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Step up your networking game with custom business cards you create yourself using our real estate business card templates. In real estate, your calling card is a vital tool for engaging both buyers and sellers, and with our online editor, creating a card you can be proud to distribute is a simple and fast process. Upload your photo, logo, graphic, or artwork, add text, and manipulate your card’s design elements to create a big impression among recipients. Include your website URL, phone, email, and other contact information to make it easy for clients to reach out. Print your cards from your office, or leave the printing to us for a professional touch. read more
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Gray Real Estate Business Card Template preview
Simple Real Estate Business Card Template preview
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Phillips Property Management Business Card Template preview
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Modern Townhome Rentals Business Card Template preview
Licensed Real Estate Agents Business Card Template preview
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Your Next Real Estate Agent Business Card Template preview
Family Friendly Apartments Business Card Template preview
Good Real Estate Agent Business Card Template preview
Property Management Specialists Business Card Template preview
Townhome Rentals Business Card Template preview
Elite Real Estate Team Business Card Template preview
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Premier Real Estate Business Card Template preview
Commercial Property Management Business Card Template preview
Elite Commercial Real Estate Business Card Template preview
Apartment Living Business Card Template preview
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Reliable Property Management Business Card Template preview
Apartment Complex Business Card Template preview
Property Management Business Card Template preview
Real Estate Agent & Realtor Business Card Template preview
Improved Property Management Business Card Template preview
Condominium Real Estate Business Card Template preview
Commercial Real Estate Property Business Card Template preview
Upscale Apartments Business Card Template preview
Real Estate Team Business Card Template preview
Contemporary & Modern Real Estate Business Card Template preview
Apartment & Condominium Business Card Template preview
Residential Real Estate Agent Business Card Template preview
Commercial Real Estate Agents Business Card Template preview
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Local Real Estate Agent Business Card Template preview
House for Sale Real Estate Business Card Template preview
Commercial Real Estate Business Card Template preview
Real Estate Home for Sale Business Card Template preview
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Find some of our best templates in our design idea collections. Get inspired and start designing!

Real Estate Business Cards

Real estate may sound like nothing more than buying and selling houses, but as a Realtor®, you know that it’s not necessarily the property that matters—it’s you! It’s your experience, your market knowledge, and most importantly, your connections. And almost every lasting connection starts with the same simple gesture: handing over your real estate business card.

The perfect Realtor® cards will capture your personality and your business focus in no more than three-and-a-half inches. They’ll showcase your expertise, clearly display the properties you specialize in, and tell the buyer or seller exactly how to contact you. More than that, they’ll look good doing it!

Packing your entire real estate brand onto a tiny piece of paper takes some serious skill—but MyCreativeShop does the work for you. Instead of settling for the one-size-fits-all marketing materials provided by your brokerage or firm, you can design your own professional Realtor® business cards from anywhere. Our editor gives you unlimited customization options while allowing you to easily incorporate your logo, brand colors, and other pre-existing marketing assets.

All you need to do is choose a real estate business card template, customize it online, and then order affordable prints delivered straight to your home or office. Even with no design skills, you can finish your new business cards in minutes!

Easy-to-Customize Templates for Real Estate Business Cards

While all real estate agents work in the same general field, there are tons of different niches—each with its own positioning, target audience, and brand aesthetics. A broker focusing on luxury vacation homes will probably want a more high-end feel to their Realtor® business card than an agent whose mission is to help middle-income retirees find their golden-year dream homes. Similarly, real estate agent and real estate investor business cards aren’t directed to the same audience, so they shouldn’t look exactly the same.

No matter your target market, MyCreativeShop allows you to create attractive business cards that will match your recipients’ expectations and show off your real estate savvy. It’s all thanks to our wide variety of professionally designed and completely customizable templates! Simply scroll through our many real estate business cards and click on a design to start personalizing it. 

From our hassle-free editor, you’ll be able to make any and all design changes:

  • Upload your professional headshot and personal or corporate logo
  • Insert high-quality stock photos similar to the houses or properties you sell
  • Add your contact information, including icons for social media profiles
  • Crop, resize, and move images around 
  • Use our precise color selector to use your exact brand colors
  • Choose from hundreds of unique and creative fonts
  • Insert new shapes, frames, or background elements for extra eye appeal
  • Experiment with new colors, patterns, and layouts

Both the front and the back sides of your business card can be fully customized and will print cleanly to the edges, giving you the most space possible to showcase your expertise.

If you end up not loving the changes you’ve made to your realty business cards, no need to stress. You can easily undo and redo, save your design and come back later, or even start from scratch with a brand-new business card template. Our editor is simple enough to be foolproof!

Standard Sizes with Endless Marketing Opportunity

Our real estate agent business cards come in the standard business card size of 3.5” x 2”. While this compact size is primarily designed to fit in a wallet, it’s actually much more versatile than that! 

The portability (in combination with our affordable print prices) makes business cards the perfect complement to any marketing effort. For example, here just a few real estate business card ideas to incorporate into your overall outreach strategy:

  • Staple them to door hangers and distribute them within your hyperlocal area.
  • Place them on the information table of your next open house.
  • Ask local businesses to post them in their community corner or by their registers.
  • Give extras to your clients, so they can easily refer you to family and friends. (You could even print a  unique set of business cards with a special QR code, URL, or print offer to redeem!)

Why stop at real estate business cards? Complement your new cards with something more sizable and information-rich, like a matching brochure or info sheet. Take it one step further by packaging everything up in a customized pocket folder, also available in MyCreativeShop’s design suite. Your clients will be impressed by your depth of information and quality of branding (and they’ll never guess you did it all yourself!).

Professional Prints Within Your Budget

After you’re satisfied with the look of your Realtor® cards, all you have to do is save the design to immediately order professional prints. Select as few as 100 business cards and as many as 50,000—whatever is best for your business goals at this particular time. Don’t worry, you can always log in and order more business cards as your firm inevitably grows!

When ordering your prints, you’ll be able to choose from standard matte or high-gloss cardstock, both of which have a premium, high-quality feel. We provide guaranteed delivery dates and a promise of 100% satisfaction with every order. You can relax knowing that your business cards will arrive exactly as you designed them, professionally printed, and ready to hand out at your next open house or investment real estate seminar.

Quickly Download to Share or Print Anywhere

Looking to build up business connections in your community? We make it just as easy to download a print-ready PDF, which you can take to any print shop in your local area. Our editor automatically sets the correct page size, dimensions, margins, and bleed—so there’s no extra steps involved for you or your printer!

You can also take advantage of this download feature to get a web-ready image of your new real estate business card. Post it to social media, add it to your website contact page, and place it in your email signature. The more you feature your brand in multichannel communications, the more awareness and trust you’ll build among homebuyers and sellers in your area.

Custom business cards are fast and easy with MyCreativeShop! Choose a professionally designed template and take your Realtor® brand to the next level today.


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As you design your real estate business card, there are a few key inclusions to consider. Feature your preferred name and save yourself the hassle of having to explain to every client that they can just call you “Josie” instead of “Josephine.” Similarly, share your functional role (real estate agent/broker/Realtor®) instead of your corporate title (owner/CEO/associate). Include your web address, email, and office phone number. Avoid putting your personal cell number on your card - you can always hand write it for clients you want to give that kind of access to. List your most active social media handle(s) and come up with a catchy tagline that makes you stand out from the crowd. Instead of a headshot, focus on your logo, whether it’s an actual graphic or simply a creative play on your name. Since a business card in the real estate industry is often viewed as an advertisement, make sure to review the legal requirements of your community/state/country for any licensing disclosures you need to make. Finally, don’t be afraid to use color or a distinctive font to make an impact and always remember that white space is your friend, allowing the reader’s eye to focus on what’s really important.

In real estate, grassroots marketing can be your greatest asset. Having a stack of business cards at the ready turns an average grocery store interaction into an opportunity to convert a passing acquaintance into a client. Sharing business cards with your existing pool of buyers and sellers can also multiply your influence as they share with their own circles, and so on. In short, your real estate business card is your ambassador to your community and should be an essential part of your marketing arsenal.

Designing the ideal real estate business card begins with browsing our catalog of customizable templates to find one that fits your personality or selecting a blank or generic business card template and starting from scratch. Apply your brand colors, swap placeholder text with your own, and use the tools in our online editor to customize any other element of the design that you wish. Remember that less can be more and leave plenty of “white space” to draw attention to what’s important (What needs to be on a real estate business card?).

Proofread your finished business card, then hit print!