that has a proven track record and many, many, highly satisfied customers.

We made the decision to honor our passion for good design and individual customer service. That even extends to PDF files that you can whisk away, and even share on social media. Alternatively we’d be delighted to give you a top quality print quote. It’s your choice.

The Curiosity Shop!

Take yourselves and your ideas into our workshop. Here you can see the level of quality we offer and what’s more you can take advantage of our free trial and get started right away with no strings attached. We think you’ll be delighted and impressed with what you can achieve with no expensive special software or technical training. We are with you all the way.


We’re here today because of some extraordinarily talented and dedicated people. We duly acknowledge the shoulders we stood on to get our unique, professional vision of the best brochure maker design company up and running. We delight in offering creative solutions for unique challenges. Get in touch - we love to talk and we’ll find the right solution for you.

We’re delighted to extend our hand, and our shoulders to you to stand on, and it is our pleasure to welcome you aboard.

The team at MyCreativeShop.