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Church Newsletter Templates

Communicating news and events to your entire congregation can be hit and miss. Make sure your delivery is on target by customizing and sharing your own church newsletter. Our design team loves to communicate, so they have put together an assortment of customizable church newsletter templates for you to work with. Find your fave, then use our online editor to make it your own. Upload photos of recent activities, add original content, and update all other aspects of the design. Your newsletter can then easily be printed, emailed, or shared on all social media platforms, ensuring that nothing is lost in translation!

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Classic Bible Study Newsletter Template preview
Church Bible Study Newsletter Template preview
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Fun Church Camp Newsletter Template preview
Cool Church Camp Newsletter Template preview
Church Mission Newsletter Template preview
Classic Missionary Newsletter Template preview
Faith Missionary Newsletter Template preview
Green Church Newsletter Template preview
Modern Church Newsletter Template preview
Beautiful Church Newsletter Template preview
Bible Study Teacher Newsletter Template preview
Bible Study Mission Newsletter Template preview
Playful Church Camp Newsletter Template preview
Summer Church Camp Newsletter Template preview
Inspirational Church Newsletter Template preview
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Church Camp Newsletters

Need volunteers to help with groundskeeping and maintenance ahead of the coming summer church camp season? Maybe you’re short a senior high camp counselor or two? Keep your member churches in the know about your needs and programming by sending out a custom-designed church camp newsletter that gets the word out to those who can do something about it! MyCreativeShop’s professional designers have been hard at work crafting church camp newsletter templates for you to choose from. Find one that fits your camp, then set off for our online editor to give it your own custom feel. Upload your camp logo and photos, then set the color scheme to fit your existing materials and branding agenda. Keep your campers, donors, and volunteers interested with high-quality content. Might want to leave out that whole Leonard Skinner/ptomaine poisoning incident, though (save that for a rainy day)!

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Church Newsletters

Your church congregation is more like a family – different personalities and giftings gathered around a common purpose.  Strengthen that bond by customizing a church newsletter that draws your church body together and encourages those who need it.  Begin each issue with a message from your senior pastor. Each ministry leader should contribute an update – youth pastor, children’s ministry, worship team, missions committee, church elder board – but keep them brief and useful or no one will read it!  Include a calendar of upcoming events and a section of opportunities to serve and get involved.  Feature a missionary of the issue – the Q&A process will be an encouragement to them, too.  With the help of MyCreativeShop’s online editor, your newsletter will be designed and printed in WAY less time than it took the Israelites to cross into the Promised Land!

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Church Missionary Newsletters

As a missionary, whether you’re out on the mission field or still in the fundraising phase, a regular newsletter is VITAL to connecting with and building your support base back home.  With our online editor, you can completely customize your newsletter template to fit your personality, style, and the kind of missions work you’ll be doing.  Each issue should include an update on your work in-country (or an update on your support-raising), a few personal observations/anecdotes (such as stories of God working in the lives you are connected with), a set of prayer points/requests, and always a big THANK YOU to those who support you financially and/or in prayer.  Upload current photos (and caption them) and include mailing and email addresses so that your supporters can reach out to you with encouragement, needed items, or additional monetary gifts.  Keeping connected to your sending churches and individual sponsors is a necessary and mutually beneficial endeavor – get started today!

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Bible Study Newsletters

One of the best features of a Bible study is the closeness that develops between the group’s members. You rejoice with each other, cry with one another, share burdens, and pray together. Keeping prayer requests, praises, and even upcoming topics or readings top of mind daily can become challenging. Why not supplement your members’ quiet times with a Bible study newsletter that keeps them all in one place? Our professional designers have already done the difficult work for you! Pick one of our Bible study newsletter templates to customize, then use the online editor to give it your own consistent look and flow so that you can hand out updated copies every week. Maintaining that closeness is one of the most crucial aspects of a successful Bible study – don’t miss a chance to connect!

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