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5 Tips to Maximize Political Postcard Success

Boost your campaign with these postcard strategies.
Cassie Viele
Published Oct 26, 2020

As prospective voters are inundated with political mailers of all types and sizes, you may wonder how you could make your political postcard stand out. While there certainly is heavy competition out there for the hearts and minds of your constituents, connecting with the reader is not an impossible task. Read on for our top five tips to maximize political postcard success.

1. Get Yourself a Mailing List!

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Image by Ag Ku from Pixabay

To really get the most bang for your buck, you purchase a reputable list of the names and addresses of likely voters from your party. Targeting those who share your beliefs and positions with a message that motivates them to get out and vote is far more effective than simply blanketing the entire town and hoping you ll win over everyone s heart - not to mention, less expensive! Sending your postcards to a list of independent or swing voters may also grab you a significant slice of the electoral pie. The US Postal Service offers a variety of Political Mail options that utilize a targeted list of recipients.

2. Craft a Fantastic Headline

Design via MyCreativeShop Statement Campaign Postcard 

Spending the time to distill your message into one clear, swift statement and placing it prominently on the front of your postcard ensures that the reader has no doubt about what you stand for and why they should vote for you. You can then use the back side of the postcard to dive deeper into your platform. A well thought-out and bold message can really set you apart from the crowd!

3. Keep It Simple

Design via MyCreativeShop Bullet Point Campaign Postcard 

In addition to developing a defining statement for your campaign, you can also let the voters know what you stand for by streamlining the key issues of your platform down to a few, easy-to-digest bullet points. The reader will be able to tell immediately whether your views line up with theirs and can then read further on the back of the postcard or on your website. Think through each bullet point carefully, since prospective voters will be counting on you to deliver on your promises in exchange for their vote.

4. Target Existing Voters

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Image by B Ban from Pixabay

One of the best sources of recipients for your campaign postcards is the voter rolls from previous elections. Not only can you connect with those from your own party (along with potential swing voters), but you ll be reaching those people who are not only likely to vote - they have voted! Common sense tells us that past voters are likely to vote again, so targeting those individuals is more likely to provide a solid ROI. To learn more about how to access these lists, check out the National Conference of State Legislature's compilation of State Laws on Access to and Use of Voter Registration Lists.

5. Personalize it! 

Design via MyCreativeShop Personalized School Board Campaign Postcard

Adding a personalized touch to your political postcards gives the reader something for their eye to catch. Use simple mail merge tools to connect with the recipients from your mailing list on a first-name basis. In the above example, the marker <<first>> is used to insert the prospective voter's name, potentially giving that postcard an edge over the opposition. Additionally, for state and local races, include photos of landmarks and backdrops from your area - things prospective voters will recognize and connect with. These unique touches can give your campaign the credibility we award our neighbors and fellow community members.

Additional Considerations

  • Less is more. Don't make the reader work to figure out what you stand for or they'll just toss your postcard without a second glance.
  • All political advertisements must carry a clear and easy-to-read financial disclosure (ex: "Paid for by the Committee to Re-elect John Smith"). The Federal Election Commission shares rules and guidelines on their website. In addition, check with your state and local governments to ensure your materials are in compliance.


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Crafting an effective political postcard doesn't have to be a chore. Use these tips to turn one of our campaign postcard templates into a winning piece of political marketing genius. Learn more about the history of political print marketing here and read up on the postcard mobilization process in our article, "8 Easy Steps to Postcard Sending Success." When you've completed your design, you can order up a stack of prints from us or manage that process yourself. Then, send your postcards out into the wide world - we'll be rooting for you!

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