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Door Hanger 101
Dustin Hodgson | Marketing, Print

Door Hangers 101: Unlock the Potential of Door Hanger Marketing

Budget: Less than $300 (ROI calculator)

Despite being an often overlooked marketing tool, printed door hangers offer a cost-effective solution for businesses looking to promote their products and services.

With low printing costs and the ability to easily target specific neighborhoods, door hangers present an attractive marketing option for businesses of all sizes. This guide will help you optimize your door hanger designs, door hanger marketing, and door hanger distribution for maximum impact with

Why Door Hangers Deserve a Spot in Your Marketing Plan

From local businesses like restaurants and salons to large franchises, door hangers can serve a variety of purposes, including general promotions or specific sales events. Key benefits include:

  • Hard to ignore: Door hangers catch the attention of homeowners and tenants
  • Versatility: Suitable for businesses of all sizes and industries
  • Geographic targeting: Ability to focus on specific neighborhoods or demographics

Launching a Successful Door Hanger Campaign

1. Set Clear Goals and Define Your Audience

Before diving into your campaign, establish specific goals and measurable mini-goals, such as response rate, number of leads, and phone calls. Consider using door hangers for promoting sales, coupons, grand openings, or special events, and be sure to target a well-defined audience for better ROI.

2. Create Your Door Hanger Design

An eye-catching design will not only draw attention to your promotion but also reflect positively on your brand. Successful design features include bold typography, relevant images, and attention-grabbing colors. MyCreativeShop offers thousands of pre-built door hanger templates to help you create the perfect design

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3. Create a Captivating Call-to-Action

Your door hanger should evoke a sense of urgency, using language that creates FOMO (fear of missing out) with phrases like “limited time,” “act now,” and “going fast.”

4. Invest in Quality Door Hanger Printing

While compelling copy and design are crucial, the print quality of your door hanger also impacts how customers perceive your business. Opt for full-color, double-sided door hangers that include all necessary information, and print as many as you can afford to reduce overhead costs.

5. Plan Your Door Hanger Distribution

Once you have your custom printed door hangers, consider different distribution methods, such as having employees pass them out, recruiting volunteers, or hiring a third-party company for distribution.

6. Evaluate Your Campaign and ROI

To gauge the effectiveness of your campaign, keep track of the responses you receive, such as the number of coupons collected, QR code scans, phone calls or online coupon redemptions. Utilize useful resources like Google Analytics to gain valuable insights that can help you enhance your future campaigns.

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By following these tips and leveraging the design resources available at, you’ll be well-equipped to launch successful door hanger marketing campaigns with impressive ROI.