Growing (or even maintaining) your share of the culinary industry pie can be a challenge in a world where the market is saturated and new restaurants seem to pop up every other day.  Thankfully, it IS possible to set yourself apart with a few smart and creative marketing strategies that don’t require you to sell your firstborn child or spin straw into gold. The vehicle you will use is the tried and true table tent – the billboard of the food service highway!

Restaurant Table Tents

Our restaurant table tent templates are customizable in countless ways – be creative and concoct your own recipe for success while resting on the professionally-designed bones of the tent.  When placed on your tables or bar top, a restaurant table tent does what you can’t (at least, without annoying your customers in a BIG way) – it speaks to your diners (or drinkers) during their entire visit to your establishment, from cocktails and apps to nightcaps and dessert. 

Take advantage of the opportunity this presents by advertising reasons for them to return – promote your irresistible happy hour specials (wing or taco bar, half-price appetizers, $1 well drinks, discounted margarita pitchers) with a cool, custom two- or three-sided table tent that connects with diners on all sides.  Or, reach out to their charitable side by highlighting an upcoming fundraising event - such as a day when a percentage of all proceeds will be given to your local children’s hospital or a program you run that allows local non-profits and youth teams/clubs to select and promote a date where their friends, families, and supporters can have a meal at your restaurant while also knowing that a set part of the day’s sales will go to their cause. Anything you can dream up can benefit from the available marketing real estate on the classic table tent.

Because of the flexibility, a table tent allows, you can design and print a new one whenever a new event or promotion pops up – hosting a live band in your courtyard next weekend?  Get it on a table tent. Chef trying out his or her latest cool and hip creation?  A table tent is where it’s at.  Hoping to fill your dining room with love-struck valentines on the big day? Snag their hearts with a romantic V-Day table tent.  When you partner with MyCreativeShop, the ease of using our online design editor is so compelling, you won’t be able to resist the urge to become your very own marketing guru – just don’t forget to turn off the stove while you’re at your computer, safety first!

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