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When you operate a café (caffe, bistro, trattoria, brasserie) in a walkable city, an eye-catching menu posted in your window or on a sidewalk sign is your best tool for attracting diners.  For those who dwell in less-pedestrian locales, the menu in the window is still a must, but a PDF posted on your website is also a big draw.  Customize the ideal café menu for your situation – our online editor is easy-to-use, with no experience required. Begin with what your café is known for – sunny breakfasts, cozy soups, creative salads, or a variety of unique sandwiches.  Highlight your baked goods and pastries, along with your entire slate of beverage offerings.  Your guests will be enjoying a delicious espresso and flaky croissant as soon as they lay eyes on your new menu!

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Cafe Bistro Menu Template

Size: 8.5" x 11"
Put your meal items right in your customers’ hands with this cafe bistro menu. List the food and beverages you have available, along with descriptions and prices for each. Then, print your menu from the convenience of your own office printer, or leave that to our team of printing experts.

Zebra Cafe Menu Template

Size: 8.5" x 11"
Take your menu where the wild things are with this zebra themed menu template that puts you in complete control of your menu’s design. Customize your menus by choosing from images and graphics of your own and different colors and fonts to add your message in. Get started printing today!

Cafe Restaurant Menu Template jato58dwfq

Size: 4" x 9"