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No successful campaign season is complete without custom-designed postcards in every eligible mailbox in the district. Give credence to your candidacy, promote informed voting on an upcoming measure or amendment, or simply encourage friends and neighbors to get out and vote. Select one of our professionally-crafted political postcard templates to customize with our user-friendly design tool. Print your postcards on your own or send them our way, then gather your team to get them in the mail! read more
Election Campaign Postcard Template preview
Quality Political Postcard Template preview
Political Campaign Postcard Template x73nxwwvg4 preview
Political Campaign Postcard Template o6matjibtl preview
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Political Endorsement Postcard Template sualw5ncp0 preview
Campaign Postcard Template pvkzrfjet4 preview
Campaign Postcard Template 43rxnuffda preview
Campaign Postcard Template lx1pymhdp8 preview
Campaign Postcard Template eoovedjrku preview
Campaign Postcard Template p9pprwbpop preview
Campaign Postcard Template tfdvs144af preview
Campaign Postcard Template 7fyvzpo6tk preview
Campaign Postcard Template lx5sumim8b preview
Campaign Postcard Template mqdr8siouk preview
Campaign Postcard Template orjbv7aze8 preview
Campaign Postcard Template 2332qajdfz preview
Campaign Postcard Template 7uw6jz8ab3 preview
Campaign Postcard Template q24kez3gbh preview
Campaign Postcard Template cnwu3am7ey preview
Campaign Postcard Template 3qpwq6tub0 preview
Campaign Postcard Template 5htau9ikck preview
Campaign Postcard Template pkvdqplvlm preview
Campaign Postcard Template hl93061bt9 preview
Campaign Postcard Template cns463mphm preview
Campaign Postcard Template xkfn4bves0 preview
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Political Postcards

Whether you’re running a tight election campaign or getting out the vote for a key public safety initiative, you can’t be everywhere at once—but with political postcards, your face, name, and message can be! By mailing affordable yet high-impact postcards to your constituents, you can blanket the entire local community, reaching your most loyal supporters as well as those swing voters who still need a little convincing.

While you’re working hard on the campaign trail, your political mailers will be conveniently delivered to local doorsteps, finding their way directly into the hands—and hearts!—of the people whose support you need the most. Incorporate a bold headline, add a pop of memorable imagery, and be sure to use prominent campaign or party branding so that recipients will know exactly who this political postcard came from.

To give yourself even more of an edge over your opponents, design and print your political postcards with MyCreativeShop! Through our intuitive online editor, you can create pro-level campaign postcards from any computer with an internet connection. Even if you have no eye for design and no special computer skills, you can easily choose a beautiful template and customize it to perfection in no time at all.

We not only save you the time and hassle of contracting a graphic design firm, but we also offer some of the most affordable political postcard printing services anywhere. They already say that time is money...but when election season is in full swing, time is even more valuable than that! Less time on your political postcard design means more time to make speeches, shake hands, and win over your voters’ hearts and minds.

Endlessly Customizable Political Postcard Templates

From city mayors to county judges to state commissioners, no political campaign is too big or too small to benefit from political postcard mailers. Because they’re so small and affordable, postcards are one of the most efficient ways to reach a diverse community across any geographic area—and we take that efficiency to a whole new level! 

Our editor is so easy to use that you can start and finish your postcard design in a single sitting. You could even assign the project to your campaign interns and have full confidence that they’ll create a professional-looking result. Simply choose a political postcard template and then use our beginner-friendly design tools to make all of the changes you envision:

  • Upload a prominent campaign photo front and center
  • Insert your name, campaign slogan, contact information, and other key text information
  • Upload your election logo, photos, and/or other graphics and brand assets 
  • Choose a high-resolution stock photo from our built-in library
  • Select your specific campaign colors using our pro color picker tool
  • Insert additional shapes, such as stars and stripes, for extra visual interest
  • Play around with different fonts, colors, and background patterns

All of our postcard templates look great from the get-go, but customizations like these are what distinguish the very best political postcards—the ones that work for you. Don’t worry about messing anything up in the process of designing your postcard; you can always undo, redo, or save and come back later. 

Effective Political Postcard Ideas and Strategies

Wondering how to best use your campaign postcards? Here are just a few ways that MyCreativeShop users have made an impact by customizing our political postcard templates:

  • Candidacy announcements
  • Campaign updates
  • Upcoming event calendars
  • Donation solicitations
  • Political attack ads
  • Donor thank you postcards
  • Rally/speech/convention invitations
  • Voting date reminders
  • General campaigning

You can make your political postcards work even harder by incorporating them into a comprehensive, multichannel marketing effort. For example, add a custom URL or QR code to your postcards to direct voters to a special website landing page with a unique survey. You could also list your social media handles to gain followers, throwing in a hashtag campaign to boost online engagement. You could even use your postcard to spark interest in other print marketing materials—for instance, by offering recipients a free yard sign just for calling the number provided.

Postcards may be small, but you should think big in terms of their impact!

Two Sizes for Easy Mailing or Distribution

At MyCreativeShop, we offer two standard sizes of postcards: 8.5” x 5.5” and 4.25” x 6”. As you browse our library of political postcard templates, you can filter by size to quickly choose the one you prefer. Both sizes come with front-and-back customizations and edge-to-edge print capabilities (AKA “full bleed”), which means that even in the smaller postcard size, you’ll have plenty of space to persuade!

Another benefit of these compact political mailers? They’re hassle-free to distribute in any way you need: 

  • Mail them from your campaign headquarters on an individual basis
  • Put them in a matching pocket folder to welcome campaign volunteers or donors
  • Pass them out by hand at your rallies, conventions, and speeches
  • Leave them in local coffee shops, churches, or community centers
  • Have your door-to-door campaign volunteers place them on local doorsteps

Our standard political postcards are mailed in bulk to one address, so you can distribute them as you see fit. 

If you’re instead looking to have your postcards mailed directly to voters in a specific demographic or neighborhood, then you actually want our EDDM political postcards. (We also have a special category of campaign EDDM postcards!) The key difference is the EDDM designation, which allows the US Postal Service to mail your postcards to a pre-selected area of your choice. We’re here if you have any questions about standard vs. EDDM postcards.

Affordable Prints, Plus Guaranteed Shipping

When you’ve finished bringing your political postcard ideas to life, it takes only a few more clicks to order your prints. You can order a small batch of 50 postcards or a massive run of 50,000—both of which are printed on premium cardstock and available in your choice of high-gloss UV protection.

MyCreativeShop users love printing with us because we make it easy, we keep our prices low, and we provide guaranteed delivery dates. After you’ve ordered your prints, you won’t have to think about them again until they arrive at your campaign HQ ready for distribution!

Download Your Postcard and Print Anywhere

If you prefer not to order prints from us for any reason, that’s no problem at all. You can instead opt to download a high-quality PDF that’s ready for printing at any local print shop or even on your own office printer. We’re known for our flexibility from start to finish, including both unlimited design customizations and our print-anywhere promise.

Ready to create your perfect political postcard design? Until the votes are in, every minute counts—and MyCreativeShop makes designing, printing, and distribution faster than ever. Choose a template to get started now!

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In order to determine what makes a good political postcard, we need to first agree on what “good” would mean. In this context, “good” equates to “effective.” There are a handful of campaign-specific features that can make your political postcard stand out from the rest of the pack (beyond making sure that your overall design is cohesive and uncluttered). First, you must find a way to clearly communicate your platform and goals in a memorable (but minimalist) way. Short and sweet statements can make a big impact and are easily remembered. If you choose to list the elements of your platform, do so in a clear and concise way so that there is no doubt in the reader’s mind what you stand for. Next, touch on issues that matter to your constituents. Tailor your message to respond to their concerns. A great way to reach your target audience of likely voters is to utilize the USPS Every Door Direct Mail® program. Our EDDM political postcard templates enable you to send your campaign message to those who fit the demographic categories of those most likely to respond positively to your message. Also, including the date of the upcoming election as a part of your Call to Action (CTA) can help to ensure that your message is acted upon. Your reader should be totally clear on what it is you are asking them to do - vote! Finally, direct potential voters to visit your website via a link or QR code so that you can continue to connect with them after the postcard has been discarded. Your website then functions as an extension of that single postcard, a gateway to further interaction via social media, email, and more.

When writing quality content for your campaign postcard, it’s essential that you consider your audience and what makes a good political postcard. The style of your writing should line up with your personality and the image you present, while making a connection with potential voters. Be relatable in your word choice, avoiding too many complex words (or just too many words in general). As a rule, your goal should be to say as much as you can while taking up the least amount of space. This ensures that your main message will stand out instead of being muddied by all the noise. Creating a short and snappy statement that embodies what your campaign and/or candidacy is all about can be incredibly effective. You can also construct an at-a-glance bulleted summary of your platform’s highlights that connects quickly with the mind of the prospective voter. Create a campaign logo, even if it’s just a simple play on your name, and feature it proudly. Clearly state what you want the reader to do - your Call to Action (CTA). Finally, make sure to include an obvious disclaimer describing who paid for the advertisement (learn more from this FAQ [link to “when are you required to say ‘paid for by’ on a political postcard?”).

According to the Federal Election Commission (FEC), all political advertisements (including political postcards) must clearly display a “paid for by” and/or “authorized by” disclaimer. For more details, review the FEC guidelines here.

Designing a political postcard begins with a solid understanding of your campaign platform and branding strategy (yes, even candidates and causes have branding strategies). Before you start, gather together your images, logo, platform highlights, and campaign slogan. Browse our catalog of political postcard templates to find the one that is the best fit for your brand, then throw your hat into the design ring. Apply your signature color scheme and upload and insert your logo and headshot (if applicable). Easily add shapes, arrows, icons, and more with a click or two. Keeping in mind that brevity is the soul of wit, transfer your platform, campaign slogan, and Call to Action (CTA) to your postcard with the help of our text box tools. Include a link or QR code that takes the reader to your website so that you can maximize the impact of a single postcard. For US residents, follow the FEC’s campaign disclosure guidelines by including a separate disclaimer sharing who is funding the advertisement. Customize the font style, size, and color with ease, then invite one or two others for a final proofread. Once you’ve verified that all boxes are checked, you can send it our way to print or to any other printer you trust!