Bakery Menu

Your menu is the first impression most people (potential customers) will get of your bakery. It’s the one document that can truly pull people in or turn them away. Win them over with a charming menu flyer that piques their interest and makes their tummies rumble. Tasteful photos of your baked offerings will go a long way towards increasing your orders. Make sure to include your hours of operation and prices for single items, half-dozens, and dozens, along with any special promotions or services you offer, like delivery or catering. Our online editor makes it simple to upload your own logo and images and keep your branding consistent – get started now!

Bakery Delivery Service Flyers

Get your sweet and savory baked treats to your customers seamlessly with a fast, efficient delivery service. They will be the office hero when you drop off a dozen beautiful cupcakes for an afternoon pick-me-up, and you will be expanding your market reach with each delivery. Design an attractive flyer with yummy options that can accompany each delivery, and you’ll encourage new and repeat orders. Post that same flyer in your storefront and neighborhood to encourage in-store customers to take one back to their place of business. Share the flyer on all of your social media platforms and let your followers roll the word out for you!

Bakery Seasonal Sale Flyers

For some people, an upcoming holiday means that they will fire up their oven and do the baking themselves. For others, they’re desperately hoping that they can rely on your bakery to fill their table. Don’t let them down – mix it up with an array of seasonal sales! Fruit cakes and cut out sugar cookies at Christmas (you could even offer a DIY decorating kit with cookies and icing!), pumpkin and pecan pies at Thanksgiving, and your signature "Bunny in a Log" cake at Easter. The possibilities (and holiday combinations) are endless. Promote your seasonal sale with a smartly-designed flyer shared on social media and stuffed into every order that leaves your bakery.

Featured Bakery Product

Have you created the next Cronut® or a fabulous new cookie flavor? Advertise your featured product to hungry potential customers with an enticing flyer that makes a purchase impossible to resist! Include a classy professional photo of your creation and lots of mouth-watering descriptors. Your flyer can be posted in the neighborhood around your bakery, in your store windows, and on your social media pages. Include a great promotion (like buy one, get one free) and encourage patrons to bring a friend (either to share the BOGO or to get their own!). Our online editor makes designing your own flyer as easy as pie!

Bakery Classes

All businesses can benefit from new income streams. Whether you operate a small family bakery or oversee the bakery department of your hometown grocery store, you have the tools and skills required to share your knowledge with others in your community – and get paid for it! Offer a one-time class on the art of baking bread, or a six-week cake and cupcake decorating class that ends with a certificate of completion. Not only will you be generating income from your facility in off-hours, you will be cultivating customers for life. Make a flyer to advertise your bakery class offerings, including all the details, using our easy online editor, and you’ll be rolling in the dough!

Design Bakery Flyers

With MyCreativeShop’s Editor

Marketing your bakery is the key to finding success in a sometimes crowded niche, and custom bakery flyers can help you reach out to a wide base of customers affordably – on any budget. Your business may not have the revenue to hire an expensive design team, but with our professionally designed templates – you don’t have to. Flyers are inexpensive to make yet super effective in portraying whatever message you want to send – whether you’re announcing your grand opening or flaunting a weekly special. Flyers are ideal for showing off your culinary masterpieces through photos and graphics and can be distributed via printable handouts directly into your customers’ hands or digitally via your website or social media outlets. Customization is easy using our online editor; just a few mouse clicks turns you into a designer, so you can craft flyers that really speak to your audience.

What Can You Do With Your Bakery Flyer?

Flyers get people talking about what you have to offer and curious to try out your products. Print out your flyers (or allow our pro printing team to do it for you) to distribute around the neighborhood to would-be and existing patrons, keeping your bakery’s name on their minds and on their lips. Stick flyers in bags at the point-of-sale to keep marketing yourself to your customers after the sale.

Popular Ideas for Your Bakery Flyers

Although we can come up with way more than a baker’s dozen, here are a few ideas for you when you design your flyer.

Announce your grand opening

Whether this bakery is your first location or third, let every local sweet tooth know where to get their next sugar fix.

Broadcast your menu

Recreate your menu and detail your product availability on a beautiful bakery flyer. Nothing gets them salivating faster than reading about a grocer’s case filled with fresh-baked treats.

Toot your own horn (or your staff’s horns)

 Credentialed in culinary arts? Packing a certificate from a bakery school? You rock at what you do, so let your customers know more about you with a brag sheet (a.k.a. flyer) tucked into their bags at checkout.

Advertise weekly specials

Savings on snickerdoodles? Deals on doughnuts? Let your customers know with bakery flyers that showcase drool-worthy photos of your prized creations.

Give an extra discount

Reward patrons with flyers containing a special coupon for something free or discounted. People love freebies, especially when they’re dipped in milk chocolate or dripping with ganache.

Why Make a Flyer With Us?


Making your bakery flyers with us is as simple and easy as clicking your mouse, choosing a design, and adding your own customizations. Our customers tell us it’s really fun – and we tend to agree. Our templates are user-friendly; we know it’s frustrating to come up with ideas for creating marketing materials, so we take all the hard work out of the process for you. In minutes, you can quickly find the best design for getting your ideas across, and you can even print your bakery flyers right from your own office, so you can get started reeling in hungry customers right away. Nothing’s simpler.

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