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Add dimension to your hotel’s signage game by designing your own hotel table tents for your room service menu, hotel contact information, TV channel lineup, and more! read more
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Hotel Table Tents

Add a bit of dimension to your hotel’s marketing repertoire by utilizing the available space on a self-supporting table tent. Customize one for every guest room’s nightstand, dresser, and bathroom vanity. Feature your room service menu and front desk contact details on the table tent next to the phone, list the available television channels and PPV movie rental options on the one you place near the TV, and describe the complimentary toiletries and share housekeeping details next to the sink. The opportunities to utilize a custom-designed table tent are abundant, so browse our catalog of customizable hotel table tent templates until you find one that floats your boat. Use our online editor to make it your own, then add different content for every unique venue!

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