Car Wash Fundraiser Flyers

As you try to attract vehicles to your team or club’s car wash fundraiser, you COULD stand on a street corner in a giant sponge costume – you’d definitely get their attention!  Instead, save yourself some energy (and possible humiliation) by customizing an eye-catching, colorful car wash fundraiser flyer that brings all the cars to the yard (or parking lot).  We have a multitude of professionally-created templates for you to choose from.  Pick the one that fits your cause best, then jump into our online editor with both feet.  We make it easy to personalize every aspect of the design, from colors and fonts to photos and layouts – put your stamp on it.  Once it’s perfected, print and distribute hundreds of copies or let us handle the printing for you – you’ll still have to hand them out and hang them up, but you’d have to do that anyway!

Car Wash Fundraiser Posters

Paper your neighborhood with custom-designed car wash fundraiser posters that share the heart behind your endeavor to attract donations.  Maybe your team is raising money for new uniforms or your church youth group is working to fund a missions trip to Central America. Whatever your cause, we’ve got a professionally-designed poster template that will fit your design perspective.  Give them all a look, then use our online editor to personalize your favorite.  Tell your story with our photo uploader, available library of stock images and graphics, customizable text, and so much more.  Once printed (by you or by us), hang your posters all over town and then watch the cars (and customers) line up!