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Keep in touch with your real estate clients (buyers, sellers, renters, and more) by producing and sending out a one-of-a-kind, informative newsletter that adds value to their lives. Choose one of our myriad real estate newsletter templates to customize, then use the tools in our online editor to close the deal. Make sure to include your logo and relevant images, apply your signature color scheme to the entire project, and replace all sample text with your original content. When you’re satisfied with the final product, you can order a set of fantastic prints from us or download a high quality PDF to do with as you please! read more
Vibrant Apartment Newsletter Template preview
Classic Apartment Newsletter Template preview
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Simple Blue Real Estate Newsletters Template preview
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Simple Real Estate Newsletter Template preview
Classic Real Estate Newsletter Template preview
Real Estate Newsletter Template preview
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Real Estate Newsletters

As a real estate agent, your reputation is everything.  Aside from the obvious (character, integrity, honesty), effective communication plays a key role in keeping past and prospective clients interested and recommending you to their friends and neighbors.  Get your name stuck in their head by customizing and distributing a consistent real estate newsletter.  Fill it with tips on the home buying process, prepping your current property for a quick and profitable sale, and key ideas to maintain and increase your home’s value.  Feature a new or price-reduced listing of the month and write up a short note on current market trends (should they stay or should they go?).  Utilize our online editor to put your own personal style (including social media contacts and hashtags) onto one of our professionally-designed newsletter templates and begin cultivating a loyal following of buyers, sellers, and dreamers!

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Making a real estate newsletter to share with past, current, and prospective clients is far less complicated than it may seem at first glance. To begin, always gather everything you’ll need in one place. In this case, you’ll want to grab your logo file, high-quality photos, branding strategy, and all of your original content. Then, flip through the real estate newsletter templates available in our online catalog. Decide which one is the best fit in both style and layout and begin customizing. Use our color palette tools to apply your signature color scheme, then replace the sample logo with your own and give your newsletter an on-brand title. Swap in your own images as needed to fit the layout of your chosen template and fill in your original content around them. Change the existing font(s) if they don’t match your style and insert shapes, arrows, icons, and more if needed. Read through your finished newsletter a few times, with a careful eye for both grammar/typos and readability. Print your newsletter with us or anywhere you like, then come back and update the content in this newsletter for your next issue.

When creating a real estate newsletter, you should carefully parcel out the available space in your template to the content pieces that best match your style, your community, and your clientele. Including your name, company (if applicable), and best contact information is always wise. If your state requires you to list your broker or licensing number in marketing pieces, make sure to do so. Keep your prospective buyers and sellers connected between issues by sharing your social media handles,posting regularly to your Instagram or Facebook stories, and tweeting helpful homeownership tips. Include a “listing of the issue” and share photos of your clients getting the keys to the new home(s) you helped them find. If you host homebuyer education workshops in the community, feature a schedule of upcoming dates and how to sign up. You can also educate your readers by defining a complicated real estate term in an accessible way in each issue. You may find it beneficial to share national news pieces about the real estate industry (appropriately cited, of course) that might apply to your clients. Finally, consider penning a “from the desk of…” piece for each issue, highlighting real estate trends in your community and looking to the future. Ultimately, the items you choose to include in your real estate newsletter should be inline with your brand and your individual personality.