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House & Home Brochure Templates

Custom brochures are effective marketing tools that put your message in potential and existing clients’ hands for pennies per lead. Whether you’re offering your expertise as a handyman or looking to drum up new business for your plumbing or flooring services, you can fully customize every page of your brochure – right down to the folds. Add photos, graphics, text, and more to sell your message to your recipient, and then print your brochures from your location, or leave the printing to us for a polished, professional touch.

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Painting Brochures

Changing a wall color, whether one or four (or more!) at a time, is a fairly easy way to make a space feel new and different.  For the homeowner, though, there are numerous distractions (kids, work, chores) and obstacles (furniture, toys, kids) to accomplishing their hoped-for paint swap.  That’s your cue, professional painter!  Swoop in and save the day with a fully-customized painting service brochure that showcases your diligence, precision, and attention to detail.  If you also take on commercial property work, display it in a separate brochure from your residential portfolio and pricing structure.  Once you’ve utilized our online editor to personalize your brochure(s), your calendar will start to fill up before the first coat is dry!

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Roofing Brochures

New construction, complete roof replacement, storm repair, and everything in between – your roofing company can do it all!  Get all of your potential customers, whether commercial or residential, on the same page by customizing a professionally-designed roofing brochure that has something for everyone.  Our online editor makes it easy-peasy to lay out your qualifications, specialties, and the full scope of services you offer.  Highlight your experience in putting up an original roof in the “new construction” section that appeals to homebuilding contractors.  Existing homeowners will need to know about your skill in roof repair, full roof replacement, and storm/hail damage repairs (and your ability to work with insurance companies).  Play up the offering of free, no-strings attached estimates and get your brochures designed and printed ASAP!

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Handyman Brochures

Become a part of the family by going deep about your extensive handyman skills on the pages of a custom-designed by you brochure. Share your general and specialized knowledge of home repair, maintenance, and remodeling. Rescue not-so-handy homeowners or renters from “some assembly required” purchases by providing assembly and installation services to beat the Swedish furniture giants at their own game. Using our online editor to customize one of our handyman brochure templates will showcase your fix-it skills even more. Print your brochures at your favorite local shop or give us the opportunity to earn your business – we won’t let you down!

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Home Inspection Brochures

When committing to a large purchase, buyers want to be sure they’re making a wise investment. No one wants to get all the mortgage paperwork signed and filed only to discover that their new home is riddled with issues that could have been addressed beforehand. Thankfully, you can help! Let prospective homebuyers know about your home inspection business and all the services you offer, including all of your certifications and credentials, on the pages of a brochure you customize yourself. Building trust is no small thing, so handling the customization process yourself ensures that you and your business are accurately presented. Our catalog of customizable home inspection brochure templates and easy-to-use online editor work together to make it all possible. Combined with your intuitive know-how, your brochure will be unstoppable!

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