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Common Questions

Here are some of the most common print questions we receive

If you need help getting any area of your design perfect for print please contact us.  We'll be able to help get you back on track and ready to print quickly.
We do a quick review of every order that comes through. In our review process we focus on looking for alignment issues and extremely low quality images.  We do not proofread your project. If during our review we find anything that needs your attention we will contact you. Most often the issues we find are very minor and can automatically be fixed without us needing to notify you.
We don't currently send 1-off samples of your project, but we do guarantee your satisfaction with what you receive (see above).  Since each print job that we receive is reviewed and goes through a setup process it is cost prohibitive to send just a single copy.  And since we guarantee your satisfaction it's faster, easier, and more cost effective to just place an order for what you need right away.
We want you to love your prints and are very confident that you will. If the prints you receive are unsatisfactory due to any issue with our systems or printing equipment we will reprint and ship them again for free!  If there are any other issues we will work with you individually to resolve your concern until you are fully satisfied with your prints.  We have thousands of happy print customers due to the great service we provide before and after the order is received.
MyCreativeShop offers a few different paper types for menu printing. The all-purpose choice is our Standard paper option. Standard paper is a 100# Gloss Text material with clean edges and a slight glossy finish. It’s firm enough to hold up to some wear and tear while also being flexible enough to be folded into a tri-fold or half-fold menu. You can easily write on it if you need to make quick edits, and it will serve you well when placed in a menu holder or used for a promotional menu. A longer-lasting version of the Standard paper is our Premium option with a high-gloss UV finish on both sides. It includes all the features of Standard while bringing a water resistant finish into the mix. Unlike our Standard option, though, the Premium High-Gloss UV Finish paper is not meant to be written on. Our final offering is the Premium Thick paper. This 120# Gloss Cover paper features a thick, professional, slightly glossy finish. Its thickness allows it to easily stand alone without being folded and gives it a durability that lasts. Because it lacks that UV Finish, it can also be easily written on (like our Standard option). All of our paper types will give you menus that function well in a holder; however, if you are designing a flat, standalone menu, Premium Thick will be your best bet. If your menu design features folds (tri- or half-), you’ll want to go with our Standard or Premium High-Gloss UV Finish options. Need water resistance? Premium High-Gloss UV Finish is your obvious choice. No matter which material you choose, you can be confident that you’ll receive a top-quality finished product when you order from MyCreativeShop!
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I was really stressing on how to design door hangers. Since I found your site...victory! T/Y!

Sandy N, Church Member

very nice and lots of tools impressed so far

Barry-Lee Pace, fpmc

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