Automotive Direct Mail Postcards

Whether you are buying and selling cars, or offering an oil change or car repair service, set your company apart from all the other automotive dealers and service centers in your community with a beautifully designed direct mail postcard! Draw them in with an attention getting postcard that shows off what your automotive business is all about. Highlight a specific service, offer a discount coupon, or simply become a familiar name for your targeted area. Your direct mail piece will rise above the noise of the mailbox and stand out as the company of choice for their automotive needs!

Real Estate Direct Mail Postcards

Homes come on and off the market in your community every day. Homeowners seek advice looking for the best real estate company to list their home with. First time home buyers begin searching for the right person to find their dream home. Will they look to you? Be the real estate agent and company that gets the job done for them! Promote your real estate company with a direct mail postcard sent right to them. Word of mouth will spread & draw future clients to your company and encourage them to check out your website for listings and what you offer to help them in their house hunt!

Church Direct Mail Postcards

Set your church’s direct mail postcard apart and stand out among the letters, bills and magazines that fill our mailboxes each day! Make your postcard one worth reading with a simple and engaging design that shows the life of your congregation. Provide information for service times or an upcoming event you’re hosting. Stir something in the heart of your reader to want to step foot in the doors of your building and experience the feel of your church. Your church’s direct mail postcard may be the invitation your reader has been waiting for!

Political Direct Mail Postcards

Get the vote! Tell people who you are and what you are running for in the upcoming election! Set yourself apart from the other candidates with a direct mail postcard sent out to your community. Unique, simple and engaging is the best approach to creating a postcard that will make your campaign stand out! Why should they vote for you? Grasp your voter's attention with a photo that represents you & your values. Add a few words that will resonate with your audience & then top it all off with a well thought out slogan that'll help them remember you by. In the highly competitive world of politics, it's important to always be a step above the rest & with our custom political postcards, you'll have the competitive advantage of being able to produce your designs quickly & easily.

Dental Direct Mail Postcards

Instead of the usual letters, bills and magazines, greet your community with a direct mail postcard sure to make them smile as they gather their daily mail! Promote your dental office with a creative postcard showing off pictures of your patients’ beautiful smiles and white teeth. Don't forget to highlight your location, services and possibly a special promotion. You're always on the cutting edge of technology when it comes to your dental practice, so why not do the same when it comes to marketing? By designing your own postcard, you're going to ensure you make a great first impression from the moment they receive it, to the moment they step into your office with a smile!

Design Direct Mail Postcards

With MyCreativeShop’s Editor

Customizing your direct mail postcards with MyCreativeShop’s online editor is fast, easy, and fun. Our customer-centric user interface turns even the most novice designer into a pro in minutes. Our templates are created by professionals to give every business an upscale feel. Upload images, graphics, text, and more, or browse our premium stock photo gallery for even more selection. Manipulate and edit your postcards on both sides to make sure your message comes across loud and clear, and then print your design using your own printer, or opt for our premium printing to let us handle the heavy lifting for you.

What Can You Do With Your Direct Mail Postcards?


Postcards offer several advantages for your marketing campaign, including affordability. Stay in touch with patrons, reach out to new clients, promote a new service or product, or announce an upcoming event. The sky really is the limit when it comes to using budget-friendly postcard marketing to keep customers in the loop and keep your business’ name on their lips.

Connect With Customers Using Direct Mail Postcards

There are an unlimited number of ways to connect with your customers using custom direct mail postcards. With postcards your business can:

Announce your grand opening

A new business in town or a new location across town is always exciting, so be sure everyone knows you’re opening up shop with a direct mail postcard campaign.

Advertise a special

Blast the mailboxes of prospective customers with your promotion to reel customers in for savings on products and services they need.

Send out appointment reminders

See a reduction in costly no-shows with appointment reminders to jog your clients’ memories. Whether you’re cleaning molars or applying acrylic nails, reminders can improve your bottom line and ensure you stay accurately booked.

Introduce new staff

Drum up excitement for a new medical professional, stylist, or other new addition to your staff with a postcard to introduce them to your customer base.

Use Every Door Direct Marketing (EDDM) services

If you don't know the value of EDDM, you're missing out! Partner with the U.S. Postal Service to send postcards to a specific neighborhood or ZIP code; a tighter audience leads to a greater response rate. On top of that, you'll be able to mail larger postcards for less money than smaller ones! 

Why Make Custom Direct Mail Postcards With Us?

The impression your business makes on potential customers is important, and when you make custom direct mail postcards with us, that impression is always a professional one. Our templates and online editor let you put the power of a pro design team to work for you without taking thousands out of your budget. Our templates are industry-specific, so you’re sure to find one (or ten) you love, no matter what your specific niche and our online editor is fun to use, even if you don’t have an artistic bone in your body. Don’t wait – get started now!