Business Postcards

There are days when opening the mailbox can feel like your birthday and Christmas all rolled into one.  Fill Santa’s shoes (and grow your business!) by sending out your very own personalized, professionally-designed, delight-inducing business postcards.  It doesn’t matter what industry your business resides in, a custom postcard can connect you with potential clients, customers, patients, and more!

MyCreativeShop’s easy-to-use online design editor puts you in control.  You don’t have to be a professional graphic designer – that’s what we’re here for!  Our creative team has already developed a wide variety of targeted postcard templates for you to choose from.  Select one that fits the bill, then jump in and make it your own.  Customize as many or as few details as you like – color scheme, fonts, photos, and (obviously) content.  Upload your own photos and graphics (like your logo) or choose from our extensive library of stock images to complete the ideal postcard.

Save your postcard from the recycle bin by giving recipients an incentive to hang on to it.  Promote a great discount that turns the postcard into a coupon worth keeping or turn your postcard into the entrance requirement for a customer appreciation event.  Encourage customers to visit your bookstore by creating a postcard that doubles as a tasteful bookmark.  Help keep your personal training clients (and prospective clients) on track to their weight-loss or fitness goals by including a chart for tracking workouts and a healthy recipe or two.  Remind your furry friends (and their pet parents) of their upcoming veterinary appointment or ensure that busy moms and dads of little humans don’t overlook their next well-check or dental cleaning.  A well-thought-out postcard can save lots of time and money for both you AND your clients!

Maybe you’re hoping to reach a wider audience with one cohesive message instead – we also offer a slew of Every Door Direct Mail® postcard templates.  Not familiar with EDDM? Check out our complete guide to understanding EDDM.

With EDDM®, you can connect with potential clients in a specific, targeted area. Expand your influence and market share beyond your own neighborhood and cross to the “other” side of the tracks (or freeway…or main street…or gravel road). Attract potential homebuyers or sellers to your real estate Rolodex® by designing a clean, cool “Meet the Agent” or “Open House” EDDM® postcard that turns you into the next Drew Scott or Egypt Sherrod.  Extend the reach of your commercial vacuum or high-tech lawn mower with a smartly put together cleaning or lawn care EDDM® postcard that promises to solve those pesky home maintenance needs.  When you add MyCreativeShop to your marketing toolbox, your opportunities for growth are limitless!