Design Catering Brochures

With MyCreativeShop’s Editor

Your chicken marsala is top notch and your lobster bisque is to die for, but how’s your marketing plan? If your catering business is not making use of custom catering brochures to grow your customer base, you’re missing out. Brochures fill the gap between what would-be customers know about you and what you need them to know. With MyCreativeShop’s professionally designed templates and online editor, you can help prospective clients understand more about what you do and why doing it for them makes sense. Our process is simple, easy, and (our users say) fun – and requires zero design experience to customize brochures that take your catering operation to the next level and give your business a professional edge.

What Can You Do With Your Catering Brochures?

Brochures are an important part of networking for your catering business, and the ways that you can put them to work for you are varied and many. Distribute bifold or trifold brochures to event planners, wedding coordinators, and others in your niche to reach out to an audience already in need of your services. Get them into the hands of brides-to-be, moms-to-be, and others who have upcoming milestone moments that require catered celebrations. Keep brochures on hand to send home with customers who inquire about catering – a well-designed brochure can help them visualize what it would be like to hire you – which can turn a potential customer’s “maybe” into “yes!”

Popular Uses for Catering Brochures

Brochures can make a real difference in growing your business since they give you a chance to sell yourself, your staff, your facilities, your food, and more to potential customers through the use of images, text, and other customizable elements. Use your catering brochures to:

Show off previously catered events

Did you cater a bar mitzvah that rocked or a wedding shower that’s still the talk of the town? Photos sell your services, so include lots of high-quality images to prove your chops and help customers picture you doing a similarly stellar job for them.

Position yourself as an authority

You worked hard for your credentials, whether you’re a master baker or hold some other culinary degree, so flaunt them with a page of your brochure dedicated to your bio or CV.

Highlight possible menus

Many customers know exactly what they want to serve at their events; others have no clue. Provide a menu to get ideas twirling around in their imaginations.

Detail prices

The bottom line in most purchasing decisions is price. Run down your prices in a no-nonsense format with your catering brochure, or offer to give free estimates or consultations.

Tell your story

Everyone’s got one, and spinning yours on the pages of your custom brochure can help customers connect with you and understand you better. Provide details about yourself, your love of cooking and baking, and other tidbits to put a face on your business.

Why Make Catering Brochures With Us?


Affordability. Versatility. Ease of use. We could talk about ourselves and what our templates and online editor brings to the table until the cows come home. But the bottom line is that MyCreativeShop puts the tools in your hands that you need to create custom marketing materials that give your catering business the professional edge you’re looking for. Our interface is fun and easy to use, and our templates are beautifully designed with the goal of capturing the attention of your audience and helping you convert prospective clients into customers who return again and again. What are you waiting for? Get started now!

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