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Hotel Door Hanger Templates

Make your hotel guests feel right at home by greeting them with custom-designed door hangers that welcome them as part of a wedding or special group, share your room service and breakfast options, or invite them to join your exclusive rewards club. Our designers are big fans of turn-down services and fluffed pillows, so they’ve put together a full booking of hotel door hanger templates for you to customize. The tools in our online editor give you complete control over all design aspects, and your finished project can be easily printed absolutely anywhere (but we’d love to earn your business!).

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Hotel Rewards Program Door Hangers

Repeat hotel guests are the bread and butter of your bottom line, and hotel door hangers that detail your rewards program are an excellent medium to getting patrons interested in returning again and again. Design your hotel rewards program door hangers to stand out at check-in time by running down the details and perks of your program and why your guests should participate. People love to be rewarded for their loyalty, so offering a free night’s stay, discounted room, room upgrades, complimentary concierge service, or even tickets to local attractions is sure to draw interest. Make it worth their while and they’ll return. Customize your door hangers now!

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Hotel Breakfast Menu Door Hangers

Whether you’re touting your complimentary all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet, room service offerings, or a continental breakfast that’s standard with every room, hotel door hangers featuring your breakfast menu get guests hungry for what you have to offer. Travelers love the idea of grabbing breakfast at their hotels prior to heading out sightseeing or attending important meetings, and your breakfast menu detailed on a door hanger makes it convenient for them to weigh their options in advance. Use high-resolution photos to get their taste buds wagging, and include prices so that they know what to expect. Create an eye-grabbing menu door hanger now!

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Hotel Wedding Door Hangers

Add a special touch to guests’ big event with customized hotel wedding door hangers. Personalize a couple’s door hanger on the fly in seconds to include as part of a honeymoon suite reservation, or accommodate wedding party guests with custom door hangers asking for privacy while they sleep off the day’s events. Customized door hangers are keepsakes that the couple can hold onto to remind them of their time spent under your roof – and they set your hotel apart as one they’ll want to return to again and again when they need a memorable getaway. Find the right design for your door hangers now!

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