Real Estate Just Sold Postcards

Motivate homeowners in your target market to list with you by giving them the big picture of your sales abilities – create an enticing “Just Sold” postcard to mail out to the neighbors after every sale. Learning that their property is in demand may just tip the scales in your favor. Give them insight into their own market – sale price, sky-view home details (square footage, beds/baths) – empower them to move on with confidence. Our online editor makes designing your own postcard easy and fun; you can truly make it your own, print it out, and stage it for a quick sale!

I Have Buyers Real Estate Postcard

Is there a neighborhood or subdivision your clients are climbing over each other to get into? Are they calling you regularly to ask if you have any new listings in THE community of their dreams? Get the inside track by putting together a compelling “I Have Buyers” postcard that lets them know you are the one they should call when they’re ready to sell. Highlight recent sales in their area and emphasize that their property is in demand (and that you have a line of potential buyers at the ready). Throw in a great headshot of you and your contact info to complete the package – get yours mailed out today!

Find Customers Who Are Considering Selling

Is there a neighborhood real estate market you’d just LOVE to break into (as a real estate professional, not a burglar!)? Make sure you’re the first name potential sellers think of when they want to put their home on the market by creating and sending out a memorable “Considering Selling?” postcard. Highlight recent comparable sales in the area, along with YOUR recent sales. Come up with a well-thought-out list of reasons to sell, like a favorable sellers’ market, and add in an irresistible call to sell with YOU. Our online editor makes designing a great postcard a cinch – get yours into the market today!

Real Estate Referral Postcards

Grow your real estate client base organically by sending out referral postcards to your current and past buyers and sellers. Offer them an incentive for each client referred – a financial reward is usually preferred, but you could also use a non-monetary prize like a set of golf clubs (with your logo on the bag!) or a night out at an upscale local restaurant. Design a dynamic, eye-catching postcard worthy of your client’s precious fridge or office bulletin board space – make it work FOR you. Include your photo, phone number, and email so that you will be unforgettable. Our online editor makes it easy – we can even print them for you!

Real Estate Open House Postcards

Cultivate foot traffic for your open house by designing personalized postcards and sending them out to the homeowners and renters in your target buyer neighborhood. Your postcard should include an awesome exterior shot, a brief overview of the property (asking price, square footage, beds/baths), open house date and time, and your photo and contact information. Use our online editor to add your own personal flair to the postcard – make a lasting impression whether they buy this home or not – they won’t know they need you until they do! Best of all, you can save your design and re-print for each new listing. Start now!


Design Real Estate Postcards

With MyCreativeShop’s Editor

Our customer-friendly online editor coupled with our professionally designed postcard templates make it easy to reach out with your message, whether you’ve just listed a spectacular Victorian downtown or you’re hosting an open house for a small ranch out in the burbs. The design process is fast, simple, and requires no artistic abilities. Just choose your favorite real-estate themed template, customize it using your choice of layouts, size, font, colors, and other elements, and then drive home the design with your own images, artwork, and graphics. Once your design meets your specifications, print your postcards from anywhere, or trust our print team to do it for you using premium papers and inks.

What Can You Do With Your Real Estate Postcards?


Your audience is virtually limitless when you market your real estate services with well-designed postcards that stand out in the daily mail. Whether you have your own mailing list or you’ve bought a list of leads, postcards are an affordable option for direct mail marketing, including Every Door Direct Marketing with the U.S. Postal Service. Send postcards to follow-up with on-the-fence buyers and sellers who have not yet made up their minds to jump into the fray. Display your postcard on your website in its digital format, or use it to keep in touch with your followers on social media via Twitter, Facebook, and other popular outlets.

Ideas for Effective Real Estate Postcards

Once you have your postcard design locked down, there are oodles of options when it’s time to prepare your campaign. Think about sending postcards to:

Get more potential buyers to your homes

Promote an open house event or “just listed” property. Get more potential buyers in the door to every open house and draw interest to the latest homes on the market with an affordable postcard campaign.  

Let buyers know about a hot property

Just list a property that won’t last long? Drive up bids (and your commission) by giving it a little buzz to buyers who have shown interest in that particular neighborhood, home size, or other home features.

Inform recipients of current market conditions

Let’s face it; whether you sell someone’s home or sell a home to someone, you make money. Give recipients the 411 on prevailing market conditions to connect with buyers or sellers at the right time with your message.

Offer potential home sellers your opinion

Some sellers can’t decide whether to stay or go, since they have no way to put a market value on their home. Offering your expert opinion and unofficial appraisal of a home may be what it takes to push them over the edge.

Encourage first-time homeownership

Marketing affordable properties to younger couples is a great way to encourage renters to become homeowners, swelling your commission in the process.

Why Make Custom Real Estate Postcards With Us?

Our users can’t get enough of us, and that makes us happy. Our real estate users appreciate our simple interface because it turns their designs into reality in minutes. With the bevy of templates available, you can easily customize multiple postcards for different audiences and purposes, all with just a few clicks of the mouse and keyboard strokes. Check out our templates and start your design now.