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When you’ve got a lot to say, brochures are the way to go. With our brochure templates, getting your message out to potential and existing customers is as simple as selecting a brochure design you love and adding your own info. Upload photos or choose from images in our stock gallery, and add graphics, artwork, logos, and other elements to get your point across in no uncertain terms. Choose your favorite fonts and colors for text, and manipulate the design to sheer perfection. Our brochure maker makes it simple, easy and fun! Print your bi-fold or tri-fold brochure yourself from any location, or allow us to do the printing for you to speed up the process. 
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Portable and information-rich, brochures are a fantastic way to connect with your target audience. When designed effectively, brochures can educate your customers, raise awareness of your products and services, and visually reinforce your brand. They may be relatively small, but their concise messaging and impactful images can definitely leave a big impression on recipients!

At MyCreativeShop, brochures are one of our most popular categories, and we have thousands of ready-for-print bi fold and tri fold brochure templates. Just click on one of our professionally designed brochure templates, use our simple editor to customize it, and then order prints or download your file.

Even if you have no design experience, the whole process can be done in minutes! You won’t have to hire a graphic designer, spend hours figuring out proper brochure formatting, or pay for a budget-busting print run. From design to delivery, we make brochures easy and affordable enough for anyone.

Over 3,500+ Professional Brochure Templates

To design your new brochure, start by checking out our huge library of brochure templates. Feel free to browse manually to get some ideas and inspiration, or use a filter to quickly narrow down our selection of more than 3,500 templates.

You can filter by size, fold style (bi fold or tri fold), and industry, and then click on any brochure template you like. Don’t worry if the colors, font, or images aren’t exactly what you were envisioning; our editor makes it easy to personalize your template as much or as little as you like

Whether you're creating brochures for a dental office, church, restaurant, or spa, you can tweak every element of your your bi fold or tri fold template to fit. In just a few clicks, you can change:

  • Text: All of our brochure templates have placeholders for titles and paragraphs, but you don’t have to stick with these content suggestions. You can add, delete, or move text boxes around and choose new fonts that reflect your brand.
  • Images: Upload your own images or insert high-res stock photos for free. You can make further changes to images by cropping them, moving them, adjusting their transparency, or even placing them into unique shapes!
  • Colors: Make your brochure stand out with a high-contrast background color or add some style with a subtle pattern fill. Experiment with new text colors until you find the perfect balance of readability and visual interest.
  • Layout: Our templates are properly formatted for bi fold or tri fold brochure design, including helpful guides to indicate the fold. Use these guides to make sure your layout changes will still look good after printing and folding.

If you’d prefer to start with more of a blank slate, you can do that, too! We have blank brochure templates (which are completely empty) as well as 500+ generic templates (which are black and white, with placeholders for images, text, logos, and contact information). Whether you have many brand assets to upload or none at all, you can choose a pamphlet template that fits you.

We Have Tri Fold and Bi Fold Brochure Sizes

Our brochure templates come in two fold styles and multiple sizes:

  • 8.5" x 11" tri fold brochures
  • 8.5" x 11" bi fold brochures
  • 11" x 17" bi fold brochures
  • A4 tri fold brochures
  • A4 bi fold brochures
  • A3 bi fold brochures

Not sure which size might work best for you? The most important consideration is how much text you need to include. Information-dense brochures will benefit from the larger size, where you can display more text without overwhelming your readers.

Another key factor is the context of distribution. Will your brochure recipients have somewhere to store the brochure, like a conference folder or patient file? The larger bi fold brochure size will fit more information but may be cumbersome to carry, depending on when and where it’s distributed.

Easily Print Brochures Online with MyCreativeShop

Whether you choose a bi fold or tri fold brochure template, we offer convenient print options for both. Just place your print order directly from the editor or your dashboard and your new brochures will arrive at your doorstep with a guaranteed delivery date, crisply folded and ready for distribution.

To make sure your brochure order works for you, choose your preferred:

  • Quantity: We offer small runs of just 50 brochures up to extra-large runs of 50,000.
  • Paper: Choose firm-but-flexible standard paper or glossy, premium thick paper.

You Can Download and Print Your Design Anywhere

Some of our customers prefer to print their brochures locally or with another company, and we have no problem with that! Instead of ordering prints from us, you can just as easily download a print-ready PDF. Our brochure files can be configured to include bleed so that you can get professional-looking results from any print shop.

Want to share your brochure online, too? Then download a version for the web! With a few clicks, you can turn your print brochure into a digital brochure that’s perfect for displaying on your website, sharing on social media or via email.

Design to Distribution, Quicker Than Ever

Whether you’ll be handing out brochures to passersby, putting them in new member welcome packets, or sharing them online for everyone to view, MyCreativeShop will take you from brochure design to brochure distribution in no time at all. Speed through the process by making only basic edits to your bi fold or tri fold brochure template, or spend an afternoon having fun with our user-friendly editor. From design to print, it’s all up to you!

Get started now by clicking on any brochure template to customize it.

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Tips to get you started on designing, printing & promoting your Brochures

When making a brochure, begin with a plan and the key components you’ll need to execute it. Essential items include your company’s branding plan, logo, relevant images, and original content. A clear understanding of your brochure’s purpose and audience is also a necessity. Then, browse our catalog of templates by category until you find the one that fits your company’s style and message. Use the tools in our online editor to apply your color scheme (our “replace this color” feature makes it easy to change out all occurrences of an existing template color with a new selection) and change out the stock images for your own uploaded photos and graphics (including your logo). Switch out the placeholder text with your own original content with a simple copy/paste or by typing it into the textbox directly. Change up your font style, size, color, and more by selecting from our available options and insert shapes, icons, and arrows with just a few clicks. Review your finished brochure for anything you’ve overlooked, and you’ll be ready to print!

An effective brochure will tell your company’s story with clearly written content, relevant images, and consistent branding. For more, check out our step-by-step tutorial, How to Make a Brochure: A Simple (But Complete) Guide.

You may find that the words pamphlet and brochure are used interchangeably to describe the same thing. In reality, they refer to two different but very similar tools. A pamphlet is a small booklet, usually unbound, that contains information on one single subject. Its primary purpose is to inform the reader on an issue or topic, but not to make a sale. A brochure is a folded piece of paper that contains details about a specific company, product, service, or event. Brochures can also have multiple pages and are generally used commercially as an advertising tool.

In short, while you will hear both terms used, pamphlets are most often used for non-commercial information sharing, while brochures are almost exclusively a commercial marketing method.

While there are a variety of folding options for your brochure, the most common fold patterns are the bi-fold and tri-fold. A bi-fold brochure is a single sheet folded in half lengthwise (giving it a finished width of one-half the original length), while a tri-fold brochure is a single sheet of paper folded in thirds lengthwise (resulting in a final product that is one-third the original length). If you plan to fold your own brochures, it’s important to take into consideration the number of brochures to be folded and the amount of time and energy you have to devote to the process. Folding by hand can be an option if you have the time, but precision and neatness do often suffer. Another option if you will be folding a large number of brochures now and in the future is to invest in a desktop or freestanding folding machine. These machines can quickly and efficiently fold a variety of paper sizes with accuracy once dialed in. If you’d rather skip the headache, order prints with us and we’ll take care of it! 

A brochure “page” refers to a single panel (or fold) that content appears on. Since MyCreativeShop’s brochure templates are all two-sided, our bi-fold brochures have 4 pages (panels) and our tri-fold brochures have 6 pages.

Giving your brochure a definite purpose is an effective technique to help keep the design process focused and makes it easier to see what additions just muddy your message. When customizing your brochure, think about how it will be displayed or distributed and make layout choices based on those existing limitations. The front panel is a logical location to insert your logo and a heading that pulls the reader in (and has the added bonus of being visible in a wall display or counter-top rack). Contact information is easily accessible and visible when placed on the back panel. In a tri-fold brochure, the inside flap can be a great place for a special offer or tear-off response card. Interspersing vibrant photos and compelling images helps to keep the reader’s attention and moves them through your message smoothly. Use call-out boxes to highlight important details and include client testimonials when relevant and possible.

Understanding your audience and the individual brochure’s purpose allows you to confidently make wise design choices. For more thoughts on what to include (and not include), check out these popular blog post from our experts.

Brochure Design: Tips from the Pros
How to make your brochure design stand out?
Design essentials for a winning company brochure

At MyCreativeShop, we offer bi-fold templates in two sizes, 8.5” x 11” and 11” x 17,” along with 8.5” x 11” tri-fold templates. These are the standard brochures sizes and folds that we see most commonly requested.

Constructing an effective brochure requires some well thought-out considerations. At the top of the list is the necessity of pre-planning. Having a plan ensures that the design process can remain focused and that the final product will be cohesive. Within that plan, create a headline that grabs the reader’s attention and motivates them to keep reading. Your headline should reflect your brochure’s purpose and message. The limited space in a brochure requires you to make wise choices about what stays and what goes – be concise! In addition, keep your font selection uncomplicated by sticking with just 1 or 2 easy-to-read fonts that match your branding scheme.

While a brochure can be a low-cost marketing tool, you can still give it staying power by adding value in a tangible way (including a map, event calendar, or memorable image) or by printing on a high-quality paper. Add even more value with a call to action that prompts the reader to act (promo codes, signing up for your email list, QR codes, free consultations, etc.).

After you’ve arranged your curated content in an organized and cohesive way, take the time to proofread for typos and misspellings and then give the entire brochure a once-over to make sure you haven’t left out anything essential, like purchasing details, visitor information, and legal disclosures. Enlisting the help of one or two others can give you confidence that your brochure is ready to print.

Looking for more guidance? Check out our blog post – How to Make a Brochure: A Simple (But Complete) Guide.

The ideal font size to use for a printed document varies widely and depends on multiple factors. For example, posters, banners, and other signage require a much larger font size in order to be seen from a distance than do business cards, flyers, brochures, and other documents that are designed to be read at arm’s-length. As a general rule, we recommend that the font size in a brochure does not go below 10pt. Utilizing a larger font size for headings, subheadings, and normal text gives the reader a road map to follow as your content organizes itself in their mind. To make the design process less complicated, MyCreativeShop's online editor includes recommended font sizes for each type of text that change based on the category you're designing (brochures vs. posters, etc.).

A tri-fold brochure is a landscape-oriented sheet of paper with each end folded into the center(left over right), creating three equally-sized folded sections with a total of six customizable panels.

A bi-fold brochure is a landscape-oriented sheet of paper with a single vertical fold, creating two equally-sized folded sections (one-half sheet each) and a total of four customizable panels.

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