Real Estate Marketing Flyers

Don’t miss a chance to get your name in the door – promote your real estate buying and selling abilities to the highest bidder by customizing one (or more!) of our professionally-designed real estate flyers.  Then begin making it your own with the help of our easy-peasy design editor. Upload photos, describe property details and use all of your real estate know-how to create everything from a hot property alert on a “Just Listed” flyer to highlighting the skills of the other agents in your firm with a “Meet the Team” flyer. You can also shine a spotlight on an over-looked home with a “Price Reduced” flyer and generate some productive foot traffic with featured property or open house flyers. Then sit back and watch these low-investment marketing tools increase your sales numbers and maximize your profits!

Real Estate Marketing Postcards

In the world of real estate, you don’t need to finance your marketing materials or put down a big down payment to hire a fancy firm in order to make the sale.  Save yourself some much-needed cash by jumping on board MyCreativeShop’s online editor to customize your own slate of real estate postcards.  We cover all the bases – “Just Sold,” “I Have Buyers,” and “Considering Selling” postcards to entice on-the-fence homeowners to commit to putting their property on the market, and the always popular Open House postcard to attract potential buyers to your latest listing.  Best of all, you can create as many projects as you like with no design experience is required, and your bottom line will thank you!

Real Estate Marketing Door Hangers

Make the smart real estate marketing choice – invest your hard-earned dollars into a marketing strategy that gives you the best bang for your buck!  MyCreativeShop’s online editor and wealth of available templates are just what you need. We employ professional graphic designers to create a wide variety of real estate marketing materials, so you can make each piece of your promotional puzzle fit together perfectly.  Our real estate door hangers have something for everyone - “Thinking of Selling” and “Just Sold” door hangers for those contemplating making a change, and “Just Listed,” “Buy VS Rent” and Open House door hangers for those ready to make the leap.  Get started on your customized door hanger today – your clients will thank you tomorrow!

Real Estate Marketing Posters

In the real estate industry, keeping your name and your available properties in front of prospective buyers and sellers is key to making your next sale.  Give yourself a leg up on the competition by customizing a set of memorable real estate posters that connect with those who need your skillset (whether now or in the future). We offer a variety of professionally-designed templates for you to make your own, from Open House to “Meet the Agent”.  Don’t see what you need?  Let us know, and we’ll get it out there.  Our online editor requires no previous design experience, and we can even save you a trip to the print shop by printing them for you!

Real Estate Marketing Signs

What better way to mark your real estate territory than with a handful of personalized real estate marketing signs?  MyCreativeShop has you covered with custom yard signs, posters & other signage!  Our super-simple online editor requires no design experience whatsoever, and our array of professionally-designed templates ensures that no topic is left behind.  Pick a design that’s right for you and begin making it your own.  Get your property sold with an Open House or For Sale yard sign, and don’t miss out on a potential sales opportunity (whether on the buyer or seller side) when you create a dynamic yard sign promoting your own skills or the skills and services of your agency as a whole.  The possibilities are seemingly endless, and a well-placed yard sign can be just the catalyst needed to make the sale and get your clients home!

Open House Marketing

Successful musicians always employ a professional marketer in some way, shape, or form – manager, publicist, spokesperson, the list goes on.  As a real estate agent, you aren’t promoting a worldwide mega-tour, but that doesn’t mean your open house promotion is any less important.  Get the professional help without the professional price tag by selecting MyCreativeShop for all of your open house marketing needs.  From door hangers and postcards to brochures and flyers all the way up to posters and yard signs, we’ve got you covered.  Simply use our no experience required online editor to customize your template of choice (we have a ridiculous number of real estate templates!), get it printed (by us or your favorite print shop), and get those puppies into the hands (or in front of the eyes!) of prospective buyers.  Your walk-through will be well-attended and “sold out” in a flash!

Real Estate Newsletters

As a real estate agent, your reputation is everything.  Aside from the obvious (character, integrity, honesty), effective communication plays a key role in keeping past and prospective clients interested and recommending you to their friends and neighbors.  Get your name stuck in their head by customizing and distributing a consistent real estate newsletter.  Fill it with tips on the home buying process, prepping your current property for a quick and profitable sale, and key ideas to maintain and increase your home’s value.  Feature a new or price-reduced listing of the month and write up a short note on current market trends (should they stay or should they go?).  Utilize our online editor to put your own personal style (including social media contacts and hashtags) onto one of our professionally-designed newsletter templates and begin cultivating a loyal following of buyers, sellers, and dreamers!

EDDM Real Estate Postcards

Attracting the right buyer for your available listings or the right seller for your strengths is one of the keys to a successful real estate career. Multiply your reach by customizing a set of targeted Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) real estate postcards that do just that.  Use your real estate know-how to identify the parameters for each group – send “Thinking of Selling” postcards to homeowners in an up-and-coming neighborhood where values have skyrocketed, and “Just Listed” or Open House postcards to those who might be in the market to buy.  With the help of our easy-as-pie online editor, you can design the perfect EDDM postcard for any situation, and your sales numbers will shoot through the roof (just make sure you have a great contractor on speed dial)!

Real Estate Marketing Brochures

In today’s real estate market, the details matter.  Your clients not only want to know everything about the properties you’re representing, they want to know about you and your firm. Give them an in-depth look at both by customizing an eye-catching set of real estate brochures with great curb appeal that fit the bill.  Begin with one that showcases your current listings – or one that highlights a specific hot property, and list all the key features and details (square footage, asking price, beds & baths, upgrades). Follow up with a “Meet the Agent” brochure that gives insight into your sales skills, passion for real estate, and any certifications or trainings you may have.  You can also put together a “Meet the Team” brochure and introduce your entire agency to prospective buyers and sellers.  Our online editor gives you all the tools you need to complete the project – and make the sale – no design experience necessary!

Real Estate Business Cards

Make sure your real estate clients are never caught without an easy way to share your name with their friends and family.  Personalize a compelling set of real estate business cards that guarantee that every opportunity to attract a new client is seized upon.  MyCreativeShop’s online editor offers a wide variety of business card templates for you to choose from – every one of them professionally-designed and then customized by you!  Feature a great headshot so that they can put a name to your face, along with all of your contact info.  Don’t leave out all of your social media platform connections – they can follow your updates and be ready to jump into the market at just the right time!

Real Estate Folders

In the fast-paced world of real estate, it can be all too easy for key property info sheets and important paperwork to get lost in the shuffle. Why not make the entire process a bit easier for your buyers and sellers by packing it all up into one beautifully custom-designed real estate folder? Have a pile of informational pocket folders set up at the front door for your next open house. Potential buyers can see the best of your property in one glance, making that all-important decision to make an offer or not less confusing. On the flip side, you can hand out all of your seller documents, from contracts to open house checklists, in a presentation folder that you customize yourself with the help of our professionally-designed templates and handy-dandy online editor. Who knows, a fabulous folder just might be what it takes to close the deal!