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Easily Design Your Own Real Estate Flyers, Signs & More.

Real Estate Flyers

Don’t miss a chance to get your name in the door – promote your real estate buying and selling abilities to the highest bidder by customizing one (or more!) of our professionally-designed real estate flyers.  Then begin making it your own with the help of our easy-peasy design editor. Upload photos, describe property details and use all of your real estate know-how to create everything from a hot property alert on a “Just Listed” flyer to highlighting the skills of the other agents in your firm with a “Meet the Team” flyer. You can also shine a spotlight on an over-looked home with a “Price Reduced” flyer and generate some productive foot traffic with featured property or open house flyers. Then sit back and watch these low-investment marketing tools increase your sales numbers and maximize your profits!

Open House Flyers

When it comes to hosting a successful real estate open house, a flyer serves double-duty – before the event, it gives prospective buyers a sneak peek into the property and its details AND gets them in the door.  After the event, it travels home with those who walked through and ensures that the home they just toured will not be quickly forgotten. MyCreativeShop offers a wide variety of real estate flyers – pick your favorite, then utilize our unbelievably easy design editor to give it every House Hunters’ buyer’s go-to home must-have – character.  Convert that character into a quick sale and a signature on the bottom line, and you’ll have yourself a successful open house!

Just Listed Flyers

Did you pick up a hot new property in a great neighborhood? Get the word out to the next buyer by creating and distributing a dynamic and appealing “Just Listed” flyer that encourages buyers to make an offer before it’s gone. Use a great photo and emphasize the qualities that make it an irresistible deal – neighborhood, asking price, school district, square footage, and anything that sets it apart from the rest. Call out open house times and dates, and include your photo and contact information so that the right buyer can make your sellers an offer they can’t refuse (and so that you won’t have to go to the mattresses)!

Price Reduced Flyers

It’s not always easy to move a property – even with an asking price at market value, your seller may need to make concessions in order to make a sale (or they may be under a time crunch). Get it sold by designing your own signature “Price Reduced” flyer. Utilize the best photographs you have at your disposal to highlight the home’s most sale-worthy features. Pull out the important details like square footage, bedrooms, baths, and anything that makes this property unique. Include your photo and contact information so that buyers can snatch up your listing in a flash. Print yours and make that sale today!

Meet Our Team Flyers

Each member of your real estate team brings something special to the table, whether it’s at a kitchen table of clients or the negotiating table with other brokers. Highlight their strengths and promote them to potential buyers and sellers with a smartly-designed, professional “Meet Our Team” flyer. Include a brief bio for each alongside their photo and contact information. Include their unique giftings and qualifications. In real estate, your reputation is often as important as your sales record, so don’t be afraid to celebrate your team. Our easy-to-use online editor (and printing services) makes it a snap for potential clients to select the right agent for their table!

Featured Property Flyers

As a real estate agent, your listings are constantly in flux – a house will sell, and then you’ll pick up one or two new listings. Keep the cycle going by featuring a new property every week. Design a flyer that highlights your very own blue-plate special (without the diner experience). Include the sky-view details (asking price, square footage, bedrooms, bathrooms, garage stalls) and call out the home’s unique selling points (fireplace(s), shiplap, bonus room, wet bar, etc.). List any open house offerings or buyer incentives, and don’t forget to include your headshot and contact information. Our online editor makes creating and printing your flyer easier than ordering the soup du jour!

Real Estate Agent Flyers

As a real estate agent, strategic, high-quality marketing is your bread and butter. You know what sells and how to close the deal, so why not give your business that extra edge by customizing your own catalog of real estate flyers? Your know-how, combined with our professionally-designed templates and easy-peasy online design editor, will produce an enticing array of flyers showcasing open houses, new listings, price-reduced properties, and featured homes – you can even introduce your potential buyers and sellers to your team of property pros. We make it ridiculously easy to put out fantastic flyers with minimal effort and maximum impact!

Real Estate Yard Signs

As a real estate agent, broker, or Realtor®, you have an ever-growing slate of properties you are representing for sale.  Ensure that none of them are left behind by designing a stack of real estate yard signs for every need.  Using our online editor, customize a “for sale” yard sign for every property with your logo, name, and phone number.  Add an arrow to that same sign and you have the perfect tool to place on boulevards and nearby streets to direct potential buyer traffic to your available properties.  Next step – put together an “open house” yard sign with space for the date and time.  An arrow turns it into yet another great navigational beacon – your showings will multiply and your open house will be full (minus the Tanner family)!

For Sale Yard Signs

Set your available properties apart with a dynamic and unique “For Sale” yard sign that represents your personality and sales style.  Make your homes stand out from the crowd – design a yard sign that will be remembered!  Use bright colors or a catchy slogan, and plaster your contact information in an easy-to-read location.  If appropriate, include specific property details (price, square footage).  Remember – every sign you put out is also promoting YOU, not just your sale properties, so keep your branding consistent and put your heart into the process.  Our online editor makes it easy for you to close the deal – without a notary!

Real Estate Agency Yard Signs

One of the best ways to promote and give credibility to your real estate agency is a yard sign featuring the quintessential “SOLD” verdict.  Generate an organic increase in your client base by designing an eye-catching real estate agency yard sign and placing it in the front yard of every property you are working to sell.  The simple act of updating your sign to “sale pending” or “sold” will build confidence in your sales ability – but you won’t get anyone in the door without creating the sign promoting your agency first.  Use our online editor to upload your logo and print a one-of-a-kind yard sign that will put the rest of the neighborhood to shame!

Real Estate Agent Yard Signs

Get credit (and new clients!) for all of your hard work by ensuring that the entire neighborhood and all passersby know which real estate agent (YOU) is representing each of the properties you’ve got in your portfolio. Design your very own real estate agent yard sign and make a new first impression every time someone drives or walks down the street.  Use your best professional headshot to guarantee that everyone gets to see a smiling face.  Make sure to include your contact information so that interested buyers (or even potential sellers!) can connect with you to schedule a showing.  Make it your goal to cover all saleable properties in the area with your name and friendly mug!

Real Estate Door Hangers

Make the smart real estate marketing choice – invest your hard-earned dollars into a marketing strategy that gives you the best bang for your buck!  MyCreativeShop’s online editor and wealth of available templates are just what you need. We employ professional graphic designers to create a wide variety of real estate marketing materials, so you can make each piece of your promotional puzzle fit together perfectly.  Our real estate door hangers have something for everyone - “Thinking of Selling” and “Just Sold” door hangers for those contemplating making a change, and “Just Listed,” “Buy VS Rent” and Open House door hangers for those ready to make the leap.  Get started on your customized door hanger today – your clients will thank you tomorrow!

Thinking Of Selling Door Hangers

Encourage homeowners to get their move on with a custom-designed “Thinking of Selling” door hanger. Motivate them by listing recent sales in and near their neighborhood. You could even include some of your comparable current listings so that they could envision themselves living somewhere else. As a real estate agent, broker, or Realtor®, you are the expert in your field – share your knowledge with potential sellers and give them a reason to hire you to sell their property. Include your photo and contact details – make a memorable impression. Distribute the door hangers in your ideal neighborhoods and be ready to encourage all your new sellers!

Just Listed Door Hanger

Real estate is what you know – put your skills to good use by designing and distributing “Just Listed” door hangers within your listing neighborhood and within target buyer neighborhoods that you identify. You’ve already taken great pictures of the new listing, so don’t let them go to waste – pick a great exterior shot and one or two of the best interior shots. Highlight the key property details, like price, square footage, and number of beds/baths - your door hanger should tell a story and entice the reader/prospective buyer to want to know more. Save your design and print a set for each new listing!

Buy vs Rent Door Hanger

As a real estate broker or Realtor®, renters are one of your biggest untapped client sources. Get them moving by making the case for buying versus renting. Most renters would be surprised to learn that they can get into a house for the same or less as they are paying in monthly rent. Take the time to educate them, and you will have created a completely new revenue source for your business. Design an informative door hanger that compares costs involved in buying and renting side-by-side. Don’t forget to put your face and contact info all over it, and hang them at every rental property in your area!

Just Sold Door Hanger

Sometimes the impetus needed to put your home on the market is the knowledge that one of your neighbors just sold theirs for a great price. As a real estate agent, broker, or Realtor®, your best advertising is a successful sale. Create a well-designed real estate door hanger to promote your business with your recently sold properties. Include the pertinent details, like selling price, time on the market, and square footage, and don’t forget to include your photo and contact information. These “Just Sold” door hangers can be hung on every house in the neighborhood. The best part – you can swap out house information and print new sets for future sales!

Open House Door Hangers

What better marketing location for your upcoming open house than the front door of every house in the neighborhood?  Use your real estate sales skills to customize a dynamic, eye-catching door hanger that invites everyone to come to a well-choreographed walk-through of your latest available property. Have a condo to sell? How great would your real estate door hangers look when placed on the door of a condominium where there is plenty of foot traffic? Whatever ideas you have, you'll be able to build the perfect design. Once you're in our editor don't forget to include all the essential details – square footage, number of beds and baths, interior features (fireplace, hardwoods, upgraded appliances), school district, asking price – along with the date and time of the open house.  Hang them around the community and watch your foot traffic skyrocket – get started!

Real Estate Agent Door Hangers

If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door…hanger? Find your way into the homes – and hearts – of potential buyers and sellers by leaving a smart and professional-looking custom-designed door hanger on every knob. MyCreativeShop’s design team has come up with a wide variety of customizable real estate agent door hangers. Use our online editor to turn any one of them into the perfect tool to give hesitant, sentimental sellers and enthusiastic, uninformed first-time homebuyers that extra nudge towards action. Print your door hangers anywhere you like (or let us do it for you), then take a walk around your target neighborhood, door hangers in hand, and connect with a face behind every door!

Real Estate Postcards

In the world of real estate, you don’t need to finance your marketing materials or put down a big down payment to hire a fancy firm in order to make the sale.  Save yourself some much-needed cash by jumping on board MyCreativeShop’s online editor to customize your own slate of real estate postcards.  We cover all the bases – “Just Sold,” “I Have Buyers,” and “Considering Selling” postcards to entice on-the-fence homeowners to commit to putting their property on the market, and the always popular Open House postcard to attract potential buyers to your latest listing.  Best of all, you can create as many projects as you like with no design experience is required, and your bottom line will thank you!

Just Sold Postcards

Motivate homeowners in your target market to list with you by giving them the big picture of your sales abilities – create an enticing “Just Sold” postcard to mail out to the neighbors after every sale. Learning that their property is in demand may just tip the scales in your favor. Give them insight into their own market – sale price, sky-view home details (square footage, beds/baths) – empower them to move on with confidence. Our online editor makes designing your own postcard easy and fun; you can truly make it your own, print it out, and stage it for a quick sale!

I Have Buyers Postcards

Is there a neighborhood or subdivision your clients are climbing over each other to get into? Are they calling you regularly to ask if you have any new listings in THE community of their dreams? Get the inside track by putting together a compelling “I Have Buyers” postcard that lets them know you are the one they should call when they’re ready to sell. Highlight recent sales in their area and emphasize that their property is in demand (and that you have a line of potential buyers at the ready). Throw in a great headshot of you and your contact info to complete the package – get yours mailed out today!

Referral Postcards

Grow your real estate client base organically by sending out referral postcards to your current and past buyers and sellers. Offer them an incentive for each client referred – a financial reward is usually preferred, but you could also use a non-monetary prize like a set of golf clubs (with your logo on the bag!) or a night out at an upscale local restaurant. Design a dynamic, eye-catching postcard worthy of your client’s precious fridge or office bulletin board space – make it work FOR you. Include your photo, phone number, and email so that you will be unforgettable. Our online editor makes it easy – we can even print them for you!

Open House Postcards

Cultivate foot traffic for your open house by designing personalized postcards and sending them out to the homeowners and renters in your target buyer neighborhood. Your postcard should include an awesome exterior shot, a brief overview of the property (asking price, square footage, beds/baths), open house date and time, and your photo and contact information. Use our online editor to add your own personal flair to the postcard – make a lasting impression whether they buy this home or not – they won’t know they need you until they do! Best of all, you can save your design and re-print for each new listing. Start now!

Real Estate EDDM Postcards

Every Door Direct Marketing adds efficiency and precision to your marketing campaigns, and EDDM postcards make it easy to appeal to both sellers and buyers in your target area. Create an EDDM postcard reaching out to homeowners who are thinking about listing their homes to snag the hottest listings before the competition. An EDDM campaign reaching out to renters with info on why it makes sense to buy instead of rent opens up the conversation between you and first-time homeowners, while a campaign geared toward homeowners looking to upgrade to a new home can help you reach a large base of prospective clients at once. Get busy with your design now!

Real Estate Agent Postcards

Name recognition is a huge piece of the real estate market puzzle in your community. Buyers and sellers tend to go with what – or who - they know. If you’re not on a first name-basis with most of your neighbors and fellow citizens, invite yourself into their home via their mailbox with an effective and non-intrusive custom-designed postcard. We’ve got oodles of professionally-designed real estate agent postcards in a variety of topics for you to choose from and customize using our design editor. Boost open house traffic, encourage fence-sitters to take the plunge, or start a bidding war over the recently-listed diamond in the rough – print and send to everyone in your market area!

Real Estate Posters

In the real estate industry, keeping your name and your available properties in front of prospective buyers and sellers is key to making your next sale.  Give yourself a leg up on the competition by customizing a set of memorable real estate posters that connect with those who need your skillset (whether now or in the future). We offer a variety of professionally-designed templates for you to make your own, from Open House to “Meet the Agent”.  Don’t see what you need?  Let us know, and we’ll get it out there.  Our online editor requires no previous design experience, and we can even save you a trip to the print shop by printing them for you!

Real Estate Agent Posters

As a real estate agent, you have the power to be someone’s super hero. Promote yourself and your business with a smartly designed poster that showcases your unique talents, skills, and abilities. You may not be faster than a speeding bullet or stronger than a locomotive, but you are quite capable of SELLING tall buildings in a single bound! Put your inner Man (or Woman) of Steel on display and draw in potential clients from all corners of the universe. Include your contact info, recent sales, and brief client testimonials. Our online editor makes the design process easy and kryptonite-free. Create and print your posters today!

Real Estate Signs

What better way to mark your real estate territory than with a handful of personalized real estate marketing signs?  MyCreativeShop has you covered with custom yard signs, posters & other signage!  Our super-simple online editor requires no design experience whatsoever, and our array of professionally-designed templates ensures that no topic is left behind.  Pick a design that’s right for you and begin making it your own.  Get your property sold with an Open House or For Sale yard sign, and don’t miss out on a potential sales opportunity (whether on the buyer or seller side) when you create a dynamic yard sign promoting your own skills or the skills and services of your agency as a whole.  The possibilities are seemingly endless, and a well-placed yard sign can be just the catalyst needed to make the sale and get your clients home!

Real Estate Brochures

In today’s real estate market, the details matter.  Your clients not only want to know everything about the properties you’re representing, they want to know about you and your firm. Give them an in-depth look at both by customizing an eye-catching set of real estate brochures with great curb appeal that fit the bill.  Begin with one that showcases your current listings – or one that highlights a specific hot property, and list all the key features and details (square footage, asking price, beds & baths, upgrades). Follow up with a “Meet the Agent” brochure that gives insight into your sales skills, passion for real estate, and any certifications or trainings you may have.  You can also put together a “Meet the Team” brochure and introduce your entire agency to prospective buyers and sellers.  Our online editor gives you all the tools you need to complete the project – and make the sale – no design experience necessary!

Meet Our Team Brochures

In real estate, your team is your biggest asset. Each member of your team has their own special skills and specialties. Display their accomplishments and qualifications to prospective clients in a brilliantly designed brochure. Put those professional headshots to good use by including one for each agent/broker/Realtor®, along with their direct contact information, strengths, recent sales, and areas of interest. If they have any special certifications or training, highlight them! Include fun personal facts, like their favorite HGTV host or show or favorite local restaurant. Use our online editor to create a brochure that shows potential clients that they can relate to and connect with their real estate agent!

Real Estate Photography Brochures

When it comes to drumming up interest for a hot property, make sure real estate agents are aware of the value your photography services can offer. A picture really is worth a thousand words, but to a real estate agent a picture of a home can be the difference in a property getting sold or staying on the market. Design a real estate photography brochure that showcases your skills and the value you can offer. Not only is it important to show your previous work, but also make sure to communicate your contact information clearly, so you don't make it hard for someone to want to work with you. It's time to promote your service and help real estate agents do what they do best.

Real Estate Tri Fold Brochures

As a real estate professional, marketing is what you do. Show off your firm’s latest housing development by customizing one of our tri-fold real estate brochure templates.  Upload an eye-catching array of professional photographs of available property units (interior shots of your well-lit, modern condos, or homey photos of the latest two-story model farmhouse) and distribute them throughout your brochure.  Include all the key details – square footage, number of beds/baths, amenities, and optional upgrades.  Write up a compelling “About Us” section to introduce potential clients to your company – highlight how you got your start and why you do what you do.  Print up a stack of brochures to hand out to all prospective buyers - MyCreativeShop’s online editor is on board to help you close the deal!

Real Estate Bi Fold Brochures

Get homebuyers into your available condominiums, model homes, or custom-built luxury floorplans by personalizing one of our eye-catching bi-fold real estate brochure templates.  Begin by uploading your logo and company name on the front cover, along with a catchy title.  The inside of the brochure provides the perfect canvas for interior and exterior property photos, floor plans, and a well-crafted description of all amenities, upgrades, and finish options. On the back, put together a “Who We Are” section that lays out your firm’s history – how you got your start, why you do what you do – and include a photo of your entire team.  Finish up with your contact information and website.  With the help of MyCreativeShop’s super-easy online editor, you’ll have a completed and printed brochure that will encourage prospective clients to get in touch when they’re ready to set down new roots!

Real Estate Agent Brochures

Make a statement about your real estate buying, selling, and marketing skills with a custom-designed bi- or tri-fold brochure that knocks the socks off potential clients on both sides of the transaction. Our design team has crafted customizable real estate agent brochures in a variety of styles, from classic and traditional to modern and on-trend. Find the one that speaks to you and your personality, then utilize the user-friendly tools in our design editor to give it your special touch. You can customize a brochure for any real estate purpose – introduce your team, give insight on the homebuying process (including determining fair market value and making an offer), share tips for sellers on prepping their home for a quick offer, or provide in-depth property details for your next open house. Print your brochure anywhere and share generously!

Real Estate Business Cards

You don’t have to develop your own HGTV® show to generate a solid real estate client following.  Even Drew & Jonathan Scott, Chip & Joanna, and Scott McGillivray got their start off-screen (in the real world).  In this social media-driven age, it only takes a tiny spark to set your business on fire - as long as it’s the right spark at the right time.  A custom-designed, modern real estate business card can be just the ticket when combined with your dynamic personality!

MyCreativeShop offers an ever-growing selection of professionally-designed and completely customizable business card templates.  Choose one that best suits your style and real estate focus, and then make it your own!  Do you deal primarily in high-end, luxury homes and condos?  Select a template that exudes extravagance – but with great style. If you specialize in helping first-time homebuyers realize their dream of homeownership, customize a business card that builds trust and confidence in your ability to guide them through an unfamiliar process.  Maybe your passion is matching growing families with the perfect home for their needs and budget? Demonstrate your commitment to their requirements with an ultra-professional and yet homey card that draws you into their family. 
Even if they’re not watching you in HD, your clients (and prospective clients!) need to know your face.  Upload your headshot and give it prominence on a prime piece of real estate – your business card!  Make sure they know where to find you by including the address of your office location, along with your phone number and contact information. Don’t forget to take advantage of the constantly-connected society we live in by coupling your creative and cool business card with the power of your Facebook®, Twitter®, and Instagram® accounts – make sure all of your handles are featured on the card and include an encouragement to follow and get the latest updates, including insider tips and first looks at new listings!

Our primary goal is to help you grow your business. We’ve made our online editor easy-to-use and accessible to everyone – not just those with graphic design experience.  Creating your own business card doesn’t require blueprints or purchase orders. You don’t need to involve a notary, and there aren’t any points or closing costs.  You won’t even need your mortgage broker, unless he or she is a potential client receiving your card. MyCreativeShop is here to help you succeed – when your project is complete, print your business cards any way you like, or we can do it for you.  Start handing them out to everyone you connect with, make sure to keep your social media activity relevant and up-to-date, and watch your followers counter tick upwards!

EDDM Real Estate Postcards

Attracting the right buyer for your available listings or the right seller for your strengths is one of the keys to a successful real estate career. Multiply your reach by customizing a set of targeted Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) real estate postcards that do just that.  Use your real estate know-how to identify the parameters for each group – send “Thinking of Selling” postcards to homeowners in an up-and-coming neighborhood where values have skyrocketed, and “Just Listed” or Open House postcards to those who might be in the market to buy.  With the help of our easy-as-pie online editor, you can design the perfect EDDM postcard for any situation, and your sales numbers will shoot through the roof (just make sure you have a great contractor on speed dial)!

Real Estate Folders

In the fast-paced world of real estate, it can be all too easy for key property info sheets and important paperwork to get lost in the shuffle. Why not make the entire process a bit easier for your buyers and sellers by packing it all up into one beautifully custom-designed real estate folder? Have a pile of informational pocket folders set up at the front door for your next open house. Potential buyers can see the best of your property in one glance, making that all-important decision to make an offer or not less confusing. On the flip side, you can hand out all of your seller documents, from contracts to open house checklists, in a presentation folder that you customize yourself with the help of our professionally-designed templates and handy-dandy online editor. Who knows, a fabulous folder just might be what it takes to close the deal!

Real Estate Newsletters

As a real estate agent, your reputation is everything.  Aside from the obvious (character, integrity, honesty), effective communication plays a key role in keeping past and prospective clients interested and recommending you to their friends and neighbors.  Get your name stuck in their head by customizing and distributing a consistent real estate newsletter.  Fill it with tips on the home buying process, prepping your current property for a quick and profitable sale, and key ideas to maintain and increase your home’s value.  Feature a new or price-reduced listing of the month and write up a short note on current market trends (should they stay or should they go?).  Utilize our online editor to put your own personal style (including social media contacts and hashtags) onto one of our professionally-designed newsletter templates and begin cultivating a loyal following of buyers, sellers, and dreamers!

Open House Marketing

Successful musicians always employ a professional marketer in some way, shape, or form – manager, publicist, spokesperson, the list goes on.  As a real estate agent, you aren’t promoting a worldwide mega-tour, but that doesn’t mean your open house promotion is any less important.  Get the professional help without the professional price tag by selecting MyCreativeShop for all of your open house marketing needs.  From door hangers and postcards to brochures and flyers all the way up to posters and yard signs, we’ve got you covered.  Simply use our no experience required online editor to customize your template of choice (we have a ridiculous number of real estate templates!), get it printed (by us or your favorite print shop), and get those puppies into the hands (or in front of the eyes!) of prospective buyers.  Your walk-through will be well-attended and “sold out” in a flash!

Open House Flyers

If you’re in residential real estate, a well-executed open house is your bread and butter. Get buyers in the door and into their new home with an intentional, personally-designed (by you!) flyer. Must-haves include asking price, square footage, beds/baths, and the open house details. Don’t forget to use a professional picture of the property, along with an eye-catching photo of you. Your contact information needs to feature prominently as well – without it, you won’t be able to close the deal with buyers. Introduce home seekers to their new home by using our online editor to create a dynamic flyer that draws them in. The world is their oyster – get started now!

Open House Door Hanger

If you’re holding an open house at one of your listings, you need to find a way to generate foot traffic. The simplest answer is usually the right one, so make sure to include the other residents in the same neighborhood. Let them know they’re invited by creating a custom real estate door hanger with the open house details, along with a great photo of the property (and of you!) and your contact information. Homeowners who walk through their neighbor’s open house may be inspired to put their own home on the market – and you’ll have put yourself in the perfect position for another listing and subsequent sale!

Open House Brochures

Hosting an open house at one of your new listings? Give your potential homebuyers something to take away from the event by handing out custom-designed brochures. Make the home memorable by including vivid pictures of its best special features. Highlight key selling points – number of beds & baths, square footage, heating/cooling systems, energy efficient updates, appliances, and school district ratings. Use language that helps the buyer see themselves in their new home. Include a great photo of you and your contact info so that they remember who to call when they decide between house 1, 2, or 3. HGTV’s got nothing on you!

Open House Posters

Promote your next open house like the housewarming party it should be. Create an inviting poster that makes potential buyers feel welcome and at home. Your poster should function as a semi-personalized invitation that treats your open house attendees like honored guests. Feature an impressive and flattering photo of the property and its best features, along with all the nitty gritty details like square footage, beds/baths, and asking price. As the host, your photo and contact info should also feature prominently, along with a mention that those who can’t make it can call to schedule a private showing. Design and print your poster in a flash with our online editor!

Open House Yard Signs

Kitchens and baths sell houses, but potential buyers need to SEE them first.  Get them in the door by designing an HGTV®-worthy open house yard sign that would make Drew Scott himself proud!  Include the date (“This Sunday”) and time (“1 - 5PM”), along with a note that private showings can be arranged by contacting you directly.  Upload one of the professional photos you had taken of the sale property, and include the vital details – price, square footage, beds/baths, special features.  MyCreativeShop’s online editor makes the open house sign design process a snap, but you’ll have to do the staging yourself – go earn your commission!

Open House Ideas

Make your open house unforgettable (like Nat King Cole) – get creative with your marketing methods and do something a little different.  Create other shopping attractions inside the home – coordinate with neighborhood boutiques and home-based entrepreneurs to set up “pop-up shops” in each room, giving potential buyers the opportunity to get in the purchasing mood while also meeting their new neighbors or work with area home stores and design firms you are already connected with to each decorate/stage a room – this can work for everything from daily décor to a Christmas winter wonderland, and all the stops along the way (the perfect playroom or the dream chef’s kitchen).  The options are almost endless – don’t limit your creativity!

Once you’ve decided on your ideal strategy, jump into MyCreativeShop’s online design editor to create a host of marketing materials that bring all the buyers to the yard.  Our easy-to-use design tools will have you Zillow®-ready before closing!

Open House Checklist

The three biggest words in buying a home may be “Location, Location, Location,” but even a sought-after address isn’t always enough to save a woefully unprepared home from being overlooked.  Ensure that your real estate agency’s properties are in tip-top shape for their upcoming open houses by providing your homeowners with a completely personalized for their specific property open house checklist that keeps you BOTH on the same page.  Do a walk-through where you identify any areas of the home that need work (paint, trim, cleaning) and highlight rooms that need to be re-staged or de-cluttered, then transfer those details to your custom-designed open house checklist using our easy-as-pie online editor.  Include other open house prep basics, like advertising tips, reminders to make arrangements for pets (no one wants to be followed around the house by the current owner’s precious little Snookums), and tips to create an inviting environment in the home.  Prior planning prevents poor performance, so make sure your clients are fully equipped!

Open House Signs

Ensure that prospective buyers don’t get lost in their soon-to-be new neighborhood while en route to your latest open house by customizing a fabulous portfolio of open house signs to get them interested and keep them on the right track.  Utilize the fantastically easy features of our online design editor to help them visualize themselves in their new home by customizing a real estate yard sign, poster or other signage - then upload the best curb appeal shot you’ve got, include your contact info, date & time of the open house, and throw in the asking price and a shorthand of the property’s vital statistics (number of beds/baths, square footage, key selling points). Once you’ve sealed the deal on your design, let us print it for you so that you can get back to prepping the property – no rest for the weary!

Open House Postcards

Convince your potential buyers to leave their current home by compelling them to take a walk-through of your upcoming open house by designing and sending out a completely-customized open house postcard.  Simplify the closing and commission processes by finding potential buyers from your existing client list. Then create your own real estate postcard in our editor to get the message just right. Upload a great photo or two to catch their attention, then utilize the rest of the available postcard space to highlight the property’s best features – square footage, beds and baths, upgraded flooring/appliances.  Top it all off with an invitation to tour the home at your next open house – before you (or they) know it, you’ll be replacing “Open House Today” with “Just Sold!”

Property Management

Property Management Flyers

Does your supply of rental properties exceed your supply of eager tenants? Do you have empty rentals just waiting for renters to move in?  Bridge the gap by customizing your very own property management flyer.  Highlight available properties and their unique amenities.  Upload professional interior and exterior photos that allow prospective renters to see themselves at home there.  Offer financial incentives (first month free, utilities included, free cable) and maybe even a welcome home gift or celebration.  Promote your housing offerings as a place for everyone to come home to.  MyCreativeShop’s online editor gives you the keys to the design kingdom (or apartment complex)!

Property Management Brochures

Property management and the art of juggling are not all that different.  Both require you to keep multiple “balls” in the air without dropping even one, and both necessitate some fancy footwork at one time or another to ensure success.  Thankfully, though, being a landlord does not have a clown shoe or red foam nose dress code, nor does it require you to find work under the big top or on a street corner.  Showcase your multi-tasking skills by fully-customizing a professionally-designed brochure.  Highlight your available properties, including special features, amenities, and rent specials.  Our online editor makes the process a snap – design and print your brochure, and you’ll have deposits made and rental agreements signed in a flash!

Property Management Postcards

Property managers often stay in the shadows and don’t get the credit they deserve. Bring your skills into the light and expand your property management portfolio and tenant roster by personalizing a professionally-designed postcard that brings all the renters (and property owners) to your yard.  Highlight available properties and neighborhoods and include special rental discounts and features.  MyCreativeShop’s easy-to-use online design editor and professional templates will have you and your new tenants battling the chocolate conveyer together in no time, just like Lucy and her landlady, Ethel. Get started now, before you have a mouth and hat full of chocolate and hear those five dreaded words: “Speed it up a little!”

Property Management Business Cards

Whether you’re a one-man (or woman!) building caretaker show or an up-and-coming property management corporation, a professionally-designed, completely customized business card can set you apart from the rest.  Personalize a card that you are proud to share with both potential clients who entrust you with the properties they own as well as renters who occupy the spaces you oversee. A key requirement of a property manager is that they be accessible at all times – from burst pipes at three in the morning to supervising (or completing) regular lawn care.  Use MyCreativeShop’s online editor to upload your company logo and prominently display your name and contact information – get it done quickly, so that you don’t miss any opportunity to get your name in the hands of the right people (and at the right time)!

Apartment Newsletters

Apartment living can be isolating.  Whether you’re a building manager or just a tenant hoping to create community, design a regular apartment newsletter that gets everyone together on the same page.  Share news about the complex itself, like updates on utilities, ongoing building projects, and snow removal info (for those who reside in the frozen tundra).  Promote networking events, like a building-wide barbecue or block party.  Feature a different “Resident of the Issue” with each edition and have them fill out a basic getting-to-know-you questionnaire to share their story with the other tenants.  Highlight available units in the building – seek to build a sense of belonging, even amongst those for whom this is a temporary home.  With the help of MyCreativeShop’s online editor, it’ll be a beautiful day in the neighborhood!