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As your church seeks to connect with new attenders, promote youth activities or a capital campaign, or encourage active congregation members to get involved in a new ministry, a custom-designed bi- or tri-fold brochure will be your new best friend. The MyCreativeShop design team has multiplied their efforts to produce an entire canon of customizable church brochure templates for you to pick from. Your chosen design can be personalized easily with our online editor, and your finished brochure can be shared online or printed anywhere you like!
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Church Brochures

Give your congregation and community a closer look at your church and its ministries by customizing an all-encompassing assortment of church brochures.  Begin with a brochure that lays out your church’s statement of faith, shares an overview of your major ministry programs (Sunday School, Youth Group, Discipleship, Adult Ministries, Worship Team), and introduces the reader to your ministry staff.  Follow up with ministry- and issue-specific brochures to answer those questions people may not feel comfortable voicing or to give new attendees or ministry participants (teenagers invited by their friends to attend youth group events, neighborhood kiddos coming to Wednesday night activities, even adults from the community who participate in your weekly Bible studies) a better idea of what your church family is all about.  MyCreativeShop’s online editor is easy to use and enables you to act as your own graphic designer – no experience required!

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Tips to get you started on designing, printing & promoting your Church Brochures

Creating a church bulletin can feel much like crafting a narrative for your congregation. Your role each week is, essentially, to curate all the different elements of your church’s story into one living document that changes in some way with each edition. Since these elements will vary from week to week, making that initial church bulletin design comes down mostly to making choices about what each week’s bulletin will include. Once you’ve made your choices (and with your branding strategy in mind), take a look at the church bulletin templates we have to offer. Choose the one that has most or all of the design layout elements you’ve selected, then apply your custom color palette, insert your church’s name and logo, and upload your own images or graphics to be inserted as needed. Customize every section of the bulletin, keeping in mind that your finished product will be the starting point for each successive week’s issue. You can always add new features and sections at any time, of course, but having the main bones of your church bulletin laid out will give you all kinds of freedom to create. Pick a font or two that fits your church and its personality, swap placeholder text for your original content, and insert shapes, arrows, icons, and more with ease. Every bulletin should also include your location, website, and phone, along with the best contact information for your key ministry staff. Sharing online giving details within the bulletin can also supplement what your members read on your website and hear during the service. Satisfied with your finished bulletin? Before you send it our way to print or do it yourself, make sure to give it a thorough onceover for typos, misspellings, and time or date errors. Then, print them anywhere you like!

A church bulletin is a document you create and share with your church congregation each week (or at whatever interval your church meets). It may include an order of service, prayer requests, announcements, and/or a schedule of upcoming events. Church bulletins are also a convenient way to get the word out about ministry opportunities, financial needs, and missionary updates. Adding in photos from recent happenings or creating unique graphics for events, sermon series, and more can add extra interest to your bulletin. Depending on space, you can also include an outline of the sermon and/or a kids’ page with ways to keep the younger attendees focused and interested. Ways for visitors and new attendees to get plugged in are also an essential inclusion. Our online catalog includes an array of customizable church bulletin templates for you to choose from as you look for more effective ways to communicate with your congregation.

Deciding what to include in your church brochure depends on whether you are creating a brochure to introduce your church to a new attender or whether you are putting together a ministry-specific brochure for one of your church’s programs. Must-have inclusions for your church brochure regardless of type are your church name, location, and contact details, including web address and social media handles. You should also include your church’s logo and mission statement, and make clear your denomination if your name doesn’t already include that. From this point on, what you put in your brochure may vary. A general church brochure should include your Statement of Faith and information about the denomination you belong to, along with short bios of your lead pastor and other key staff (with photos, as space allows). A brief overview of your ministries and outreach programs can give a new attender insight into the heart of your congregation. Include details of your Sunday School and Adult Education classes, including age ranges, times, and topics. Service times and descriptions are essential for those considering attending to know and should be highlighted. You can also point out key ways a newbie could get involved or learn more about your church family - options may include outreach opportunities in your community, baptism classes, making a meal for a family in need, or volunteering to help with VBS. Sprinkling photos of your congregation in action throughout also helps to break up the text. More ideas for things to include can be found in our answer to “What to put in a welcome to our church brochure?”.

A church brochure that is specific to one of your programs or ministries can spend more time on those “brief” details. Dive into the heart of your ministry, sharing what God has done in and through your team. Include photos that speak to the purpose of your program (making sure to have permission to share) and testimonials from participants or volunteers when appropriate. If your program has a mission statement separate from the church itself, shine a spotlight on it. Identify key ministry leaders and their credentials and share the story of how the program came to be. Contact information and meeting times should also be included, along with any other details necessary for someone to participate. If applicable, list ways for others to get involved or sign up.

Before beginning the design process for your church brochure, gather together the individual design elements you’ll need. If you’re not sure what to include in your church brochure, here are some ideas.  In addition to these elements, you should have a solid grasp on your church’s branding strategy (including key brand colors, logo, font choices, etc.). Once prepared, flip through the church brochure templates in our online catalog until you find the one that fits your church’s style and personality. Then, use the tools in our online editor to apply your signature color scheme, insert your logo, and replace the sample images in the template with those of your own congregation. Update all the placeholder text with your own original content and stick with the existing font or choose from the multitude of available options in our editor. Make sure that your mission statement stands out by using a distinctive font or a call-out text box (or just by increasing the font size, whatever floats your boat!). Customize the remainder of the template to incorporate all the elements of your design, inserting shapes, arrows, icons, and more as needed. Finalize your brochure by giving it a thorough onceover - you may also want to enlist the help of others to make sure that it reads well and accomplishes your goals. When it’s gotten the stamp of approval, you’re ready to print!

Welcoming a new attender to your church obviously requires more than just a well-designed church brochure, but having a great brochure that follows up on all the things you say in person (while also covering what you ran out of time for) is an essential piece of your outreach ministry. Your welcome to our church brochure should include your church’s name, logo, location, and contact information, along with your denominational affiliation and service times. You should also share your church’s mission and Statement of Faith. Include a brief overview of your ministries, outreach teams, and children’s programs. Your content should be written as if you are writing to a friend, but without assuming that they know all about you [your church] and its history. Tell your church’s story in a way that is accessible and relatable and makes an opening for new characters [attenders] to be included. Offer information about baptism classes or church membership, as applicable, and ways for new people to get plugged into a small group or Bible study. Share details of your church nursery so that new families can feel right at home. Identify a point person (or two) that are designated as “welcomers” to get new attenders connected. You can also turn one panel of your brochure into a tear-off form that can be filled out and placed in the offering plate or a designated box. This allows a visitor to share their contact information and opt into your emails or mailings while you also can find out about their prayer needs or offer to get in touch with them. 

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