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Want to promote your business or event in a BIG way? Get your message across with a compelling, custom-designed banner that shouts from the rooftops (or walls). MyCreativeShop’s professional design team has already put together a plethora of banner templates for you to choose from. Pick the one you like best and get to work. We offer banners in multiple sizes and our online design editor makes it easy-peasy to transform your imagination into reality. Change up the layout, color scheme, fonts, and more, and you'll be ready to print!
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When you need to grab viewers’ attention even from a distance, you can’t beat impressively sized banners! Whether they’re hung at a grand opening, community festival, or trade convention, print banners are the big marketing materials that these big events need. Where posters and flyers might be overlooked or misplaced, banners are impossible to miss.

All it takes to capture attention is a professional-looking layout, eye-catching imagery, and large, easy-to-read text—all of which are simple to create in MyCreativeShop’s online banner maker! We have hundreds of banner design templates made by professional graphic designers, and they come pre-filled with the most important design elements. To create a banner for your upcoming conference or event, just click on a template, customize it, and order prints (or download your file).

With our simple and straightforward editor, you won’t need any creative background, any knowledge of graphic design software, or any experience creating banners. Even if you’ve never designed print marketing materials before, we make the process fast, easy, and fun.

Our Banner Templates Are Easy to Customize

The impressive size of a print banner makes it hard to miss, but you’ll still need to make sure that you’re sharing the right information in the right way. A banner for a church auditorium will need to look and feel very different than a banner for a tech conference or a roadside advertisement for a fitness center.

No need to worry too much about how to make a banner that works for you, though! We have 150+ banner templates, conveniently categorized into over a dozen common industries. You can choose one from a relevant category or browse the entire library until you find a banner template that jumps out to you. (All templates work for both indoor and outdoor display.)

Because our banner templates are completely customizable, you can make as many or as few changes as you want:

  • Colors: Try a new solid color for the background, or choose one of our patterns for extra visual appeal. You can even change the transparency of images and shapes to get subtle variations on color.
  • Images: Due to the large print size, you’ll need high-resolution images to avoid pixelation on your banner. If you don’t have any high-res images, you can choose from a huge selection of premium stock photos for free.
  • Layout: Stick with the pre-designed layout if you’re in a hurry, or play around by moving elements, layering them, and adding new text boxes or shapes.
  • Text: Our banner creator comes with tons of fonts to help you express your message effectively, from elegant scripts to modern sans serifs and youthful hand-drawn lettering.

If you already have imagery or other brand assets to work with, you can also design from a blank banner template. As you create your banner from scratch, don’t be afraid to peek at our ready-made templates for some inspiration and to double-check that your text is large enough to read at a distance.

Available in Four Popular Sizes

Our custom banner designs include these popular large-print sizes:

  • 2' x 6' (tall or wide)
  • 3' x 6' (tall or wide)

The portrait orientations work well on tall features like outdoor light posts, flagpoles, display stands, interior/exterior walls, or even directly hung from ceilings and awnings. The landscape orientations can be easily displayed on walls, wood/brick/chain link fences, tables, or yard stakes.

Easily Get Your Print Banner Delivered To Your Door

Once you’ve customized the perfect banner for your event, you can order prints directly from the banner maker page. Just click Print/Download and choose your required print details!

You can order as few as a single banner and as many as 50, each in the material of your choice:

  • Premium Polyester: This wrinkle-resistant polyester is designed for indoor display only, with corner grommets and double-thick edges for easy, durable hanging.
  • Premium Vinyl: Our vinyl is thick and water-resistant, making it perfect for indoor or outdoor use. The same corner grommets and reinforced edges help with hassle-free display.

For more versatility while hanging, you can add extra grommets along the edges, as well as pole pockets along the top/bottom or left/right sides.

Download & Find Your Own Banner Printing Location

If you’d prefer to work with a local business for printing, it’s just as easy to download your banner design and take it anywhere. Our print-ready PDFs are properly formatted for printing at any professional print shop.

Looking for Social Media Banners?

These days, the word “banner” doesn’t necessarily apply to print banners alone. If you want to create banner designs for social media, check out our web-ready digital banner templates! These templates are sized to each platform’s specifications and just as simple to customize:

Whether you’re looking for print banners or digital banners, you can move from idea to reality in just a few minutes. Check out our great templates, choose one now, and be ready to print or share in no time!

Available Sizes:
Download Options
  • 300 DPI PDF - Print at home (no bleed)
  • 300 DPI PDF - Commercial Print (full bleed)
  • Web Quality JPG
Sharing Options
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Tips to get you started on designing, printing & promoting your Banners

As you begin the banner creation process, you most likely already have a clear idea of what you want your banner to accomplish. With that in mind, gather your essential inputs - your branding strategy, logo, and images (if applicable). Decide on the size and orientation (portrait or landscape) of your banner, then browse our catalog of banner templates until you find the one that meets your needs. Once you find a template, use our online editor to swap the template placeholders (text, photos, logos) with your company’s own content and images. Easily apply your own custom color scheme to the entire project to create a look that aligns with your brand.

When designing your banner, it’s important to not fall into the trap of adding ALL THE THINGS. Too much of anything (text, photos, colors, patterns) can easily become just that - too much! Oftentimes, less is more because it allows the real message to stand out and eliminates background clutter. Give your project one last look to pick out typos or goofs, then bring in an outside set of eyes for a final onceover.

Print your banner with MyCreativeShop by clicking “Print/Download” from within our online editor or by visiting our banner printing page. If you're interested in printing your banner somewhere else, you can also download a high-quality PDF from directly in the editor.

We offer banners in two sizes: 3’ x 6’ and 2’ x 6.’ Both sizes are available in portrait (vertical) and landscape (horizontal) orientation.

When you print your banners with MyCreativeShop, we offer two options for hanging: grommets and pole pockets. Grommets can be placed every 2 feet or in all 4 corners, allowing you to use a variety of methods/materials to display your banner. You can use screws or hooks to attach it to the wall or utilize rope, cables, or chains and an appropriate fastener to get the job done. Pole Pockets can be added in 2” and 4” sizes on either the top & bottom or the left & right sides. You can then display your banner on the poles of your choice. 

A flag is attached to a pole or stick on one side, while a banner is usually attached at both ends, either to a flat surface or between two poles. Flags also generally carry a significant meaning, featuring colors and symbols that represent something more. Banners, on the other hand, are mostly used to convey a written message. 

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