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Restaurant Menus Template Preview
When you need a simple way to makeover your restaurant’s existing carte du jour, promote a special holiday or happy hour menu, or just want a wine list format that can be easily updated and reprinted, custom-designing your own menu is the way to go. Our professionally-crafted slate of restaurant menu templates and user-friendly online editor make it easy for you to act as your own (much less expensive!) graphic designer. Share your new menu on your website and social media platforms and print them anywhere you like - you know your restaurant best! read more
Simple Brunch Menu Template preview
Baked Goods Menu Template preview
Cool Takeout Menu Template preview
Dessert & Entree Menu Template preview
Brunch Signature Menu Template preview
Simple Restaurant Menu Template preview
Salad Menu Template preview
Local Drink Menu Template preview
Restaurant Classic Menu Template preview
Teal Lunch Menu Template preview
Tasty Restaurant Menu Template preview
Restaurant Mexican Menu Template preview
Take Out Black Menu Template preview
Rustic Take Out Menu Template preview
Beautiful Take Out Menu Template preview
Breakfast Menu Template preview
Take Out Menu Template preview
Classic Pub Menu Template preview
Pub Menu Template preview
Delivery Pizza Menu Template preview
Black & Orange Lunch Menu Template preview
Simple Kids Menu Template preview
Simple Restaurant Drink List Flyer Template preview
BBQ Restaurant Menu Template fwiilc0vzb preview
Cafe Restaurant Menu Template jato58dwfq preview
Kids Restaurant Menu Template fu1o07n3w8 preview
Pizza Restaurant Menu Template 6fil81rbaq preview
Diner Restaurant Menu Template fckmfrg1ve preview
Seafood Restaurant Menu Template 9oss0kf285 preview
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Find some of our best templates in our design idea collections. Get inspired and start designing!

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BBQ Menu
Design your own
Breakfast Menu
Design your own
Cafe Menu
Design your own
Dessert Menu
Design your own
Diner Menu
Design your own
Drink List Menu
Design your own
Italian Menu
Design your own
Kids Menu
Design your own
Lunch Menu
Design your own
Mexican Menu
Design your own
Pizza Menu
Design your own
Pub Menu
Design your own
Take Out Menu

Restaurant Menus

Trying to come up with a high-impact, low-cost way to give your restaurant a breath of [deliciously yummy] fresh air? Take a few moments to DIY a completely-customized and professional menu redesign. MyCreativeShop employs designers who are always hungry to create the next great restaurant menu template. Order up one of their creations, then use our online design kitchen to fill in all the key details – your logo, signature dishes, and other menu items. You can also take advantage of the menu redux to pare down your less popular offerings and add in a few new soon-to-be favorites. Send your finished carte du jour to your local print shop or let us deliver a hot and fresh stack of brand-new menus to your waiting hands.

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Crafting a menu for your restaurant involves a number of moving components. Since we dive deep into all things menu in our post “How to Make A Menu: The Ultimate Guide,” this response will provide the practical steps to execute a great restaurant menu design. After reading our guide, gather together an organized list of all the dishes and offerings you plan to include in your menu, along with names, descriptions, and prices that follow the recommendations we share. As with any marketing design project, you should have a solid understanding of your establishment’s branding strategy before embarking on a new creative endeavor. With all this in hand, look over the various restaurant menu templates we have to offer, filtering by size, style, and folds. Choose the one that meets your needs, then employ your signature brand color palette, insert your logo and restaurant name, and use our text box tools to replace all of the sample dishes, prices, and descriptions with your own. We also uncovered a few menu secrets that you should consider when you layout and design your menu. Keeping in mind that all elements of your menu should come together to tell your story, add in any additional original content or images necessary to share that story with your customers. Select a font or two that fits your branding and personality, and easily insert any additional items (shapes, arrows, icons, etc.) if needed. Once you’ve made all the customizations you intend to, proofread diligently (obvious typos are never professional) before printing with us or anywhere else you like.

There are a myriad of ways to lay out a restaurant menu, so you’ll need to decide for yourself what works best for you. With that said, we have some really create resources that we've developed for you.

1. For an overview of menu creation, check out our article How to Make A Menu: The Ultimate Guide

2. For a detailed list of incredibly helpful insights into the menu layout process, take a look at our article 9 Menu Secrets Every Restaurant Owner Should Know. Highlights include organizing your dishes into a logical progression (beginning with starters and moving naturally into each successive course) and following the natural flow of the readers’ eyes (upper left to upper right, then center) when deciding on placement of high-profit dishes. Providing the reader with fewer options also streamlines the decision-making process and makes it more likely that your more profitable dishes will be selected. Call-out boxes and other methods of highlighting those offerings that are your best earners are also effective tools in the menu layout process. Also, a lot can be learned by having another set of eyes look over your menu and provide feedback. Armed with our tips and your know-how, you can create a menu layout that earns its keep!