Design Real Estate Door Hangers

With MyCreativeShop’s Editor

Using MyCreativeShop’s online editor, you can put your own spin on real estate door hangers to get your message out quickly and effectively to prospective home sellers and buyers. The process is simple and fast; anyone who can click a mouse and use a keyboard can essentially design marketing materials that sell your ideas, so design experience is not needed. We offer a bountiful number of templates for the real estate niche, each of which is customizable using your choice of layouts, size, colors, and other elements. Add your own images, or browse our stock photo galleries to find the right look for your door hangers. After you have honed in on the design that suits you and your campaign most, print your hangers from any location for instant access, or let us print them for you using premium materials and CYMK printing processes.

Using Your Real Estate Door Hangers

You likely have a good idea of what you want to say on your door hanger and who you want to say it to, but just in case, here some ideas from the team at MyCreativeShop.

Reinforcing other marketing efforts

Follow up on other marketing campaigns with a door hanger blitz. Even if they tossed your initial mailing aside, seeing your name again and again builds credibility and positions you as a local authority.

Promoting a buyer’s market (Zillow)

A Zillow study* found that up to 75 percent of all home buyers work with a real estate agent when they’re shopping for a new home. Help them find you in the sea of others by marketing your personal brand and introducing yourself – before they know they need you.

Promoting a seller’s market

Around 88 percent of home sellers use a listing agent when they place their homes on the market; be sure your name is the first one they think of when they’re ready to sell, and give them reasons to sell now by promoting a seller’s market with door hangers.

Targeting first-time homebuyers

Owning your own home is the American dream & door hangers distributed in rental areas can help you turn those dreams into reality for people who don't yet own a home.

Offering consultations at no cost

Oftentimes buyers and sellers need a guiding hand to help them figure out their next move on the road to buying or selling a home. Use your door hangers to reach out to them and let them know you can help.

What Can You Do With Your Real Estate Door Hangers?

Getting your door hangers onto the right doors is a matter of your own strategy; some real estate professionals hire distributors to canvas neighborhoods for them, looking for properties that meet particular criteria for a “sell with us” campaign. Others do face-to-face marketing in a particular ZIP code, leaving door hangers behind on doors of prospective clients who are not at home when they call. Use them to introduce yourself, provide contact information, and give a strong call-to-action for the biggest response to your efforts. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination and marketing goals.

Why Make Custom Real Estate Door Hangers With Us?

In real estate, one lead can make or break your sales for the month or longer, and real estate door hangers are just one part of the picture when it comes to marketing your properties and your business effectively. With MyCreativeShop, you can build your brand and connect with potential clients in a personable yet professional fashion. Find your sweet spot with the right real estate door hanger now.


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