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Church Postcard Templates

Multiply your church’s [out]reach by utilizing custom-designed postcards to invite neighbors and community members you have yet to meet to an upcoming event or service. MyCreativeShop’s designers LOVE to show hospitality, so they have put their hearts into a whole host of inviting church postcard templates to get you started. With the tools in our online editor, you can put your church’s own stamp on your postcard quickly and easily. Print a stack at your favorite printer or give us a chance to earn your loyalty – we promise you won’t be disappointed!

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Easter Sunday Service Postcards

Celebrating Jesus’ death and resurrection on Easter Sunday is an ideal occasion for your church to extend a grace-filled invitation to the entire community to come together with grateful hearts.  Personalize a welcoming church postcard and have your mail carrier deliver one to every home in your neighborhood or community.  With MyCreativeShop’s online editor, the design process is exponentially easier than remembering where that final plastic egg is hidden (there’s always at least one, like socks in the dryer).  Make sure to include service times and locations, along with ways they can learn more about your congregation before attending (or before returning!). Assure recipients that they are welcome, loved, and prayed for – and follow through!

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Church Outreach Postcards

You can’t be everywhere at once.  Be intentional about growing your church and reaching out to your community by customizing a welcoming outreach postcard that attracts newcomers to your congregation.  Use our no experience-required design editor to create a postcard that lets the reader know they are welcome and invited.  Decide on a catchy tagline to grab their attention (feature a keyword like “belong,” “connect,” “welcome,” and “you’re invited”) and superimpose it over a solid background, a photo you upload, or one of our many available stock images.  On the opposite side, share details of your upcoming service dates and times, along with fellowship events and opportunities to connect and get involved.  Include your contact information (phone number, physical location, website, and social media accounts) and encourage them to come check it out.  Send your completed cards to your favorite printer or let us handle that part for you.  Drop them in the mail and be sure to follow up!

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Church Invitation Postcards

Even the most extroverted social butterfly in your congregation can’t know EVERYONE in your community, especially those who are new in town. Make sure those outside your fellowship (whether they’ve just moved in or are life-long residents) know that they are welcome at your church’s services, ministries, programs, and events by creating a custom-designed postcard that invites them to join you for a Sunday service, summer fellowship event, or fall Sunday School kick-off.  MyCreativeShop’s online editor simplifies the entire process – no comprehensive understanding of Wayne Grudem’s “Systematic Theology” required. Include the important details (what, when, where) and give them a why that calls to them and lets them know they are wanted (and are more than just a number on the attendance list or another dollar in the offering plate).  Our goal is your success and satisfaction – we’ll even print them for you!

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Church Christmas Postcards

Christmas is about so much more than pine trees, pretty lights, and presents.  Emphasize the true meaning of the season and ensure that no one in your congregation or community misses out on your Christmas services schedule by sending out personalized, custom-designed Christmas postcards. Our online editor offers an abundance of design options you can choose to proclaim the good news – festive fonts, photo uploader, and an extensive library of stock images to select from.  Include the time of your Christmas Eve service, along with your advent schedule and any other services (like Christmas Day) or events (such as a community Christmas dinner).  Everyone, from the shepherds on up, will be ready to celebrate with you - no golden trumpets or heavenly hosts required!

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Church Welcome Postcards

Few things can be as discouraging as attending a new church for the first time and having no one connect with you or follow-up afterwards. Be intentional about identifying and spending time with visitors to your congregation, then bolster that connection by sending out a custom-designed, personalized welcome postcard that encourages them to come back next week. Every congregation has a few individuals who naturally gravitate towards new attendees - empower those members to reach out to those who are un-connected and give them a stack of postcards to address and write a personal note on. MyCreativeShop’s easy-to-use online editor makes the design process quick and painless – we’ll even print them for you!

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