1. EDDM Postcards For Landscaping Business

Landscaping is hard work, but someone’s got to do it – and a targeted EDDM campaign can help local homeowners figure out why you’re just the guy (or gal) for the job. Tout your expertise and talent by showcasing lawns you’ve clipped, bushes you’ve manicured, and hedges you’ve trimmed in full-color with your EDDM design. Give the locals a “get to know me” special offer to introduce yourself and let them see your skills in action, or provide them with a rundown on your rates and availability or the offer to get a free estimate at their convenience. Get busy designing your EDDM landscaping postcards now!

2. EDDM Postcards For Veterinary Service

Pets are like family, and an EDDM postcard marketing campaign for your veterinary service is just the thing to let the locals know who to reach out to when it’s time for puppy shots and kitty checkups. Announce your grand opening with a postcard campaign touting your expertise and the services you offer, or advertise a special on vaccinations with a targeted EDDM marketing blast. Send out postcards to announce a new product line you’re selling to keep fleas and ticks at bay, or let pet parents know about your on-site grooming or boarding services with postcards running down the 411. Design your vet EDDM postcards now!

3. EDDM Postcard For Fitness Gym


Design EDDM Postcards

With MyCreativeShop’s Editor

MyCreativeShop’s inventory of industry-specific templates and online editor make designing your EDDM postcards a simple feat. Choose a template you like, and tweak it to add your own custom twists. Upload images, graphics, and text, and then manipulate your design using your mouse and keyboard to achieve the look you like most. Once you have a lockdown on the design that you want and your message is clear as a bell, print your EDDM postcards from any location, or trust us to do it for you with our CYMK printing process that utilizes high-quality paper and ink. We’ve made it simple and easy for you.

What Can You Do With Your EDDM Postcards?


Use your EDDM postcards to reach out to existing and potential clients, customer, patients, and patrons. Focus your campaign on your local ZIP codes, or reach out to a wider audience by targeting regional addresses. If your service or products are available nationally, EDDM service offers national campaigns too, enabling you to cast your marketing net wider and get even more response to whatever you have to offer.

Examples of Uses for EDDM Postcards

Although you are bound only by your imagination when it comes to EDDM marketing, some popular ideas for using your EDDM postcards include:

Ensuring a knockout grand opening

The bigger buzz that you create for your grand opening, the better the response. Use EDDM postcards to get everyone talking about the new business in town.

Introducing yourself to the community

Locals want to know everything they can about you, so if you’re new to the area, let them know what you’re about with a postcard blitz to local mailboxes.

Promoting a killer sale

Everyone loves a bargain, so getting customers through the door is as easy as offering a killer promotion. Flood the mailboxes of area residents with postcards to give them the 411.

Announcing a hot new product

Selling the latest gadget or gizmo? Let the world know where they can find it with an EDDM postcard mailed direct to your target market.

Giving a discount on services

Turn your postcards into coupons redeemable for a discount on a service you offer—whether it’s cleaning teeth or giving an oil change.

Why Make EDDM Postcards With Us?

If you thought direct mail marketing went the way of the dinosaur, you’re behind the times. A Direct Marketing Association study found that when compared to more contemporary marketing techniques like paid search, mobile marketing, and social media, direct mail marketing, especially marketing with postcards, has the best response rate, offering up to a 17 percent ROI. Our interface makes it easy for you to get in on this tried-and-true marketing technique without bothering with unreliable mailing lists or buying leads from other companies. We make it simple to get started and super affordable for every business’ budget, empowering little mom-and-pop shops to get the same beautiful marketing materials that the big guys enjoy. Give it a try; you’ll enjoy the speed and efficiency of using our editor and our always-expanding selection of templates. Our customers give us top billing; find out why now!


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