Brochures anybody can create!

If you are ready to create amazing looking brochures then our brochure maker is going to be your new best friend! Now it is fun, easy, & fast to is to create great looking brochures.

With our super intuitive interface we've been able to help 1000's of people just like you be incredibly successful using our brochure design software.

It's intuitive so you can jump right in and begin designing like a pro. You will immediately become confident that you can make a brochure that matches the vision you have in your head.

It's fast, so that you can complete your project without wasting a lot of time. Time is your most precious commodity and our editor is focused on giving you more of it. We guarantee that once you learn the process, you'll be creating brochures faster than any seasoned graphic designer.

Brochure Example 1
Brochure Example 2
Brochure Example 3
Brochure Example 1
Brochure Example 2
Brochure Example 3

Print, PDF & Share your creation!

MyCreativeShop gives you complete freedom to do whatever you want with your brochure. Here are just a few of the things you can do when your design is ready.

  • Print your brochure with us
  • Print with any other printer in the world
  • Download a PDF of your brochure
  • Send your brochure to a colleague via email
  • Share your brochure on Facebook
  • Tweet your brochre on Twitter

1,000's of blank templates!

If you can't find the right template to start from, then our blank templates are here to save the day! They are extremely popular and provide the perfect starting point for both beginners and seasoned designers. Don't reinvent the design process, start from our proven blank layouts and be on your way to creating amazing brochures in minutes.

Brochure Example 1
Brochure Example 2
Brochure Example 3

Never worry about print "stuff" again

If you choose to print your brochure with us, we'll handle all of the details that you don't want to.

  1. We fold the brochures so you don't have to
  2. We review every design for noticeable alignment and color issues
  3. We guarantee that you will love your prints

Our Editor Makes Everything Simple

As humans we typically complicate things. We over explain, over analyze and often confuse people with what we really mean. Leonardo Da Vinci was absolutely correct when he said, "Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication". We believe that simplifying the design experience is an ongoing journey, but we're embracing the challenge.

During this journey we have been able to discover ways to simplify the experience. Here are a couple things that we focused on that have really helped our customers succeed.

Pre Built Templates. We found that there were certain steps in designing a brochure that could be pre built for the user. That's why we choose to create 1000s of industry specific templates to get our customers further along in the design process. These templates are made up of shapes, text boxes and image placeholders. From this point our users can choose to modify these existing elements or introduce new elements. Pre built brochure templates were created to inspire our customers and reduce the amount of time it took for them to complete their projects.

By us creating these templates we’ve essentially done 70% of the work for you. We recommend that you stick to the template and keep it simple.

Color Themes. It's amazing what changing the color of a template can do. It can truly make the difference between someone looking at your brochure and not looking at. It's so crucial to the design that we created a way for our user to quickly change the colors of every shape and text box on their brochure. It's one of the best things about our editor.

By creating our color themes we again have reduced the amount of time you'll have to spend designing. We've also empowered you with the ability to preview your design in 100s of color themes that you otherwise wouldn't have been able to do. If that wasn't enough you can even build your own color theme with your brand colors.


  • How much does it cost?
    MyCreativeShop is free to try. Find a template to customize and get started for free today! If you find that the software meets your needs you can purchase a paid subscription. Subscriptions cost $19.95/month, can be canceled anytime and give you access to every layout we offer.

  • What print options do I have?
    We allow you to print your brochure anywhere you want! We'd love to have you print with us, but we also are happy to let you download print ready PDF files that you can print anywhere in the world.

  • What level of quality can I expect?
    All of our templates are created by professional designers. Now you can make a brochure online and get designer quality results for a fraction of the cost. Stack our editor and results up against anybody and we think you'll agree!