Getting a home sold is about more than just staging and neutral paint colors – it takes hard work and dedication on the part of a committed Realtor® or real estate agent – YOU! Your expertise and drive are what it takes to get the job done – and the SOLD sign up.  Convert your industry knowledge into a compelling array of open house materials that cover every possible angle or mitered corner.

Equip your clients with everything they need to prepare for and host a successful open house – flyers that lay out the property’s specs and open house details, postcards that share your event details with a host of potential buyers, yard signs that direct people to the saleable home, and even a checklist for the seller to use when preparing their house to show – key repairs or upgrades to complete, areas to de-clutter, or furniture and décor to rearrange.  Give them the tools that enable them to play an active role in getting their home off the market!

Open House Ideas

Make your open house unforgettable (like Nat King Cole) – get creative with your marketing methods and do something a little different.  Create other shopping attractions inside the home – coordinate with neighborhood boutiques and home-based entrepreneurs to set up “pop-up shops” in each room, giving potential buyers the opportunity to get in the purchasing mood while also meeting their new neighbors or work with area home stores and design firms you are already connected with to each decorate/stage a room – this can work for everything from daily décor to a Christmas winter wonderland, and all the stops along the way (the perfect playroom or the dream chef’s kitchen).  The options are almost endless – don’t limit your creativity!

Once you’ve decided on your ideal strategy, jump into MyCreativeShop’s online design editor to create a host of marketing materials that bring all the buyers to the yard.  Our easy-to-use design tools will have you Zillow®-ready before closing!

Open House Checklist

The three biggest words in buying a home may be “Location, Location, Location,” but even a sought-after address isn’t always enough to save a woefully unprepared home from being overlooked.  Ensure that your real estate agency’s properties are in tip-top shape for their upcoming open houses by providing your homeowners with a completely personalized for their specific property open house checklist that keeps you BOTH on the same page.  Do a walk-through where you identify any areas of the home that need work (paint, trim, cleaning) and highlight rooms that need to be re-staged or de-cluttered, then transfer those details to your custom-designed open house checklist using our easy-as-pie online editor.  Include other open house prep basics, like advertising tips, reminders to make arrangements for pets (no one wants to be followed around the house by the current owner’s precious little Snookums), and tips to create an inviting environment in the home.  Prior planning prevents poor performance, so make sure your clients are fully equipped!

Open House Flyers

When it comes to hosting a successful real estate open house, a flyer serves double-duty – before the event, it gives prospective buyers a sneak peek into the property and its details AND gets them in the door.  After the event, it travels home with those who walked through and ensures that the home they just toured will not be quickly forgotten. MyCreativeShop offers a wide variety of real estate flyers – pick your favorite, then utilize our unbelievably easy design editor to give it every House Hunters’ buyer’s go-to home must-have – character.  Convert that character into a quick sale and a signature on the bottom line, and you’ll have yourself a successful open house!

Open House Signs

Ensure that prospective buyers don’t get lost in their soon-to-be new neighborhood while en route to your latest open house by customizing a fabulous portfolio of open house signs to get them interested and keep them on the right track.  Utilize the fantastically easy features of our online design editor to help them visualize themselves in their new home by customizing a real estate yard sign, poster or other signage - then upload the best curb appeal shot you’ve got, include your contact info, date & time of the open house, and throw in the asking price and a shorthand of the property’s vital statistics (number of beds/baths, square footage, key selling points). Once you’ve sealed the deal on your design, let us print it for you so that you can get back to prepping the property – no rest for the weary!

Open House Postcards

Convince your potential buyers to leave their current home by compelling them to take a walk-through of your upcoming open house by designing and sending out a completely-customized open house postcard.  Simplify the closing and commission processes by finding potential buyers from your existing client list. Then create your own real estate postcard in our editor to get the message just right. Upload a great photo or two to catch their attention, then utilize the rest of the available postcard space to highlight the property’s best features – square footage, beds and baths, upgraded flooring/appliances.  Top it all off with an invitation to tour the home at your next open house – before you (or they) know it, you’ll be replacing “Open House Today” with “Just Sold!”

Open House Door Hangers

What better marketing location for your upcoming open house than the front door of every house in the neighborhood?  Use your real estate sales skills to customize a dynamic, eye-catching door hanger that invites everyone to come to a well-choreographed walk-through of your latest available property. Have a condo to sell? How great would your real estate door hangers look when placed on the door of a condominium where there is plenty of foot traffic? Whatever ideas you have, you'll be able to build the perfect design. Once you're in our editor don't forget to include all the essential details – square footage, number of beds and baths, interior features (fireplace, hardwoods, upgraded appliances), school district, asking price – along with the date and time of the open house.  Hang them around the community and watch your foot traffic skyrocket – get started!