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Hotel Activities Posters

Your guests, especially those without tightly-planned schedules, are eager to know about the activities your hotel offers. A poster (designed by you!) displayed proudly near the front desk or in the hotel restaurant is a convenient way to communicate the sky-view details of your most popular activities. Childcare, children’s programs, exercise classes, nature walks, and shopping adventures are all attractive options for your patrons. Promote your activities with a brief description that includes frequency, length, start time, and meeting place. Include a photo for each offering, or select a handful of the best to feature. Our online editor turns you into a graphic designer as you customize our professionally-designed templates!
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Hotel Craft Beer Activity Poster Template

Offering craft beer for hotel guests? Create your own custom poster to make sure everyone knows it! Use your posters white space to detail your creative process for your craft beer, its ingredients, and a bit of backstory about your brand. With our online editor, the design process is fast and fun, so get started now.

Main Hotel Craft Beer Activity   Image
Hotel Craft Beer Activity Poster Template
24" x 36" Poster

Hotel Drink Activity Poster Template

Encourage hotel guests to drop by the bar for fun and games with this poster detailing your establishment’s latest events. Take advantage of your poster to promote a headlining act, a new amenity, or some other attention-grabbing call-to-action. Our customers tell us that the design process is quick, simple, and fun, so find out just how far your creative process can take you when you create your own poster today.

Main Hotel Drink Activity   Image
Hotel Drink Activity Poster Template
18" x 24" Poster

Hotel Activities Poster Template

Make each guest’s stay a memorable one by broadcasting the details of hotel activities on this custom poster. Be sure that your poster gets its fair amount of attention with colorful photos and compelling text added using our online editor. Flex your creative mind with the help of our intuitive online editor to bring your poster design to life now.

Main Hotel Activities   Image
Hotel Activities Poster Template
11" x 17" Poster
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