Wall signage does a great job of attracting attention to your business or event, however, it can’t be taken home and shared by the people who see it (at least, not without leaving a blank space on the wall).  How does one get around this conundrum?  By supplementing with a stack of just as enthusiastically designed and personalized rack cards!

Custom Rack Cards

The rack card is intended specifically to be portable and convenient.  Like a poster, it catches your attention and gets you interested. Unlike a poster, it can be easily distributed and is two-sided, which means it includes all kinds of space on the BACK for additional details.  You can install a wall or spinning stand-alone display rack in your front office or entryway, or simply distribute a few tabletop rack card holders around your waiting room/lobby and on your front desk.  Just ensure that they are always within reach and easily accessible – you can’t catch someone’s eye if they can’t see it, and they can’t take it home if they can’t grab it!

Regardless of the industry you’re in, you can customize a rack card that fits your needs and serves a purpose.  If you’re a personal trainer or run a gym, put together a rack card for each fitness class/program offered and another that overviews your services and/or facility and equipment options.  Professional photographers can use their keen eye and sense of perspective to create a rack card for every genre of photography they specialize in (weddings, engagement, newborns, pets, family/lifestyle, portraits, and even one that highlights their ability to get squirrely little ones to smile – or at least look at the camera!).

Salons and day spa operators – design a rack card for each of your most popular services, along with another that includes a full list of offerings (there are always those not as oft-requested options that might be overlooked otherwise).  Get your church members excited about the ministry opportunities within your fellowship by customizing a dynamic set of rack cards highlighting each one – Youth Ministry, Sunday School, Adult Discipleship, Bible Study Fellowship (BSF), Missions and Community Outreach, Grief Counseling.  Shine a spotlight on upcoming all-church events (children’s Christmas programs, conferences, anniversaries, potlucks, concerts) with a specially-personalized rack card.

Auto shops, restaurants, funeral homes – the businesses and industries that can benefit from customizing a host of rack cards are unlimited.  You can create an auto repair menu, a portable drink list, and even a memorial service takeaway.  With MyCreativeShop’s ridiculously easy-to-use online design editor, numerous fonts and design features, and extensive library of available stock images, you can truly make each rack card your own.  We can even save you a trip to the printer and take care of that for you!  As long as you’re in a designing mood, why not customize a matching poster or banner to hang alongside your display?  Our goal is your success - we are at your service!

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