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We may live in a digital world, but don’t let the power of print go unnoticed, especially brochures. When it comes to advertising your business, a printed brochure still stands as one of the best methods of communicating your message and extending your brand. Why? Because brochures excel at taking lots of information and organizing it into digestible chunks of content for readers, A.K.A. your potential customers/clients.

And having a good design? Well, that’s added style points to score you perfect tens in the category of professionalism. After all, a good-looking and well-written brochure can leave an audience with a lot to say about your brand or company. So make sure it’s a positive impression with our brochure maker!

When to Use a Brochure?

(Is a Brochure Right For You?)

One thing you don’t want to confuse is a brochure and flyer. They may seem similar on the surface, but they serve completely different purposes. Flyers, while great in their own right, are typically quick takeaways on one or two-sided sheets of paper used for disposable marketing – bulletin board material. A brochure on the other hand is a more premium piece that should be made so that customers can keep referring to them if needed. They are typically of thicker card stock and folded in an effort to help navigate the reader through content and design. If you have lots of information to convey, a brochure is a better instrument to do so, which is why brochures are best used after interest in your brand, product or business has already been established and they want to know more.

To break it down for you even further, here are 5 popular ideas (out of many more) of when/where to use a brochure:

5 Popular Brochure Ideas

Reception desk/checkout counter

Leave customers/clients with something to take away and learn more. Placing brochures in these highly visible areas positions your company or brand top of mind.


Direct mail is an extremely effective way to pinpoint or blanket an audience. Mail brochures can generate interest from potential customers/clients without them having to take a single step outside.


If you’ve already got an established customer base, especially an online store, packaging brochures within customer orders can encourage returning customers by making them privy to your entire product catalog, special offers, vouchers or coupons.

Trade shows/conferences/exhibits/fairs

It’s important during such events to not only have a small lineup of products, but also to provide takeaway marketing materials (like brochures).

Cross promotion

Negotiating distribution with a complementary business/brand can help you reach more of the right people, especially if you target the same audience. For example, if you’re a small gym consider reaching out to other industry health businesses like chiropractors, massage therapy centers, sporting goods stores, etc.

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