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12 Flyer Examples to Capture Your Audience s Attention

Design captivating flyers with these tips and examples.
Dustin Hodgson
Published Aug 18, 2020
Flyers are everywhere: In restaurants, at the bus stop, mailboxes where they arrive in torrents and so on. Of all these, you ve probably only noticed a small percentage of them because not everyone was able to steal your gaze. Good flyers make people stop and pay attention. Great ones go one step further and get people to take action. How does one achieve this? In this article, we ll explore how to create an eye-catching and informative flyer, with visual examples of each of the graphic design flyer ideas. When you re ready to make your own, be sure to check out our online flyer maker.

1. Bright Colors

When it comes to grabbing attention, it doesn t get more obvious than bright colors. Bright color makes a design come alive, but it can go deeper than that: Colors can evoke psychological reactions and the most interesting flyer designs have an impact on moods and emotions. Use some common sense and consider what your message is, who your audience is and where you're going to place your flyer before you decide to throw every color combination at your flyer. The design below does a great job of staying bright without distracting from the main call to action "Enrollment". Bright Color Flyer Design via MyCreativeShop Daycare Flyers

2. Typography Design

Full or partial typography designs make good flyer examples of how to make the message the main aspect of your flyer without it being boring. The use of bold fonts works best with these flyer design types, though one must be careful not to sacrifice readability for artistry. typography flyer example Design via freepik

3. Unconventional Fonts

You can create unique flyers using fun and quirky fonts. Unconventional fonts can be used to convey different moods and set apart a brand as being original. Hand lettering or doodling around the words creates a new look for an ordinary font. Combined with the right graphics, you have a powerful visual on your flyer. Unconventional Fonts Design via MyCreativeShop Halloween Flyers

4. Unique Imagery

People will have a closer look at a flyer if it has an image they ve never seen before or don t quite understand. Unusual images can consist of anything from a misaligned object or something with shock value. Like unconventional fonts, you can put a unique spin on a typical picture and create something new even with the use of stock photography. Unique Image Image via Unsplash

5. Monochromatic Designs

There are not many advertising flyers examples that use this, as most companies prefer using more than one brand color. However, this design style can be used to create eye-catching flyers and still achieve consistency with the brand. Monochromatic designs can be designed with bright colors or more mellow tones, it all depends on the intended effect. monochromatic flyer Design via Envatotuts+

6. Minimalist Style

Less is more. Any list of graphic design flyer examples without this style would be ignoring the very essence of good design. You don t need frills to catch people s attention, anything from simple illustrations to creative text can turn heads and convey the message. Minimalist Style Design via MyCreativeShop Holiday Flyers

7. Play with Gradients

Gradients can emphasize text, determine what path the eye takes, combine colors, and so much more. It s no wonder that gradients are an incredibly popular design style. The most fun backgrounds for flyers can be created with gradients, it s all up to your imagination. Flyer With Gradient Design via Pikbest

8. Black and White

Black and white designs are often overlooked in favor of more colorful combinations, even though they can also achieve an eye-catching effect. The high contrast between black and white on a design can increase the impact of your flyer while giving your brand a unique look. Black and white is also minimalist and can be made even more interesting with bright color accents here and there. Black and White Flyer

9. Illustrative Design

A trendy design style, illustration is used to give a creative interpretation to images of all kinds. This versatility means you can take an average graphic and turn it into something unique that can be taken advantage of in many different ways. From flat-lay styles to a combination of photography and illustrated items, there s a reason many flyers use this technique. Illustrative Design Flyer Design via MyCreativeShop Mustic & Arts Flyers

10. Geometric Shapes

Geometric shapes in flyer designs are often used to achieve a futuristic look, though they can also be used for quirky backdrops and fun elements. Complex shapes add an element of visual interest to your flyer s content and are especially useful if you plan to use subtle colors in the background. Geometric Flyer Design via freepik

11. 3D Imagery

With a 3D flyer design, you can be sure that any imagery you use will be emphasized by the 3D effect. This style allows even the most basic elements to pop, which is great if you want your flyer to be noticed. Flyers that can use 3D correctly offer a futuristic look. 3D Image

12. Unconventional Shapes and Folds

Our final flyer example focuses on avoiding run-of-the-mill shapes. Sometimes, you need to think out of the box, which could mean utilizing custom shapes and folds. This offers a good way to unleash creativity. You may even find your flyer stored as a souvenir by your audience.\ Unconventional Shapes Design via MyCreativeShop Band Flyers
Creating a flyer that pops doesn t have to be complex. With the design tips and good flyer examples we ve laid out, you can come up with something that looks like it was done by a pro. MyCreativeShop makes graphic design easy even if you have no experience. Simply find a flyer template and start your project!

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