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School Brochure Templates

Present an in-depth portrait of your school and its programs and activities by creating your own custom school brochures – no advanced degrees needed!

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Tutoring Brochures

For many students, regardless of age, making the grade doesn’t come easily. Phonics, Algebra, and Geometry are all Greek to them. Share your tips, tricks, and time with those learners by creating your own brochures that showcase all of the tutoring opportunities and subject matter expertise you have to offer. Lay out your qualifications, success stories, and student testimonials, along with your love for learning and your passion for teaching. Make your students feel relaxed and comfortable with you from the get-go by sharing the heart behind what you do. Adding your personal style to our professionally designed tutoring brochure templates gives it that extra something, too!

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School Counseling Brochures

The office of the school counselor is often overlooked – until it’s needed.  Make sure your students, their parents, and their teachers are up-to-date on what your office provides by designing a counseling brochure that gives a comprehensive overview of your abilities and counseling offerings.  A well-organized tri-fold brochure is ideal for new student and back-to-school packets.  Every teacher should also have a supply in their desk drawer to hand out at parent/teacher conferences or directly to a student who could benefit from meeting with you.  Your brochure should describe both the formal (testing, mediation, scheduling) and informal (office hours for drop-ins) services you offer.  Utilize the formal (and informal) tools in our online editor to design just the right counseling brochure for you and your students.

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Preschool Brochures

For some parents, selecting a preschool for their child can be an overwhelming decision. Which one is best? Will they flourish? Will they make friends? Give those considering your preschool a helping hand in the decision-making process by customizing your own brochures that share everything they need to know - from schedules and tuition to teacher certification requirements and your own child development philosophy. Take a look at our catalog of customizable preschool brochure templates and use our online editor to personalize the one that jumps out at you. Best of all - when you do it yourself, your prospective students and families get to really see your heart and the passion you put into your work!

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