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5 Industries That Can Benefit from EDDM - with Templates!

Find out how EDDM can benefit businesses in various industries and explore industry-specific templates!
Cassie Viele
Published Oct 19, 2021

Every Door Direct Mail, or EDDM, can be a very beneficial marketing tool for local businesses looking to widen their customer base. EDDM is a program of the US Postal Service that allows companies and individuals to send custom-designed mailpieces to a highly targeted audience, selected by postal route and filtered by key demographics. With a max daily limit of 5000 delivery points per ZIP code, EDDM makes it possible for you to reach beyond your existing neighborhood and client roster to boldly go where you ve never gone before!

USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D via Wikipedia

USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D via Wikipedia

Is EDDM a good fit for your business?

Every Door Direct Mail is especially effective when utilized by locals to connect with a new audience in their existing community or region. The insider knowledge local businesses already possess about their neighborhood, city, or state plays a key role in EDDM success by providing an informed perspective when determining messaging and selecting postal routes.

EDDM also allows you to pay a discounted rate (half or less of the current first-class postcard rate), so if you have the time and capacity to invest in EDDM, you'll see a benefit to your bottom line! Read on for five industry-specific applications.

Looking for more about EDDM? Check out our Definitive Guide to Do-It-Yourself Every Door Direct Mail for all the details!


Whether you offer specialized auto repair services, perform on-demand oil changes, or have the best tire techs in town, promoting your business via EDDM is a win-win proposition. Utilize the USPS Mapping Tool to select postal routes near your shop along with those in neighborhoods your business savvy tells you will be profitable. Check out the examples below for a look under the hood of the EDDM postcard design process or follow the link to explore more automotive EDDM postcard templates.

Top Notch Automotive EDDM Postcard Template
Auto Oil Change EDDM Postcard Template
Automotive Tire EDDM Postcard Template

Designs via MyCreativeShop


The cleaning services your company offers, whether you operate in the residential sphere, pressure wash years of build-up off any surface, or simply provide environmentally-conscious cleaning regardless of location, need to be promoted to the right group of potential customers. The demographic tools in the USPS Mapping Tool allow you to narrow down the recipients of your mailpieces by income, household size, and other factors that can clue you in on whether they would respond positively to your mailer. In addition, you can easily filter in or out business addresses. Take a look at the designs we ve included here for inspiration. Not quite what you re looking for? We ve got so many EDDM postcards for cleaning businesses!

Green Cleaning EDDM Postcard Template
House Cleaning EDDM Postcard Template
Power Washing EDDM Postcard Template 1yy0mziu0m

Designs via MyCreativeShop


In the world of real estate, it can sometimes be a challenge to get the word out about the properties you have listed. Every Door Direct Mail can be the perfect vessel for connecting with prospective buyers, those who might be open to selling, and potential open house attendees. Armed with your expert knowledge of property values in your community, you can use both the location data and demographic filters in the USPS Mapping Tool to select the ideal recipients for your mailpieces, all from the comfort of your office. Look over the examples below to spark your creativity, then check out our catalog of real estate EDDM postcard templates to really light the flame!

Thinking of Buying EDDM Postcard Template
Thinking of Selling EDDM Postcard Template
Classic Open House EDDM Postcard Template

Designs via MyCreativeShop


Connecting with new patients can be challenging, whether you have a chiropractic office, dental clinic, or operate a pharmacy. Simplify the process by sharing the details of upcoming events and discounted or free exams with those who live right down the street or just around the corner. With the help of the USPS Mapping Tool, you can select postal routes that deliver to those in your neighborhood, enabling you to stay connected to your community in a tangible way. We ve included three templates to pique your interest, but you can always find more medical & health care EDDM postcard templates in our online catalog.

Flu Shot EDDM Postcard Template
Blue Dental EDDM Postcard Template
Chiropractic EDDM Postcard Template

Designs via MyCreativeShop


Mobilizing your base to vote in the upcoming election takes some serious work. Why not lighten the load a bit by utilizing Every Door Direct Mail? Whether you re running for a seat on the school board, vying for a spot on the city council, or battling it out in a state-wide race, the USPS Mapping Tool makes it easy for you to identify your constituents by both location and demographic data. Evaluate the designs we ve shared below, then jump into our catalog of political EDDM postcard templates for even more options!

School Board EDDM Postcard Template t19f3m77hj
Vote Campaign EDDM Postcard Template
Campaign EDDM Postcard Template 3i83myl75j

Designs via MyCreativeShop


What about the rest of us?

Didn t see your industry listed above? Don t worry! EDDM can work for SO many businesses - you just need to combine your existing biz savvy and knowledge of your customer base with the options available in the USPS Mapping Tool. MyCreativeShop offers a wide variety of completely customizable EDDM postcard templates that can be turned into marketing masterpieces in just a few clicks. We ve also got blank EDDM postcard templates if you d rather build your design from scratch.

I ve designed my postcard - now what?

Once you ve completed your design, it s time to begin the Every Door Direct Mail process. Check out our Definitive Guide to Do-It-Yourself Every Door Direct Mail to get started!

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