Bi Fold Travel Brochures

When the Go-Go’s start singing, “Vacation, all I ever wanted, vacation, had to get away,” your travel agency’s clients need your help.  Provide them with abundant getaway options by designing a library full of completely customized bi-fold travel brochures.  Start with your most popular tropical destinations (Bali, Fiji, Cabo, Cancún, Hawaii), move next to a host of European adventures (London, Paris, Berlin, Madrid, Rome), follow with a walk on the wild side (African safari, Australian Outback trek), and wrap it all up with attractive locations a little closer to “home” (skiing in the Poconos, relaxing on Martha’s Vineyard, a Disneyworld family experience).  Include your insider tips on where to stay and what to do to ensure that your clients have the time of their life – until they get that urge to escape again!

Bi Fold Real Estate Brochures

Get homebuyers into your available condominiums, model homes, or custom-built luxury floorplans by personalizing one of our eye-catching bi-fold real estate brochure templates.  Begin by uploading your logo and company name on the front cover, along with a catchy title.  The inside of the brochure provides the perfect canvas for interior and exterior property photos, floor plans, and a well-crafted description of all amenities, upgrades, and finish options. On the back, put together a “Who We Are” section that lays out your firm’s history – how you got your start, why you do what you do – and include a photo of your entire team.  Finish up with your contact information and website.  With the help of MyCreativeShop’s super-easy online editor, you’ll have a completed and printed brochure that will encourage prospective clients to get in touch when they’re ready to set down new roots!

Bi Fold Yoga Brochures

In our gotta-have-it-now culture there is an often-unspoken expectation that we have to keep going, going, going – until we drop or finally achieve our goal (which leads to another round of striving, and so on).  Encourage your stressed-out community members to step off the hamster wheel by handing them a peaceful, professionally-designed, completely personalized bi-fold yoga brochure that promises a respite from keeping up with the Joneses. Upload your own photos or select from our extensive online library of stock images. Begin with a basic introduction to the study of yoga (and its benefits), follow with class and personal instruction opportunities, and finish up by telling your own personal story.  MyCreativeShop’s online editor provides an easy, stress-free design experience – and keeps YOU off of that hamster wheel! Keep reading more about yoga brochures.

Bi Fold Cleaning Brochures

Whether you’re old or young, married or single, have 20 kids or no offspring, parent dogs or cats or goldfish, if you’re a human being, there’s no way around it – Life. Is. Messy.  This axiom is exactly why your cleaning business has clients.  Reach even more of the 7+ billion humans on this planet by designing a fresh, well-polished bi-fold cleaning brochure that shines above the rest.  With our online editor, you can upload your own promo photos or select a few from our extensive library of stock images.  Share the story of how you got your start, who you are, and the services (commercial/residential, weekly/monthly/at will) you offer. Be sure to include all of your contact information (phone, office address, website, and any social media links).  We can even print it for you -  distribute your brochure to prospective clients, and you’ll be cleaning up the competition in no time!

Bi Fold Fitness Brochures

Struggling to fill your early morning Zumba® class?  Introducing a new circuit training program?  Keep all your clients (and potential clients) informed and intrigued with a personalized, professionally designed bi-fold fitness brochure that really hits the mark. Place your logo on the front cover and title your project appropriately (“Zumba® Fitness Class,” “Circuit Training 2.0”).  Inside, feature photos of your program in action and detail what each session entails.  Include a class schedule and introduce the instructor(s).  MyCreativeShop’s online editor walks you through the design process and breaks it down step-by-step – you’ll be leading Merengue marching and enthusiastic burpees with a full class before you know it!

Bi Fold Dental Brochures

They say happy cows come from California, but healthy smiles come from fabulous dentists!  Attract a full set of new patients to your practice with a cleanly-designed and customized bi-fold dental brochure.  Place a photo of your office (or of you and your team in action) on the front cover, alongside your practice’s name.  Inside, include more photos from your archives or choose from our online library of stock images.  Describe your dentistry focus areas (General, Cosmetic, Preventative, Pediatrics) and highlight any features that set you apart from other area providers.  On the back, tell your story and introduce your team. Finish with your contact information (phone, address, website) and include an invitation to call and set up a new patient exam.  With MyCreativeShop’s online editor, your practice will be booming!

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