Investing an arm and a leg into marketing your bar, restaurant, or brewery’s ever-changing events and promotions isn’t always practical.  Choose to spend your hard-earned profits on a marketing tool that does double duty – the trusty beer coaster!  Protect your tabletops while promoting your business – don’t let that space go to waste (Tip: Design your own table tents to maximize valuable tabletop space). A completely customized beer coaster can become your best ally as you seek to grow and expand your business.  Best of all, you can create an original one for every new event or opportunity.

Host a grand opening celebration for your new downtown location or brewery taproom and encourage your current customers to attend by designing a coaster that gives them all the details for the event.  Slide one under their frosty mug of one of your hand-crafted beers or a highball glass filled with your signature cocktail.  Every time they take a drink, they’ll be reminded of what you have planned.  That repetition, accompanied by a verbal invitation from their server or bartender, will help to grow your event’s attendee list significantly – every sip of ale will motivate them to show up for more of their favorites on your big night!

Make Your Own Custom Beer Coasters

Launching a new proprietary brew?  Get your patrons excited about what’ll be coming down the pipeline by customizing a coaster that describes your latest flavor in delicious detail – and lets them know when they can get their hands on it.  More than one new blend on deck?  Convert your project to a launch calendar filled with yummy new ales, stouts, and lagers to look forward to in the coming weeks and months.  Include social media links and hashtags so that hopped-up beer aficionados can share their excitement with their vast circle of friends (both in real life and cyberspace) and follow the development of your brewery’s newest offerings – maybe you’ll even end up with some helpful suggestions for the next beer event!

Your customers can drink to a good cause when you hand out a personalized coaster emblazoned with your “Nonprofit of the Month.”  Upload the organization’s logo and a brief description of their mission on one side, and use the other side to highlight ways your patrons can contribute financially (via secure website, as a percentage of their total check, or simply by you donating a portion of the proceeds for the month) or just get involved by donating their time and skills.  You can even host a benefit/networking event and invite all interested people to attend – continue to do so every month, and you’ll not only see profits increase, you’ll be building some invaluable social capital!

MyCreativeShop’s online editor requires no design experience on your part – we’ve already done the heavy lifting for you!  All you need to bring to the table is the knowledge you have of your business and its space and decide whether you want your coaster to be circular or a square with rounded corners.  When in doubt, design a coaster that simply reminds your customers of where they are and how they can stay connected to all the latest happenings.  Always include your social media contacts and hashtags (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) to make sure your coaster keeps working for you long after the empty mugs are collected!

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