Painting Flyers

In order to successfully operate a painting business, you need a constant supply of walls to paint. Fill the pages of your planner for weeks and months to come by completely personalizing a painting service flyer that stands head and shoulders (maybe even a scaffold level or two) above the rest. Feature professional photos of your best projects – the ones that truly showcase your talent, precision, and attention to detail.  Draw attention to your website and online portfolio – include your contact info and a client testimonial or two.  Use MyCreativeShop’s online design editor to fully personalize one of our professionally-designed templates – make it your own, print it, and get it in the hands of your prospective clients!

Painting Postcards

As you seek to grow your painting service business (or any business, for that matter), advertising plays a crucial role.  When designing marketing materials, the ones that make the biggest impact are those that don’t take themselves TOO seriously.  Make your ad memorable.  To that effect, design a customized painting service postcard that makes potential clients remember you (and keep your hard work out of the recycling pile).  Include a link to your web gallery so they can see your skills for themselves.  A “mention this postcard when you call” special or discount is never a turn-off either.  MyCreativeShop’s online editor makes it simple and quick to customize our existing templates to your liking – your biggest decision will be helping a new client decide whether to go with “Polar Bear” or “Cotton Knit.”

Painting Door Hangers

Paint can be a transformative tool.  When staging a house to sell, a fresh coat can make potential buyers feel as though they are getting a brand-new home. Conversely, for those who are just moving into a newly purchased (but not newly built) home, new paint throughout (before the furniture and family members arrive) can generate that same feeling.  Aside from all that, it can also give existing homeowners in their existing homes a new appreciation for what they already have.  Utilize our online editor to completely customize a painting service door hanger to target each of these three demographics – sellers, buyers, and owners.  Make sure to include your contact information and a link to an online gallery of your work.  Don’t wait until it’s too late – get rolling (or spraying…or brushing) now!

Painting Brochures

Changing a wall color, whether one or four (or more!) at a time, is a fairly easy way to make a space feel new and different.  For the homeowner, though, there are numerous distractions (kids, work, chores) and obstacles (furniture, toys, kids) to accomplishing their hoped-for paint swap.  That’s your cue, professional painter!  Swoop in and save the day with a fully-customized painting service brochure that showcases your diligence, precision, and attention to detail.  If you also take on commercial property work, display it in a separate brochure from your residential portfolio and pricing structure.  Once you’ve utilized our online editor to personalize your brochure(s), your calendar will start to fill up before the first coat is dry!

Painting Business Cards

Just about every episode of “House Hunters” on HGTV® includes a moment where someone insists that the hideous chartreuse walls aren’t a problem because “paint is an easy fix.”  Getting the DIY motivation (and time!) can be a challenge, which is where you (the professional painter) step in. Customize the perfect, drip-free painting service business card for your Realtor® connections (and your past clients) to hand out at just the right moment.  Use our online editor to feature your contact information, including the web address for your online gallery of past work – no one wants to hire a painter who can’t stay between the lines!