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Medical & Health Care Brochure Templates

Show off what your practice has to offer with brochures that give patients a glimpse inside your facility. Browse our medical and health care brochure templates to find the perfect look for your brochure from a range of professionally designed options. Maybe you're a dentist looking for a new way to create your own dental brochures? Simply upload photos to draw interest from brochure readers, including photos of your staff and facilities, or opt for premium stock photos from our gallery to get your message across. Add your own text, choose from several layouts and print sizes, and make other customizations using our online editor. We can print your brochures using high-quality materials, or you can opt for self-printing for faster receipt of your brochures.

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Weight Loss Brochures

Losing weight isn’t just about seeing the number on the scale go down.  It’s about changing the way you see and carry yourself as you move about the world.  Attract new clients to your business by customizing a weight loss brochure that encourages the reader to consider their ultimate goal as they seek to make a tangible physical change, while also showcasing how your skills and expertise can help them along the way (whether you’re a personal trainer, registered dietitian, life coach, weight loss support group leader, or specialize in alternative weight loss/body shaping methods at a medical spa).  MyCreativeShop has the right brochure for you – peruse our options and get started in our online editor once you’ve found “the one.”  Include your own story and methods, along with testimonials that encourage prospective clients that they are not alone, and change IS possible.  When you’re satisfied with the end result, print it yourself or let us do it for you, leaving more time for you to help your next client!

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Dental Brochures

Give current and prospective patients an in-depth look at your dental practice and oral hygiene philosophy by producing a set of waiting room-worthy dental brochures.  Customize one or more of our professionally-designed dental brochure templates as you seek to share your practice’s history and available services, including insurance and financing options you offer.  Reach beyond each appointment by using your dental school knowledge and continuing attention to new research to create additional brochures geared towards children’s dental care (bright colors and characters work well!), specific oral health concerns (enamel wear, dentures, fillings, sealants), and even emergency dental care (what do I do if?...). This new library of personalized content will carry your message home – literally!

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Chiropractic Brochures

When you are looking for a way to get just a little bit more information out to your current or prospective chiropractic patients, a custom-designed bi- or tri-fold brochure can provide just the space you need. Whether you want to let patients know about all the services you have to offer, promote the benefits of maintaining good chiropractic care, or simply showcase the new and innovate techniques you utilize in your philosophy of care, our catalog of customizable chiropractic brochure templates is perfectly suited to meet your needs, and our online editor makes the process a snap (not literally, of course!). Turn your head knowledge into the printed word, make a few tweaks to the design, and you’ll be ready to print!

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