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Winning Political Postcards: Design Tips and Templates

Design tips and templates for effective political postcards.
Cassie Viele
Published Dec 14, 2021

As you begin the race to public office (or the passing or defeat of your preferred ballot box measure), it is essential that you take stock of your assets before structuring your campaign marketing strategy. One element that should not be overlooked is the ability of an intentionally-designed postcard to contribute to an election day win. Intrigued? Read on for our top three design tips and winning political postcard templates. 

1. Hit the Target

With any marketing campaign, before the design process begins, you must decide what you hope to get out of the project. The content and design elements of your postcard should always line up with the goal of that postcard, and that goal will largely depend on that postcard s audience. Political campaigns are no different. Maybe you re hoping to recruit a flashmob's-worth of grassroots volunteers. Include dates, times, and an online sign-up link, and then send your postcards to your list of party loyalists and supporters. Looking for votes? Clearly state your platform and stance on key issues, along with the essential Election Day details. For your audience, focus on those undecideds who might be persuaded to vote your way. In the end, there are a myriad of ways to hit the target, as long as you know what that target is.

2. Make Your Case

In order to convince your reader to trust you and hop on your bandwagon, you ll need to make a compelling case that speaks to them. In order to do this, you have to be completely immersed in what you believe and what you stand for - a true believer. If writing isn t your gifting, you may need to recruit a wordsmith who can put your thoughts and dreams into words that pull others in. Knowing your audience plays a huge role in crafting the content for your postcard. In the same way you might alter your stump speech based on the demographics of your rally attendees by highlighting issues that matter to that population, you should emphasize the topics that most affect the lives of your postcard recipients. To be persuasive, stay relevant! 

3. Commit to the Work

If you want your constituents to trust that you ll do your best for them, you should show them your best in your campaign materials. This doesn t have to mean you should blow your budget on all the best inputs, but you should work to be a good steward of the budget you do have. Make smart design choices, leveraging the funds you have in ways that make sense. Choose the best paper and finishes your allocated marketing budget allows for, and, if needed, select a smaller postcard size to make up the difference. Consider utilizing the USPS Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) program to save on postage without having to sacrifice customizable marketing real estate, since the rate stays the same regardless of size. Get the professional look without the professional cost by customizing one of MyCreativeShop s professionally-designed political postcard (or political EDDM postcard) templates. You can produce quality marketing materials without draining your war chest.

Need help with EDDM? Check out our Definitive Guide to Do-It-Yourself Every Door Direct Mail! 


Winning Templates

School Board Election EDDM Postcard Template
Campaign EDDM Postcard Template 3i83myl75j
Quality Political Postcard Template

Political Postcard Designs via MyCreativeShop
Political EDDM Postcard Design via MyCreativeShop

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