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10 Tips for Neighborhood Marketing With Door Hangers

Boost your neighborhood marketing efforts with these 10 tips for effective door hanger campaigns.
Jason Frueh
Published Jul 12, 2019

If you run a local small business, neighborhood marketing is key to your success. Mailers are a great place to start, but you can increase your coverage and increase brand awareness by using door hangers that reach customers right as they walk into their home.

What s more, they re inexpensive to print. A starting price with MyCreativeShop when you order a quantity of 250 is less than a $1 per door hanger.

If you re ready to get a jump on your neighborhood marketing, use these ten tips to make your next door hanger campaign a success.

12 Best Practices for Marketing and Distributing Door Hangers

#1. Set a Goal for Success

Before you start designing and printing your door hangers, you need to understand what you hope to achieve with your campaign. Sales? Leads? Social media followers? Translate this into a quantitative goal that you can then track to determine success. For door hanger success metrics, check out tip #10.

#2. Understand the Neighborhood

To be successful with neighborhood marketing, you need to be specific, targeting areas that are most likely to include your primary audience. The U.S. Census Bureau offers a tool that you can use to uncover statistics about your local neighborhoods, including age, race, and other demographic information. Do your research and then plan locations accordingly.

#3. Sync Up with School Calendars

To have the most impact, avoid major holidays, when people are more likely to be traveling or otherwise distracted with family and friend obligations. This includes school breaks, another popular time for families to travel. If your target audience doesn t include parents, school breaks may not be an issue, but major holidays should be considered.

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#4. Create Neighborhood Exclusivity

Exclusive Door Hanger Promotion
Customize this Playtime Pet Sitting Door Hanger

You should treat all of your customers like VIPs. Include phrasing like special deal for Park Street Commons residents (update the community name for each neighborhood) to make your door hanger offers feel more exclusive. Another exclusivity tactic is to include messaging like:

5 homes in your neighborhood have already taken advantage of this offer!

This leverages the power of fear of missing out, which can psychologically push customers who are on the fence about taking action.

#5. Add a Deadline

Adding a deadline is another strategic way to drive urgency. Use words like limited time offer or only a few spots left to get people to act. Make this clear in your CTA along with how they can take advantage of the offer to get the most value.

#6. Highlight Testimonials

Testimonial Door Hanger
Customize this House Cleaners Door Hanger

A study by Kantar Media found that only 33 percent of people trust brand advertising, compared to roughly 70 percent who trust review sites. Modern consumers are more likely to trust reviews from real people, even if they don t know them. To make your neighborhood marketing more impactful, include short testimonials on your door hangers.

#7. Hook Them With a Compelling CTA

Your call to action is what will ultimately make or break your door hanger campaign. Write a CTA that drives your customers to take the next step, which doesn t necessarily have to drive them to make a purchase. It could simply encourage them to give you a call or visit your website. The key is choosing a CTA based on the goals you set, which is why goal-setting is always your first step.

Check out these CTA examples to find inspiration for your own.

#8. Include Interactive Content

Interactive content can make your marketing stand out. Rather than relying on stagnant images, encourage your potential customer to use their phone to interact with your door hanger. QR codes are the perfect way to get customers from your door hanger to your website, social media page or video and they re accessible with nearly any smartphone. Conversely, you could direct people to a shortened URL, which is just as easy to access.

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#9. Be Ready for a Conversation

Your team will run into people while distributing your door hangers so make sure everyone is prepared with their elevator pitch. Former door-to-door salesman Timo Rein says: The key is to know your craft and your pitch so well that you don t have to think about it. It s almost like pressing play on a tape player in your mind.

Practice this as a team ahead of time, or, if you re a solo business owner, with a friend or family member. Make sure it feels natural and leave room for flexibility so you can cater your message to the person you re talking with.

#10. Track Your Efforts

You ll never know if you met your initial campaign goal unless your track your campaign. One simple way to do this is to use a promo code based on the name of the neighborhood in which you re targeting. When people use the promo code, you ll know why they converted and which neighborhood they came from. This method also allows you to A/B test different designs and messaging.

Conversely, you can track conversions using:

  • A trackable link (accessible via QR code or shortened URL)
  • Phone number
  • Tear off coupon
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Make Your Neighborhood Marketing Successful

Door hangers can be used as a successful neighborhood marketing tool when done right. Reach your target audience, encourage conversions, and make a great impression with these simple tips. 

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