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How to Hang Posters: A Damage-Free Guide

Discover the best adhesives and step-by-step guide for damage-free poster hanging.
Dustin Hodgson
Published Aug 25, 2020
Posters are a great way to decorate any room. They are inexpensive, easy to change, and can be used for anything from wall art to promotional materials for businesses. However, hanging posters the correct way is important if you change them often or want to keep them looking great. To avoid stripping or sanding the poster off the wall, wheat-paste or duct tape won t cut it and don t get us started on what using nails, staples or tacks will do to your walls! In this guide, we ll take you through how to hang posters without damaging them or your walls.
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How to Hang Posters

1. Clean your Hands and the Wall Surface

To get started, make sure to wash your hands to rid them of any grease and oils. Even the slightest amount of grease can leave smudges on your poster which will be unsightly when it is up. Grease stains are even more visible on darker posters. Clean Hands The next step is to prepare your wall. Even though it might not seem dirty, walls gather dust and oil spots that will make it hard for your poster tack or tape to adhere. Make sure your wall is squeaky clean by wiping it down with a damp towel and grease-stripping dish soap. Be careful not to use a soaked towel as this could leave damp marks on your wall. Leave the wall to air dry as you prepare your poster.

2. Flatten the Poster

If your poster is not framed, you might need to flatten it to make it easier to hang it up. It will also sit better. Posters that are packaged in a tube will usually roll up, and this could make it curl away from the wall if the adhesive you use is not firm enough to hold it. You can flatten it by rolling it in the opposite direction it rolls into, though this method can cause unwanted folds if not done carefully. An easier way of flattening a poster that rolls up is by laying it down on a flat surface, print-side up, and pinning it down with weights like heavy books. Leave it to sit for a while.

3. Choose the Best Adhesive for Hanging Posters

How to hang posters without damaging walls? The type of adhesive you use has a lot to do with it, so here is a list of the best tape for hanging posters as well as other adhesive ideas:
a. Double-sided Removable Tape  There are types of removable, double-sided tape that are specifically designed with a gentle adhesive for posters on walls that doesn t peel the wall or the poster. Amazon link  b. Heavy Duty Mounting Tape   If you re wondering how to hang posters with heavy frames or those made of heavier materials, mounting tape is your solution. Heavy-duty tape can be used to semi-permanently secure items to walls that you don t want to drill or drive nails through. Amazon link  c. Magic Tape   Magic Tape is just as gentle as double-sided poster tape and poster tack. It s ideal for light-colored posters as it is invisible when applied and won t show on most surfaces. It also easily detaches from surfaces even after long-time use. Amazon link  d. Removable Adhesive Putty  Like double-sided tape, removable adhesive putty is a fixative that is gentle to most surfaces it is applied to. Usually marketed as  poster tack , removable putty is best for posters made out of stiff material as if it can cause crumpling and small bumps at the contact points. Amazon link  e. Toothpaste  Toothpaste is not the first thing you would think of, but if you were looking for a quick fix to  put up a poster without damaging the wall , good old basic toothpaste is a great adhesive for short-term use. Stick it up, take it down, and wipe it off. It will be like it was never there. 

4. Attach Adhesive to the Back of the Poster

The best way to hang posters is not to stick the adhesive to the wall and then place the poster against it. You ll have a much easier time if you stick it to the poster first. Place the poster face down on a clean, flat surface and attach the adhesive to all corners, the center, and midpoints between the corners. If the poster is long you should add adhesive at more points along the longer edges, just don t put so much that it hampers a smooth application.

5. Put up the Poster

Now that you know how to hang posters without damage, it s time to put the poster on the wall. Make sure the sticking position is straight, then attach the two top corners. Gently smooth down the sides as you push firmly against the adhesive spots. Keep the poster taut to avoid any bubbles. If you were searching for a damage-free way to hang up posters, then hopefully this guide made it quick and simple for you. You can also easily design your posters with MyCreativeShop s collection of poster templates and our online poster maker. Choose from over 4,000 designs to keep your space looking its best.

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